Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who's Hu

The season has just changed to winter and we find the Hus busy in their garden tending to the plants.
Little Xia is too busy in the shed with her blocks to be bothered with garden work. She’s always been fascinated with those blocks ever since she was 5. She is a tinkerer at heart.
But her days of playing at her little table have come to an end since she is now 13 and too grown up for those sorts of things. She grew up to be a stunning young lady and grandpa Cheng looks a little worried.
Meiling (Mei) doesn’t want her little sister borrowing her clothes, so she decides to take Xia to 1st Street Boutique to get her some of her own. While there, she decides to get her hair done too. She’s pretty shy and studious and wanted to look that way too.
Back at home, Jun was trying to teach An how to walk. She wasn’t grasping the concept right away but she eventually caught on.
An’s birthday was the next day and Mei wanted to make sure she was treated extra special. She played with her all day, even in the bathroom.
The whole family gathers around while An blows out the candles… or tries to grab them.
The whole thought of their little girl growing up has made Jun and Jia-Li very amorous. They have thoughts about having another child but the household is busy enough.
Everyone lines up to give the birthday girl her presents and to dance. She looked so surprised by all the gifts and being showered with all that attention.
It started snowing in the middle of the night and kept up just before dawn, leaving a thick blanket of snow for the Hus the next morning.
Xia was so excited for all the snow and ran to An’s room to see if she wanted to go outside to play in it. Apparently An’s not a morning person because she didn’t look too thrilled.
She did eventually go outside with her dad and he swung her around until both of their arms got tired.
The snow almost reached An’s knees but it still wasn’t enough to cancel school.
When the bus left, Jun, Jia-Li, Cheng and Ping headed to their store. Here’s a quick look inside.
While helping some customers, Jun notices that one of them keeps taking notes. He realizes it’s a reporter and runs right over to assist her.
Luckily he has his gold badge in sales and is able to dazzle her without even breaking a sweat.
Hu’s Grocery Store gets the Best of the Best Award and they proudly hang it behind the register.
The next day, Jun decides to take his daughters to the store to show them the ropes. He fears his parents don’t have much time left and the girls will need to step up and help out at the store when needed.

Since An is too young to do much at the store, Jun sets up a little lemonade stand for her in the back of the store so she wouldn’t feel left out.
Mei is the oldest so she gets to learn the register while Xia learns to restock.
Of course Mei was very nervous and slow finding the right keys to press.
Most of the customers were understanding but some of them didn’t like the slower pace. One of them even pitched a fit and threw her bags on the ground.
Jun isn’t worried though. His store is at level 8 and knows that Mei will figure things out quickly like she always does. And she did and earned her silver cash registering badge in one day.
Jun checked in on An and saw that she was pretty bored sitting in the corner all by herself. Hardly anyone wanted her lemonade but she was stuck sitting there watching all the ice melt. He cheered her up by buying 2 cups, but she was still sad. She wanted to be outside playing.
When they got home that evening, Jun sat down to talk to Mei over some hot chocolate. He tells her that he wants her to be the one to take over the store when he’s no longer able to run it.
Mei is shocked but she understands. She is the oldest and does want to be like her father and own a business… or 5. She knows she’ll have to work hard at learning everything there is about running a business along with learning how to care for the crops and catching fish. It may mean that she has to miss her opportunity at going off to college since UCC and the Acadamy don’t teach these skills.

Extra pics:
An is a fitness sim and always has the want to jump rope. And even though they have a very spacious yard, she usually ends up jumping rope in the kitchen.
Xia looks a little disturbed seeing her grandparents make out in the hallway.
This little shopper loves to look at the fish but never buys anything.
Cheng really loves building snowmen. This is his first and I saw another one in the back of the yard and he started a third before I exited the house.
I’m a little peeved that school wasn’t canceled lol. I haven’t seen that yet and it snowed for a long time. I was sure it’d be canceled but no luck.
I loved that pic of Mei playing with toddler An in the bathroom and was annoyed that she was wearing those ugly panda pjs LOL. I usually remembered to have them change her to her everyday outfit in case I wanted to take any pics of her but of course this was the 1 time I forgot.

Xia was too young to do much with An when she was a baby and toddler (she was too busy playing with her blocks anyway), so they’re not really close compared to the rest of the family. That’s why she looked all annoyed that morning it snowed. Xia wanted to play with her but An was having none of that.


  1. LOL, if it snowed in Sydney, the whole city would be cancelled. I can't imagine anyone here would know what to do. I'm kind of amazed anyone manages to get on with their lives in the snow!

    But anyway, yay for getting a best of the best award. Customers seem to like that! I always hang it near the more expensive stuff. ;)

    Xia and An turned out so cute after their age-ups! What aspiration did Xia get, by the way?

  2. Dealing with the snow is a huge pain. I missed the days when I actually enjoyed the snow. But that was when I was a kid and didn't have to worry about cleaning off the car and then driving to work in the mess.

    That's a good idea to hang it near the expensive stuff lol. I have a few rare fish that I set to really expensive since the Hus rarely catch them.

    And thank you. I really like how Xia and An turned out too. Well I already knew what Xia would look like but had no idea about An since she was born in game. She's as cute as she was as a toddler.

  3. The market is so cute, especially those glass shelves. Are they decor? I think school is canceled if the snow sticks for a couple of hours at that height, so if it was snowing in the middle of the night then maybe school would be canceled.

  4. The glass shelves that the fruit is on? They are functional. Anoeska at TSR made them and you can get it here. I use a few items from that set in the store, too.


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