Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Got You

Round 3: March 2010 (Spring)
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Cheng (70), Ping (69), Jun (50), Jia-Li (48), Mei (16), Xia (14) and An (7) Hu
Narrated by Mei

It's supposed to be spring but tell that to Mother Nature. We had so much snow this past winter that it took forever for it to melt.
And it was still so cold at the beginning of the month that we kept a fire going just to keep the house warm.

Our pond stayed frozen for a while so we weren’t able to stock the fish in our store until about the middle of the month.

Speaking of the store, mom and dad have been teaching us how to arrange flowers, fish and tend to the garden so we can help with the high demand. They've been selling so much that we might have to expand our field and maybe even expand the store, or buy another one.

Luckily our parents still give us some free time to ourselves. An is constantly bringing home her little friends from school and hangs out with them almost until her bedtime.

And Xia and I have become so close now that you won't see one of us without the other.

A new bowling alley opened up downtown so since I have my license now, I drove me and Xia down there one Saturday.

Xia is so funny. She's never bowled a day in her life but if you looked at her, you'd think she was a pro.

Until she fell flat on her face! She did knock down a few pins at least but I know she was so embarrassed. I didn't do too much better but at least I didn't fall in front of everyone.

One of her friends named Tony joined our game for a while but we could barely get through the game with those 2 staring at each other so much.

I don't think Xia noticed but he was definitely checking her out. Whenever she'd get up to bowl, he'd just stand there and watch her with a big smile. It was so cute.

Tony was all she talked about while we waited for our food. She really thinks he's cute but doesn't know what to do or say.

I told her that if she really likes him then she should just ask him out on a date.

She thought I was nuts. She was scared that he'd say no and she'd look like a complete idiot.

We talked about it pretty much all the way home and all that night before we went to bed.

She's torn on what to do. She doesn't want to mess up their friendship if he doesn't feel the same way or things don't work out if they do date. Plus she's not even sure she's ready to start dating yet. She wants to concentrate on school right now.

I could tell that her mind was made up after that because she completely tuned me out and went into her own world. Oh well, I guess when she's ready, she'll know.

My friend Darren came home with me from school last week. I've always thought he was kind of cute but since talking with Xia about Tony, I thought I'd take my own advice and just go for it and see what happens.

I started flirting with him a little bit and he seemed to be ok with it. It was a little awkward with Xia standing right there but she took the hint and left us alone.

So I flirted with him some more. He didn't push me away, but he didn't really flirt back either.

Even when I pulled him close for a hug, he hesitated and kept his distance. I don't know if he just doesn't like me in that way or if I just caught him by surprise.

He didn't get to stay for dinner though. Xia nearly burnt the house down with whatever she was trying to cook and after that, he said he'd better get home.

And when he said goodbye, he just gave me a regular hug.

I hope he didn't leave because of me. Maybe he doesn't like girls who kind of take charge and I completely turned him off. I hope not.

Mei has a townie admirer. They went back and forth looking at each other while the other wasn't looking for a while until his food came. It was kind of cute but also kind of creepy because he didn't smile, he just stared. They have chemistry but he left after he finished eating so they didn't get to talk.

(Click to enlarge)
Talk about a neat freak! Jia-Li wants to encourage An to be neat but An already has 8 neat points. I guess the very tiny messes An leaves are still too much.

-In case you're curious, the boy An is hanging out with is Brian Robinson.
-We'll see what happens with Mei and Darren when I play the Stevens' house in May. She was very pushy with the flirting wants and he didn't initiate anything in return, which is surprising since he's a romance sim and she's popularity. I played until the next morning just to see if she rolled up any romantic wants for him and she didn't. Just the "be BFFs with Darren" but that rolled away by the time she left for school. She hasn't rolled up any romantic wants at all, actually, and neither has Xia.
-Xia's friend Tony is another townie I made that she met when they were both kids. They'd been friends for so long that I forgot they were friends lol. They were best friend before An was born. I must have aged him too when she turned 12 and gave him a makeover. He never calls and never comes home with her from school so I forgot all about him.
-The rest of the family didn't really make an appearance but they were around. I kept them pretty busy with housework and tending to the crops because they barely had anything to restock their store.
-I really don't know what "round" this is so I can add a label. It's the third round I've blogged (actually I started blogging at the end of one round) but I've played several "rounds" before blogging. And calling it Round/Year 2010 (the sim year) won't work for long if the round ends before the year is over/extends over a year when I have more households. Any suggestions?


