Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here I Am

Round 5: November 2011 (Autumn)
Edna Blackwell is 67, Glen Stevens is 51, Jeanette is 50, and Darren and Dana are 16.
Narrated by Edna

We visited Alicia and Kyle at their new apartment a few weeks ago. I'm so excited that I'm going to be a great-grandmother in a few months! I can't wait to meet the babies.

I think I'm more excited than everyone else in the family. Ever since Kyle and Alicia announced that they were expecting, I've been hoping the next announcement would be that Kyle popped the question. I've always wanted a big family and I'm looking forward to that happening even more now. I'm not getting any younger.

It has taken Jeanette a little longer to get used to the idea that her 19 year-old daughter is pregnant with twins. But I was younger than Alicia is when I had Jeanette and Jeanette turned out fine. She hates when I bring that up, though.

I just ignore her when she gets like that. But I made sure I let Kyle know that I expect him to propose to my granddaughter soon. Alicia's pregnant, they have their own apartment and they seem happy. So, in my book, marriage is the next logical step.

Jeanette has been coming around, though. She loves her family and can't stay upset forever. She talks to Alicia nearly every day now making sure she is doing ok.

I can definitely tell she's getting more excited as Alicia's due date gets closer because she started making a bunch of clothes for the twins. Alicia and Kyle will definitely be surprised and pleased.

With everything going on with Alicia, it feels like we've been neglecting Dana and Darren lately. But they've been keeping themselves busy. Darren more than Dana, though. Darren worked his way up to lab assistant at his job at the university and he just looks so handsome in his lab coat.

He really likes working in the lab but decided that he's definitely going to go to medical school to become a doctor. It's great that he's so focused and already has his career plans figured out at 16.

And even after being at school all day and his part-time job in the evening, he still has the energy to help out around the house. That boy rarely sits.

They may be twins but Dana is the complete opposite of Darren. Half of her weekends are spent lounging around the house in her PJs and the other half is spent in front of the computer doing goodness knows what.

I've tried to find out what she'd like to do with her life and she really has no idea. She has no career goals and she's not particularly interested in any of the boys in school. The only thing she ever shows any interest in is video games.

Sitting around all day just isn't healthy for a teenager, so I brought Dana to my job to see if she'd want to work with me. My boss was looking for another waiter and even though Dana has no experience, I thought she'd catch on quickly.

Dana was a little hesitant but agreed. This will at least get her out of the house during the week and she'll be able to meet a lot of people.

Will was thrilled to have her and put her to work the next day.

As I thought, Dana did a great job her first few days with the help of the other waiter, Josh. She had a smile from ear to ear when she received her first tip.

Dana was never particularly shy but she's really opened up a lot more now that she has constant contact with people. She's meeting a lot of new folks now and runs into her friends a lot more now. This job is going to be great for her until she figures out what she wants to do long term.

This year Jeanette decided to prepare the meal for Thanksgiving and I agreed to make the desserts. We were going to have a few more people for dinner than we have had in the past, so we decided to tackle the meal together. Of course, Alicia and Kyle were coming over and I also invited my friend Victor to join us.

Everyone arrived shortly after the food was done so we headed straight for the dining table and dug right in.

Naturally, the topic of pregnancy and babies came up and we asked Kyle and Alicia if they were ready to have a ton more children after these 2 are born.

Alicia quickly said that she was done with having kids after these 2, which, from the look on his face, took Kyle by surprise.

My guess is that Kyle would eventually want more children but they haven't had a chance to discuss their plans for future children yet.

Alicia's still young though, so she may still come around to the idea of having a couple more kids when they're a little older.

No matter what they decide, these 2 babies coming in February and any children born after that will be spoiled rotten by all of us.

