Monday, June 6, 2011

Sure Thing

Round 5: December 2011 (Winter)
Trent Thomas is 46, Isabella is 45, Camille is 19 and Alyssa is 11
Narrated by Trent

Christmas seemed to sneak up on us this year but Alyssa was adamant to remind us every chance she got. Her Christmas wish list changed whenever we went to a new store. First it was new clothes, then video games, then a pinball machine.

Her latest obsession has been to redecorate her bedroom. She feels it's a little too childish for a girl who's starting high school next year.

She'd always follow up with how she'd be ok with whatever she received, but we know better. I don't know how she got to be so spoiled.

We were a little worried we wouldn't be able to afford to have a decent Christmas this year. Things are going great at the bakery for me but Isabella hates that her job doesn't pay well. So she's been looking for somewhere else to work. No luck so far.

Then things started to go downhill. A couple of weeks ago, we were nearly robbed! I swear we all just fell asleep when we heard the alarm go off.

The police showed up in no time and apprehended the crook before he had time to take anything.

The officer checked the perimeter of our house to make sure none of our property was taken or damaged then came in to take our statements.

He told us that the guy was just released from jail a few weeks ago for attempted robbery of another house down the street nearly 2 years ago and was already up to no good.

He'll be going away for a little longer now which put us at ease a little. We're still pretty shaken up, though.

The whole ordeal has bothered Alyssa the most. She had nightmares for days after the incident and she'd wake up screaming thinking she heard someone breaking in.

I'd spend the next hour or so in her room telling her everything was fine and that the man is going to jail for a long time.

That'd at least get her to get back in bed but not before mumbling that she wished he was dead or that she could kick his ass for trying to take her stuff.

Then the week before Christmas, Camille got a call that Isabella was in a car accident and had to be rushed to the medical center. They wouldn't tell her Isabella's condition over the phone so we had no idea what to think.

We were so relieved when we got to her room and saw her sitting on the bed in one piece.

Other than looking rather beat up, she was in high spirits. She had a bunch of bruises and cuts that needed stitches along with some neck and back pain.

She was on her way to the next house she had to clean when the car slid into a tree after going over a patch of ice. She was lucky she didn't swerve into oncoming traffic but the car was damaged beyond repair.

I'm just glad she's ok. The doctor released her after a few hours when the results of her x-rays came back showing no serious injuries.

The doctor did order at least 3 days of rest, though, so the girls and I had been waiting on Isabella and taking care of the house.

But my lady is stubborn and I'd often catch her wandering around looking for something to do. She'd never be up too long before her injuries made her head right back bed.

I don't think I've ever been so happy when Christmas day finally came so we'd have something to take our minds off of all that happened. It was such a crazy month but I'm thankful that we were able to make it through it.

Here are a few pics of Alyssa's new room. No before pics but just imagine this room with a twin bed, a desk, a poster and that's it lol.

Alyssa's favorite color is red and she's into sports, so I tried to give her room a tomboyish look with lots of pics of female athletes.

-Isabella rolled the Car Accident ROS this round. I had my play schedule figured out before I rolled the ROS and was thinking about moving them so I wouldn't have to taint my first sim-Christmas. But unexpected events like these make them more memorable and I think the Thomases will appreciate each other more and won't take things for granted.
-Alyssa changing her "Christmas wish list" was inspired by my husband and dad. My parents, husband and I write up Christmas lists every year so we have some idea what to get each other and the 2 guys are constantly changing their lists lol. We tell them that no other changes can be submitted after October 31st because they will (and have) change it up until Christmas Eve. Men!
-I don't think I ever realized that Alyssa looks exactly like Trent until I saw them side by side. It's like Trent spit her out himself lol. But I'm glad she looks just like him because I made Camille look just like Isabella.
-I just aged Alyssa up to a teen and I really like her! You'll see her in the birthday post in another day or 2!


  1. Wow, I was scared when they got the phone call about the accident, I didn't want them to experience death during Christmas! I'm glad everything is better for the family :)

  2. What terrible luck! But I'm glad it all worked out in the end. I love Alyssa's new room, I'm a bit of a tomboy myself (as much of a tomboy as you can be at 26 lol).

  3. That's definitely not the news you want to hear so close to Christmas! Seems like they've had a hectic month, luckily everything has worked out.

  4. LOL, that must be a male thing - my dad is the same with his Christmas list! Last year, we had to tell him "tough luck", because we'd already bought his present!

    Anyway, wow, what a Christmas! Robbery and then a car accident - yikes! I'm so glad Isabella was okay and they had a lovely Christmas.

    You got some awesome shots in this update - I love the ones in the hospital, as well as Isabella recuperating at home. And Alyssa's room looks awesome.

  5. Thanks all for reading and commenting! Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner but my nephew graduated high school last night! :D

    Starr, thank you. I thought some of you might be worried that the accident would be worse but I definitely would have changed around my play schedule to keep that from happening. I’m not that mean ;) (to my playables at least lol). I’ve been through it and losing a loved one so close to the holidays is never easy. But yup, everything worked out for them and everyone’s in one piece :).

    Mizzgin, thank you. Yes they were very unlucky this play session! The accident was planned but not the burglary! It’s like the saying “when it rains, it pours” but it luckily it didn’t pour that much. Glad you really like Alyssa’s room! I had to channel my inner tomboy and hoped that I didn’t make it too boyish or too girly. Glad to have a real tomboy’s stamp of approval ;).

    Driftwood Valley, thanks. This was not their lucky month but they got through it. They were just getting over being robbed (and they’re still fuming about it), then Isabella got in her accident and now they don’t have a car. But they’re all alive and that’s what matters. I made a promise to myself that I’ll give them a happy Christmas in a few sim-years :).

    Carla, thanks. LOL that’s so funny that your dad is the same way with presents. It’s definitely in the male DNA then.

    Yea, I’m hoping my next Christmas will be a better one lol. But hey, everyone’s alive right? :) I just remembered that there were 2 kitchen fires, too, but I thought they had enough turmoil for one month and didn’t write about them. One of them was my fault (I forgot Trent put a ham in the oven before I sent him to do something else) and then the second was ACR’s fault (Trent went to woohoo after he put the ham in the oven. That darn ham!)

    Thanks for the compliments on the shots. That’s what took me the longest this time but I'm happy it didn't go unnoticed. And glad you like Alyssa’s room. I can’t wait to have her hanging out in there with her friends. :)

  6. It's great that Isabelle is ok. I can only imagine how scary that was for everyone especially around Xmas time. I'm sure it made them appreciate each other more.

  7. HC, thanks for reading and commenting! The accident was definitely a scare they weren’t expecting but like you said, they appreciate each other a lot more now. Serious injury or death of a loved one never really crossed their minds before, so they got a little (sim)reality check.


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