Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Reid Family

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Last but not least, here is the Reid family

Paul and twins Michael and Michelle
And parents Helen and Jeff

This is my super rich family that "founded" and established Crystal Creek. At first I had them own all of the community lots and would have the other families purchase the deed from the Reids in order to take ownership. I've since abandoned that because it became too much of a pain to hire qualified sims to work on those lots so I could actually take other sims to them. The Reids don't need any more money anyway.

Back when I created them, I envisioned them being snobby…. well at least the parents (this would probably work well with TS3's traits). I wanted Paul to be the black sheep of the family that got bad grades and didn't get along with his parents or siblings (picture a male version of Lilith from Pleasantview) and the twins to be the perfect goodie-two-shoes. He doesn't have a high relationship with his parents but he got along with his siblings much better than I had planned. He almost got an F in high school but he had the want to go to college a few days before his birthday, so I tried to get his grades up before he left (in my hood, sims have to have at least a B- in order to get into the University... more info on that later). Jeff is the mayor of the town and Helen usually just stayed at home and spent all the money they had. I decided to give her a job to get her out of the house and she is now in the Education career. I am thinking about having her buy and run Crystal Creek High School.

Random pics:
Paul was pretty depressed about his grades and he really did put his best effort in the final 2 days of school. Too bad it was too late and even after doing all of his piled up homework, he still only made it out with a D-.
I did break my rule,though, and allowed him to go to Uni. I really wanted to test my Uni out and since this family is the last in my round, and he was of age, I decided to let him go. I figured the mayor of the town wouldn't allow his reputation to be tarnished by his slacker son. So, they made a very generous donation to the University of Crystal Creek on top of the tuition they would have to pay in return for them allowing their son in. Dad looks a little worried about his investment. We'll see how it goes!Side note: I have the checks from Sim Wardrobe and had Jeff write a few checks to random townies in order to get rid of the money. They have way too much anyway so it won't be missed. I'm having them move to a smaller, but still large house since this one is ridiculous. They have pretty much everything and they're boring to play (they even had a bowling lane in their garage which I removed because it was just too ridiculous for me).

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