-Dana's turning out to be another one of those unmotivated sims I have (kind of like Camille). She didn't roll wants for anything interesting, not love, not school, not work.
-Dana seems to enjoy being a waitress though. Has anyone else noticed when there's a waiter who seems really animated and excited when delivering food? She's like that.
-It's been a while since I've been in the bakery Edna works in (owned by Will Robinson) and I forgot just how blah it is! I hope they have some extra cash because it's in desperate need of a makeover.
-Kyle's ideal family size is 3 and Alicia's is 2. So as far as Alicia's concerned, she's done. But who knows if her mind will change when she gets older. Or they could end up with another birth control failure ;).


  1. I agree, having your mother keep bringing up her age when you were born to your pregnant daughter isn't the best information to be shared at a time like this :P I love the Thanksgiving scene, everything looks so great and festive and yummy! I'm hungry now after reading this post :D

  2. I also loved the Thanksgiving scene. I love that Edna keeps bringing up how well adjusted Jeanette is :). It seems that sometimes parents are a little too hard on their kids. Alicia is a great kid and Kyle is a good guy, it's disappointing , but there are worse things :). I love how different the twins are, it seems thats the way it often ends up with twins. Can't wait to see Alicia's babies.

  3. I can't wait until the twins are born, and I agree, they are going to be spoiled. They have time to decide on more children. Just relax and enjoy the two they will soon have. I want wedding bells! LOL I don;t know why, but Blogger won't let me log in, but it's GoldenBuffy.

  4. Starr, thanks for reading and commenting! Yea, Edna doesn't get that Jeanette doesn't want her to keep bringing up how young she was when she had Jeanette like it's a good thing. Edna means well though (and probably knows that the story annoys Jeanette) :). Glad you enjoyed the Thanksgiving shots. It made me hungry seeing all the food on the table, too LOL. Everyone's been having wants to eat turkey ever since!

    Mizzgin, thanks for reading and commenting! Glad you enjoyed the Thanksgiving pics, too. You're right that sometimes parents are a little hard on their children and just want the best for them. So Alicia getting pregnant without planning on it has really bugged Jeanette. But like you said, Alicia's a good girl and she picked a great guy to accidentally have babies with lol. It could have been a lot worse! Only a couple more updates until the babies are born!

    I'm really loving how different the twins are, too. Their personalities are pretty different which shows in the type of wants they roll and I'm glad it showed off in this update. :)

    GB, thanks for reading and commenting! I'm excited for the twins to be born, too. This feels like the longest pregnancy ever lol. And yea, they have plenty of time to decide on more children. If their kids are as cute as I think they're going to be, I'm sure I'll help her decide, too ;). And I want to plan a wedding, too! I haven't had a "real" wedding in ages and never blogged one. I'm excited to do it.

    And yea, I don't know what's up with Blogger. I wasn't able to log in to comment on Carla's yesterday either. They better not go down for 2 days again, though!

  5. Oooh, yeah, I forgot that the twins will make Edna a great-grandmother! That's awesome - I don't have any great-grandmothers in my game at the moment. I'm glad she's so supportive as well. She reminds me of Magdalena and Jace with her nagging about marriage!

    I love how different the twins are. It's awesome that Darren is so driven already but it's nice to see Dana blossoming at her waitressing job as well!

    Blogger are having weird issues with commenting. They are "investigating" -

    I haven't been affected when trying to comment (touch wood!) but Dani, you're the second person who's told me they've had issues commenting on mine. I'm hoping the issues are fixed now, or very soon if not!

  6. Carla, thanks for reading and commenting! Yup, the twins will make Edna a great-grandma. I never thought Edna would be around to be a great-grandmother... especially with my old way of playing and aging. I'm really surprised you haven't had any great-grandparents in your game yet, especially with some of the teens who've had babies at a young age. It'd be cool to have another great-grandparent in the game that wasn't made in CAS.

    I can see Edna being a big nag about marriage, too. The want for a relative to get engaged and the want for a relative to get married rolled very soon after Alicia started showing LOL. Edna also wants to have another grandchild, which isn't happening, but I may cheat and satisfy the want when Alicia gives birth. It's close enough.

