ROS - Random Occurrence Scenarios

I've been meaning to put up my ROS (Random Occurrence Scenarios) file for a while now so here it is.

DOWNLOAD - text file

You can either edit and use the text file as is or use it how I use it with Hook's RandomStuff "dice rolling" program from More Awesome Than You. Once you run the DOS program, it will read your RandomStuff.txt file and will randomly give you stuff. I have a lot of extra data in mine so I don't have to think, but feel free to delete it, ignore it or whatever. To edit my ROS file, you need to open the RandomStuff.txt text file and make the changes there.

In case you're new to ROS, I usually roll this at the start of a new round to find out what I'll have to write about and who it will effect. Right now (Round 5), I'm only doing 2 to 3 ROS's since I only have about 40 playable sims. Once my population increases, I'll start to do more. You can do as many or as few as you want. Here's an example of an ROS roll using Hook's program (click to enlarge):

So the sim this would effected is my sim named Michelle and the random occurrence is Completely Silly Fight. Pick a fight with sim with highest LT relationship. I can ignore everything else below that. So when I get into my game, I’d find out who Michelle has the highest LT relationship score with, try to figure out why they'd be fighting with each other and then write about it. If the ROS I roll doesn't apply to the sim or I just can't find a way to write it in (or I don't feel like doing it), then I just roll again. I try not to make a habit of re-rolling, though.

Remember, just have fun with it! If you don't like an ROS, delete it or roll for a new one. It's your game and your rules. Do whatever you want! I won't judge ;-).

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