Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Sweet Love

Round 6: August 2012 (Summer)
Edna Blackwell is 68, Glen Stevens is 52, Jeanette is 51, and Darren and Dana are 17.
(Alicia and Kyle are 20, Ava and Shae are 6 months)
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 Narrated by Glen

Friday, April 20, 2012


Round 6: August 2012 (Summer)

Narrated by Darren

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Motto

Round 6: August 2012 (Summer)
Edna Blackwell is 68, Glen Stevens is 52, Jeanette is 51, and Darren and Dana are 17.
(Xia Hu and Amber Bauer are 16)

Narrated by Dana

Monday, April 9, 2012


Round 6: July 2012 (Summer)
Cheng is 72, Ping is 71, Jun is 52, Jia-Li is 50, Mei is 18, Xia is 16 and An Hu is 9
(Darren Stevens is 17, Tony Mendez is 16)
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Friday, April 6, 2012

A little announcement

Hi all! I just have a little announcement about my blog. I'm not shutting down but I'm thinking of making a change in how I do all this. I really like the idea of blogging, sharing what's going on in my hood, and having some actual documentation of everything going on. And I see all of the wonderful bloggers out there who have such interesting hoods that are rich in history and have ongoing storylines. But I've been struggling getting there.

Blogging the way I have been, which is pretty similar to how all the blogs I follow have been doing it (which inspired me to start my own blog) just isn't going to work for me anymore. And I'm feeling pressured... not by any of you... more internally pressured to get updates done. I want my hood to progress dammit and, I said before, with my schedule and lack of creative writing skills, it'll take me 30 real-life years to age my sims 30 sim-years. I mean, really, Alicia was pregnant with her twins for 7 real life months. And at the rate I'm going, they won't become toddlers until probably this Christmas. And the Hu update that I'm STILL not done with yet... (I was halfway done but then I got the blue screen of death and lost everything), I've had most of those pictures taken since January. JANUARY! It's April... :-( *sigh*

So, I thought of this today... I can usually get a good 1-3 hours of simming time in a few nights a week and get a decent amount of pics from those. I'm going to start posting them instead of waiting until I "finish" the play session. What does that mean? Each households will have multiple updates spread over a couple of weeks, but they'll all be linked the same way (with next/last update links) and should be short, sweet and easy to follow. That way, I'll have more updates, I can keep moving things along in my hood without being "held up" by my permanent writer's block, and you all get something to read from me more than once a month. They'll be like journal entries or something... yea. ;-)

Sound like it'll work? Well, I hope so cuz that's what I'm going to be doing lol. So, hopefully after I rewrite the entire Hu update again, I'll get started with the mini updates. I already have some stuff to post for the Stevens.
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