Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Thomas Family

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Up next is the Thomas Family

Camille & Alyssa (the last ACR child)

This family is sort of my "struggling" family, though they don't seem to be doing too bad lately. They started out by not having much money and their jobs aren't very high paying. Isabella is actually the maid in the town. I summon her to all the houses that are big enough to need a maid (which right now is only 1 house) and then they send her a check for the number of hours she was there. Trent is a waiter at Tasty Treat bakery and since the business is still working out it's kinks, he still doesn't make a whole lot of money. To help out her parents, Camille babysits for anyone in the town that needs an extra hand. But so far, the only family that has solicited her help has been the Hu's when they're all off running the grocery store. But they probably won't be calling for help much longer since Meiling is now a teen. They did have enough money to get out of their small apartment and get a decent sized house, but they don't have much left over for anything else.

Random pics:
I think Alyssa turned out pretty cute.

(please don't mind the cleavage... mom gained weight while pregnant with her)

She only has 1 nice point, though, and she looks angry a lot.
And I happened to catch this shot of mom playing a computer game. She looks rather upset. And what game is she playing? The Sims 3 lol. I think I made a few faces like this after dealing with all the crashing I had.

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