  1. Haha, awwww so much teen angst lol.....I like An, if you want something, go for it! It's been my experience that some guys are just slow on the uptake :).....Laura at Lakeside Heights names her rounds by the beginning year of the round. So like now she is in round 2082 and it lasts from August of 2082 to July of 2084. Then her next round would be 2084. You could do it that way and not have to worry about the number of rounds you've already played. Hope that helps :)

  2. The girls are so sweet and cute, sometimes our simmies are simply not ready for love no matter how much we want them to be.

    You could do like some other bloggers and have two year rounds (ie 2010-2011), or just say that your round starts during the summer of 2010 and ends the summer of 2011.

  3. Aw, Tony is cute. I love when Sims stare at each other like that. There's so many ways you can interpret it.

    I'll be watching Mei and Darren...interesting that he didn't initiate anything but that happens sometimes, even with Romance Sims. I figure sometimes they like to let the girls (or boys!) come to them.

    And Mei's townie admirer is just shy (yes, I've decided!) He's not smiling because he doesn't want her to know he's got a crush on her.

    As for your round names, I'd probably go with Mizzgin's suggestion and use Laura's method. She was in the same position as you when she started blogging - she'd already played quite a bit. I've always blogged Sullivan in one form or another (although at first it was just on N99), so the simple Round #x works just fine for me.

  4. The townie admirer is super cute, I love that they kept going back and forth with their stares.

    I love this house, I liked it when you shared it on N99 the other day. I really like how this family gets along so well. I wonder what will happen with Darren.

    When Jia-Li means neat, he means all ten points neat doesn't he? That's crazy!

    I started my rounds, by when I started blogging, though my hood is actually several years old.

  5. Thanks for reading, everyone! And thanks for the suggestions on how to label my rounds. I'm still undecided as to what I'll do because I have a ton of other things running through my head, but I'll make a decision by the time I post my next entry.

    Mizzgin, yea Mei really surprised me with her constant flirting (An is the 7 year old). Mei and Xia have both brought boys home from school with them but Mei's never done anything remotely romantic with anyone. And their chemistry isn't anything spectacular either, I think it's 26 attraction score.

    Apple Valley, yea it seems like I tried to please Darren the last time I played his house by having him flirt and stuff but the ladies weren't having it. Now he has someone willing and he didn't want to flirt back! LOL Typical sim!

    Carla, yea I thought it was so cute how Xia and Tony kept staring at each other like that. I love that sims do that and is one of the reasons why I prefer Sims 2 over Sims 1. They actually acknowledge each other's presence. And I'm really interested in what Darren thinks of Mei hitting on him so much.

    LOL I'm glad you figured out the townie admirer! I think you're right, though. He was heart farting when she was across the room and then he just stared when she got closer.

    Maisie, I'm glad it shows that they're a close knit family. I really like playing them. No drama... yet :). And yes, Jia-Li likes things spotless I guess lol! Nothing stays dirty in this house for long.

  6. That townie admirer is so sweet! I have to agree with Carla, that he's just she!

    Xia and Mei are such pretty girls. I don't know what's gotten into Darren not making a move!

    Do you build your community lots youself?

  7. Thanks, Tanja! I don't know what's gotten into Darren, either. Hopefully I can get his lovelife going when I get into their house.

    I don't usually build my community lots but I often remodel them, some more than others. I like taking a building I download and then turning it into something I want. The bowling alley was the one that was already in the downtown area that EAxis made. I changed the restaurant a little and added more decor. I might've changed walls/floors too.


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