Sunday, June 6, 2010


Round 3: Birthdays

Since this is the start of a new round and a new play style, I've aged everyone up a year and a few sims have had birthdays!

Angel Rodriguez turned 5 years old and had a small birthday celebration with his family. I have a feeling he'll look similar to his older brother, Joel, except with their dad's black hair (Joel has his mom's brown hair).

Speaking of Joel, he's now 18 and has headed to the University of Crystal Creek. Joel graduated high school with an A+ and earned 5 scholarships. He's planning to major in either Math or Physics.

Going with him to UCC is girlfriend Davina Meadows. She graduated high school with an A and earned 2 scholarships. She's currently undecided on a major. She and Joel have joined Paul Reid in Curtis Hall dorm on campus.

Camille Thomas has also turned 18 and decided that college isn't for her. She graduated high school with an A and is currently saving money to move out on her own.

Lastly, Alicia Stevens has turned 18. She was unsure if she wanted to go to college or not but, unfortunately, the decision was made for her. She graduated high school with a C which made her ineligible to attend UCC. She has plans to move into her own apartment in Summit Heights.

-In order to keep their ages in sync so I can send the next batch of students to college at the right time, I decided to age them up now. In the future, birthdays will happen in Winter (January).
-All profiles have been updated and they all have pics now, yay!


  1. Oh, they're all super cute! But I think Alicia is my favourite. She looks very sophisticated now that she's 18!

  2. Thanks! I tried to make her look a little different otherwise she and her mom would look more like sisters. That happens in real life too, but I see these 2 differently. Her mom is very neat and serious while she's more playful.

  3. You're campus shoul dbe jumin' this round! LOL Can't wait to see what these new adults get uptp.

  4. LOL Yea I can't wait to play this group in college. But that won't be for a few more weeks. I'm in spring now and I won't play the college hood until fall. I don't think Joel and Davina will be too much trouble, but I still have to figure out what Paul's going to do with all his women lol.


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