Sunday, June 20, 2010


Round 3: May 2010 (Spring)
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Edna Blackwell (66), Glen (50), Jeanette (49), Dana and Darren Stevens (15)
Narrated by Dana

This month was a crazy one.

First, we nearly got robbed!

Thank goodness for our security system and the Crystal Creek police force so he didn’t get to take anything. But we’re all still pretty upset about it.

Then, dad ended up with a really bad case of food poisoning. He ate some bad sushi he prepared and it really upset his stomach.

I mean really upset it. He was sick pretty much all week and we were worried we’d have to take him to the health center to get checked out.

He did start to feel better after a while but he was really cautious of what he ate. I don’t think he’ll be making sushi again anytime soon. Which is fine with me!

So far, this month… more like this whole year… has been uneventful for me. Girls seem to flock to my brother no matter how hard he tries, or doesn't try, to get their attention. But guys don’t seem to notice me at all.

Luckily I have my best friend Xia to hang out with. I’m good friends with her sister Mei, too, but Mei and I aren’t as close.

When Xia’s over, we usually have a good laugh about how Mei flirted with Darren a couple months ago when he went over their house. Xia said Mei was all over him! Xia called me right after he left their house and told me about it. She said he ran out of the house (she didn't mention the fire she started in the kitchen, though)!

I think he knows that we’re making fun of him but I don’t care. I wish I was there to see it.

I can’t really tell if he likes Mei but I see the way he looks at Xia. And he’s always complimenting her on her hair or her outfit.

But they're not into the same things so their conversations don’t usually last very long. I think she's the first girl I noticed who hasn't fallen head over heals for him.

This past weekend, we met up with some friends at the bowling alley and Mei was there. So Darren wasn't able to hide from her anymore. He did try to avoid her, though, by focusing his attention on Michelle.

But I guess he gave up because I noticed that he and Mei were actually talking and dancing.

I think he even started flirting with her, too.

Yea, they were definitely getting close.

And then they disappeared.

I don’t know where they went or what they did but Darren came back with a big smile on his face. I bet they were making out with each other, which is just depressing. A guy hasn’t even flirted with me, let alone try to kiss me and Darren doesn't even have to try. I hope I can find someone before I get to college. I don’t want to be the only loser who never kissed a boy by then.


Also this month, Jeanette had been thinking about how to redesign her boutique. She has a lot of customers which causes traffic jams by the register.

Plus, everyone heads straight for the clothes, perfume and accessories but the salon is almost always empty.

And in order to make the boutique a better shopping experience for her customers, Jeanette knew that she would have to get rid of the salon.

She was dreading it but in order to expand, she had to lay Sofia Rodriguez off. She would’ve kept her but Sofia really didn’t have the sales or cashiering skills to keep her around.

It was a hard decision, because Sofia is her friend, but ultimately, the flow of the boutique is much better now and the customers are pleased with the more open layout.

-Well there are my 2 ROS’s for this round. Glen still isn’t over the food poisoning but other than the nausea and occasional running to the bathroom, you couldn’t tell he was sick. I think without the real sickness hack, the sim’s comfort would get really low when they vomited or got nauseous but his only went down a little. I wonder how long it’ll take him to get over it. And Sofia wasn’t the original sim I rolled to be laid off but the sim who I did roll for wasn’t even employed. But I’ve been dying to redo the interior of the boutique. I wish I had a shot of the interior before but it did cause a lot of jams. This way is so much better and I still have plenty of room along the walls to add more racks or other merchandise if I need to. And I think the sims knew I was getting rid of the salon because there were a bunch of them wanting a makeover all of a sudden. Figures lol.
-Of course Darren didn’t have any wants for Mei (or anyone in particular) when I loaded their house. But once I sent them on the outing and had him interact with her, things started rolling. They’re in love but he doesn’t have the want to go steady with her. I didn't check what her wants were.
-I felt bad for Dana this round because I looked at her friends and the only boy she’s friends with is Michael Reid, who is madly in love with Celeste right now. She knows of a bunch of boys but she either only has 1 bolt with them or has negative chemistry. There were a few potential guys at the bowling alley that I had her greet. We’ll see what happens. I really need to redo my school so they have more opportunities to meet and interact.
-And like most of my elders, Edna was around but not doing anything worth talking about. She did roll the want to kiss someone and to flirt so maybe I’ll find someone to keep her busy. She is a family sim so I knew she would get lonely sooner or later.


  1. Aww, Dana your time will come. But wow, her brother is all over the place with tons of girls. Yikes! I hope he doesn't hurt Mei.

  2. Jeanette is so cool looking - love the 'fro. Where did you get the version without the headband? The texture looks very realistic.

    Mei...yeesh. I hope she doesn't get her heart broken by Darren. He doesn't seem particularly committed!

    Oh, Dana, be careful what you wish for! My Adrienne went off to college a virgin who'd never been kissed and was all desperate to find a guy and look how she ended up. No, seriously, watch out for those Family Sims in college! Claudia has Family secondary and she went a little nuts in her first couple of years.

    Wow, that boutique is huge! I hadn't realised it was so big. Glad you've found a layout that works now.

  3. Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, yea Darren's going to be a handful. I'm still trying to decide on his "voice" and how he'd react to all this attention because he's super nice (9 points). Since he's still pretty young, he probably won't know how to handle it all and might end up hurting some people along the way. Will he use his niceness as a way to sweet talk all the ladies or will he have a conscience and not leave a trail of broken hearts is yet to be determined. :)

    Carla, thanks for the compliments on Jeanette. You can get her hair from MTS. I like it because it looks like her hair is greying a little bit.

    I'm anxious to see what will happen between Mei and Darren, too. She's popularity so who really knows what she'll want lol.

    LOL Oh yea! I forgot that Adrienne was a virgin when she went college. And I remember Claudia's wild streak. Oohh boy. I better get this girl a boyfriend so she doesn't go around having random townies' babies LOL.

    The boutique was smaller but I extended it just a little bit on each side to make it longer. But even with the old layout, it would have still felt small and cramped. I can actually take pics now if I needed to without worrying about walls being in the way.

  4. Thanks for the link to the hair. Downloading it as we speak!

    Heh, Adrienne sure made up for lost time, didn't she? So did Claudia actually - she ended up sleeping with four guys in her first two years. She was lucky it was Victoria that got pregnant and not her!

  5. Oh I love her hair too! Also downloading it! Great to have it without the band.

    Bad breaks there with the sushi. That's why I don't make it myself! I hope Glen is feeling better quickly, must have gotten it real bad since it lasted the play session.

    Hope Dana finds someone, feel bad having her just watch her brother's love life.

  6. You're both welcome.

    Carla, LOL Yea I bet Claudia is counting her blessings and maybe she should've given Victoria the birth control she was using (but I'm glad she didn't because Declan and Caitlin are too precious).

    Maisie, yea I've only tried sushi a couple times a few years ago but it's just not my thing. I have to get back in there and cure him before I forget.

    And yea, I felt bad for Dana too. Like I said in the notes, I felt bad looking at Darren's friends and there were a bunch of girls he was friends with or almost friends with that he had a couple bolts for. And poor Dana only had the 1 guy plus Mei and Xia.

    I downloaded a school the other day that someone built but it looks pretty huge in the pics. I don't know where I'm going to put it so it doesn't look out of place in my main hood.

  7. I love their house, with the stone and the wood, it's nice!
    I hope Mei knows what she is getting herself into, because I fear Darren is going to break her heart one day.
    Dana should just enojoy life as it comes, everything will come to her when it's time!
    I like the boutique, it's looking very chic!


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