Thursday, June 3, 2010

Round 3, Year 2010 ROS

Round 3: ROS
Since I have so few households right now, I’m going to start by rolling only 2 ROS’s (Random Occurrence Scenarios) each round and then increase once I start getting more households. Hopefully I won’t have to kill too many people until then :). [Click the links to skip ahead to the ROS entries]
  1. Food Poisoning. You should have known from the green fumes that it was no good. Stay home and rest up.
  2. Laid off. There were cut backs and unfortunately, you were one of them.
Nothing too harmful, I hope. I have realistic sickness but I haven't seen it in action in my game and I don't know how it deals with food poisoning.


  1. Hmmm, now I'm wondering about realistic sickness and food poisoning! I don't think my Sims have had food poisoning since I installed. I use noeatcrap, so I'd have to force food poisoning if I wanted it.

    I should really add that to my ROS list, actually!

  2. Yea I'm curious how it'll be with real sickness, too. I'll have to be creative because I also have noeatcrap so I will have to force it with Insim, or whatever hack that was that forces illness. I'll definitely let you know in that family's update how it goes!


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