Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goin to the Prom

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It's the day before the first senior prom in Crystal Creek and we join the Reids as they finish dessert. Poor Paul is just days away from his birthday and he doesn't have the grades to get into the University of Crystal Creek. Not only that, but he ate too much pie and now has a potbelly.
This is just not a good week for him.
Meanwhile, in the hallway, his younger brother Michael is busy working on his future prom date, Celeste.
Helen: "That's my boy!"
What's the best activity to do after a hot and heavy make out session?
Yup, a good ol' game of Punch you, punch me. I'm sure she'll appreciate the bruise you gave her Michael. At least she'll think of you every time she looks at it.

Paul decides to go out one last time before he grows up and has to act like a real adult. He calls up Shelah and meets her at Starters Sports Bar in Summit Heights (downtown).
Paul and Shelah are very close but they've never wanted to make their relationship "official" by going steady.
They start out by singing a little karaoke and there must have been something about that song that made Paul grab Shelah and smooch her right there on the spot.
They spent the rest of the night kissing and hugging while everyone smustled around them. Before things got too far, Paul takes Shelah home and heads home himself. They both have a big night tomorrow at the prom and want to get lots of rest.
The prom is held at Summit Heights Reception Hall and everyone impatiently waits outside while the things are being set up.
Naturally, Paul asks Shelah to be his date since he hasn't shown any interest in any of the other girls in his class. Plus, they all have boyfriends themselves.
The doors finally open and everyone heads straight for the dance floor.
But soon all the dancing is interrupted by someone putting bubbles in the fountain outside. The owners of the Hall won't like that too much.
Everyone seemed to do their own thing after that. The girls started gathering together to talk about their cute classmates (right in ear shot of their boyfriends too!)
Or just sitting down to rest their feet from dancing.
While the guys did their own thing too.

Paul was pretty disappointed with the whole turnout of the prom. He couldn't get any alone time with Shelah and the music sucked, so he called it a night and went home.

End notes:
Crud, I forgot to take prom pics before I aged Paul up LOL! I'll get better at this stuff. I can still probably stage the prom pics for the other folks since they don't leave for Uni until the round coming up. And does anyone have any ideas on how to make a prom more enjoyable? I have to set up the hall a little better since everyone seemed to want to dance next to the DJ booth instead of on the nice wood dance floor I put in front of the booth. So most of the shots were taken after I moved sims around. Other than dancing and eating, there wasn't much else for them to do. I, fortunately and unfortunately, didn't go to my real life senior prom, so I don't know what else goes on besides dancing and eating. Oh, the prom king and queen! I'll remember that for my next batch of seniors.


  1. Prom - how fun! I did go to my school formal and I can tell you that nothing went on besides dinner and dancing. Yawn! We don't do prom king and queen here. Well, we couldn't, because we were an all girls school and the boys who came were strangers to most of us except their partners but even the co-ed schools don't do it here.

    I never do proms for my Sims but I do make them pose for prom pictures and pretend they went. LOL. The main reason I don't do them is because I never have enough 12th graders to really fill it out. I should just do a formal dance thing, for all my teens though. That might be fun.

  2. LOL I may or may not do it again, depending on how much drama the next batch of 12th graders get into. Not many of them know each other very well (the reason for creating my high school) so there were no serious dramas. The bubbles in the fountain were the highlight of their night lol.

  3. Like Carla, I haven't done prom due to the lack of playables, but I occassionally have a ball for all the teens instead. I guess just putting more storylines into the prom update to make it "more interesting" but proms are kind of boring if you think about it :P

  4. Hehehe yea I probably won't attempt another prom for a while. Probably not until those teens you see there have their own kids. Maybe by then I'll have some good storylines and drama that'll make it more interesting.


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