Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Motto

Round 6: August 2012 (Summer)
Edna Blackwell is 68, Glen Stevens is 52, Jeanette is 51, and Darren and Dana are 17.
(Xia Hu and Amber Bauer are 16)

Narrated by Dana

When it's not scorching hot out on the weekends, we all try to have dinner out on the deck. My parents and grandma take turns making dinner and last weekend was grandma's turn. She makes the best ribs.

We've been talking about college lately since it's our last year of high school. Darren already knew he wanted to go since he wants to be a doctor but I'm still not sure what I want to do.

No one's really pressuring me, though, which is good. Grandma's thrilled that I'm even considering it now.

Dad thinks that I should just go to college anyway and figure out what I want to do when I get there. Lots of people find their calling when they're in college.

I have a year to figure it all out, though, and grandma reminded me that I can always take courses later on if I decide to skip college right now.

I have been thinking about it all. I would love to get into the gaming industry. It seems like a pretty cool job to be able to play games all day and I would love to design games some day.

I went out with my girlfriends Xia and Amber and asked them if they know yet if they're going to college. They still have 2 years of high school left so they have a little more time to decide.

To my surprise, they both have their minds made up about college already. Xia figured out that she wanted to be an architect last year and Amber knows she wants to get into oceanography.

So I'm still not 100% sure but I think I might go. I think I'll apply anyway just in case.

The guys that go to the university are pretty hot and I'd get to see them more often.

Dana was really enjoying the eye candy at the bowling alley that night lol.

-My first mini update! I would have had this up earlier this week but this week was hectic. I think the next mini update will be from Darren's perspective since I already have a few pics from his POV.
-Dana really is undecided on whether she wants to go to college or not. Some days she rolls the want and some days she doesn't. But I did finally figure out that she would fit into gaming. She's always playing video games and that's her OTH. If not for that, she probably would have ended up in culinary and followed in her dad and grandma's footsteps.
-I mentioned at N99 that I'm using a lighting mod for the first time and I really like it. The pics taken on the deck were taken at "dusk" and the lighting is so pretty. Dawn is really nice, too. I'll have to find it again and Pin it.


  1. Lol, eye candy at the bowling alley, yummy. I hope she can decide soon and if she goes to make something of it instead of wasting money.

    1. Thanks for commenting! LOL Yea, that poor girl is really looking for some action. She still hasn't had her first kiss so I'm sure she's feeling pretty... anxious ;).

      She should figure out what she wants to do by the time I age them up in a few sim-months. We'll see what her want panel says at that point.

  2. LOL, is the bowling alley on campus or is it just frequented by lots of college guys? I don't know if hot guys is the best reason to decide to go to college but maybe Dana will even get an education out of it, lol! Are you planning on putting her in Gaming or Game Development? In my hood, the latter requires college but the former doesn't.

    1. Thanks for commenting! This bowling alley is downtown but I put one of those Uni records on it so they could potentially meet up with more sims their age. Dana doesn't really care for the few male townies she's come across so I wanted to broaden her options. And no, hot guys definitely aren't the best reason but hey, whatever works, right?!

      As for Gaming vs Game Development, I have the same system in my hood. So if she decides not to go to college, I'll put her in Gaming whenever it pops up on the computer. I really hope she changes her mind because I think she'll really blossom in college. :)

  3. Heh, university IS full of good-looking guys, it's just a fact. :) I like that some sims don't seem to want to go to college at all (and then still get that bad memory for not going - sigh) but it's always nice to play them through uni all the same.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Haha, that's why *I* went to college ;). Only kidding. Yea, Dana rarely has the want to go to college but then some days she must be like "hmm, maybe I should go!" I wish they wouldn't always get that bad memory. Mei Hu didn't really want to go to college (and I wasn't sending her anyway) but she cried about it for a while. Made me feel bad LOL! But I would like to play Dana through college to see how she'll be. We'll see! :)

  4. The lighting looks great for the patio scene.I used to have that lighting mod but after seeing your pictures, I downloaded it again. Atleast Dana has another year to decide whether she will attend university. It's great that her family is supporting her decision to attend or not to attend university, especially since her brother and girlfriends knows exactly what they want to do after high school and that probably puts a lot of pressure on her to make up her mind.

    1. Thanks for reading! I'm really happy with that lighting mod and glad I caved and started to use it. Sometimes I get lazy and don't feel like reading the installation instructions so I don't blow up my game :p.

      I'd like to think her family is kind of laid-back regarding school, well, more her father and grandmother than her mom. Glen and Edna are both family sims with no career related LTW so I don't seem them pressuring her. Jeanette is a knowledge sim and probably would like her to go since she has such a thirst for general knowledge herself. And I can imagine that it would be hard for Dana to decide now that she knows that her friends pretty much know what want to do. But maybe that's a good pressure :).


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