    It's fun playing the twins with the different personalities. Darren's all about working and dating, although he didn't get to date much this play session, and Dana's all about playing games, and that's about it. I'm pleasantly surprised that she seems to enjoy working as a waitress.

    Thanks for the info about Blogger having issues. I'm able to stay logged in on my home computer but I wasn't able to log in to leave comments at work. I'm glad you're not having any issues!

  7. Oh, I've definitely had great-grandparents before! Victoria's grandmother got to meet Declan and Julian had a couple of years with Grace and Everett before he died. But currently, I don't have any. I'm pretty sure some of my current Sims will end up being great-grandparents at some point though and I probably won't even need any teen pregnancies either, seeing my Sims live a lot longer now!

  8. Oh yea. I forgot about ol' Julian getting to meet his great-grandkids before he died! And Leontine, right? I haven't had any sims age up to elder yet (I will in January) so I hope I won't have to tweek EAxis aging alot. I haven't looked at those edits you made with SimPE yet cuz I was totally lost lol.

  9. Yep, Leontine was Victoria's grandmother. And I actually uploaded my edited aging file, so if you do find the EA age span too short (I can tell you now, my Sims never lived past 79 with EA aging), you can just download mine.

    With that, your Sims will live between 66 and 93 years. There was a reason I went with 93 and not 95 but damned if I can remember that reason now!

  10. Aw, I love big families and I love reading about them all.

    I've been catching up on this blog and I think I'm now mostly up to date. :) I really enjoy it, it's a great mix of various drama as any sim neighbourhood should be.

  11. Carla, thank you. I will definitely check your aging file because I know I'll want my sims to live past 79, too.

    Simnovoris, I'm always happy to see newcomers and glad you're enjoying my blog :). I really like big families, too, especially when they keep things interesting like this family does.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  12. The thanksgiving scenes look great! I love seeing families get together like that.

    Good to see that Dana has found something she can be interested in - just like kids in r/l, sometimes unmotivated sims need a push to get started.

  13. Blackcat, thanks for reading! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving pics. It was fun getting the family all together and can't wait until I can have bigger family gatherings. I never did those before and now I see how much I was missing out.

    And you're right. Dana probably would have been sitting on that couch until she graduated high school if grandma didn't give her a gentle push. I'm glad it was something she seems to enjoy doing for now. Sometimes it doesn't work out that well ;).

  14. I can't believe it took me this long to post a comment here! I kept thinking I already dud :/

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to Alicia and Kyle's babies as much as the family is :) It's going to be interesting to see if they will have any more children after these 2 :) They are still young, so no presure :)

    Its good that Dana found something she loves to do. They can't all be like her brother :)

  15. Tanja, no worries! I sometimes think I posted a comment when I actually didn't, too lol.

    It seems like every time I get excited/anxious to do something in my game, real life takes over and keeps me from playing. Glad you're also excited for the babies. Not too much longer! I hope they eventually have another baby or 2, if the twins turn out as cute as I think they will :).

    Yea, Darren isn't making things easy for his poor twin Dana. If he was in Sims 3, I'd definitely see him as a workaholic. But I'm sure Dana will be just fine once she figures out what she wants to do.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  16. Edna should keep that tidbit to herself. It's hard enough for Jeanette to make Alicia understand where she's coming from.

    It's good that Dana found something to do, it could help her get a better sense of direction about what she wants to do in life.

  17. HC, I'm with you. Edna should be a little more considerate to Jeanette and not share that bit of info when it comes to Jeanette and her children. Edna’s inspired by so many of my family members who love to share things that they really should keep to themselves LOL. Edna's tidbit is mild compared to what my family shares ;).

    And I agree about Dana. I really wasn’t sure what to do with her but I’m glad she seems to be enjoying waitressing for now. Hopefully getting out there in the work force will motivate her to focus on finding a career to pursue.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!


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