Friday, October 29, 2010

Through Me

Round 4: December 2010 (Winter)
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Edna Blackwell is 66, Glen Stevens is 50, Jeanette is 49, and Darren and Dana are 15.
(Alicia Stevens and Kyle Bryant are 18)
Narrated by Jeanette

This past month has been a busy one for everyone. We're all off doing our own things and I hardly see them anymore.

I've been extremely busy at the boutique. I barely have time to create new designs because I'm constantly trying to keep things stocked and helping all the customers.

Alicia and a high schooler named Celeste work for me but I still need an extra pair of hands.

Celeste will be heading off to college next year and she'll probably be too busy to keep her job here.

I can only hope she will need the extra money and decide to stay. I don't want to have to replace her too.

Speaking of Alicia, she dropped by with Kyle a few nights ago for dinner.

We've only met Kyle once before but we let him know that he’s always welcome to our home.

He made a great first impression on my husband when we first met. Glen really likes Kyle and he barely lets him all the way into the house before he begins to talk his ear off. Kyle is nice about it, though.

Alicia always seems so happy when she's with or talks about Kyle.

They are too adorable together. They're always holding hands at dinner or feeding each other. I remember when Glen and I were like that.

That night, Alicia told us that she and Kyle have been thinking about moving in together when his lease ends in a few months. It kind of took everyone off guard, especially Glen. He likes Kyle a lot but didn't think they were ready to move in together.

Kyle assured us that he loves Alicia and doesn't plan on going anywhere. It will be a great way for the both of them to save money and being financially stable is very important to him.

I started to feel a little better about it when I talked to Kyle later. But I do hope getting a better job than cleaning tables at a restaurant is on the list of ways he plans on becoming financially stable.

Ma seems to have found someone to keep her occupied lately. I’ve never seen her on the phone as much as she has been recently. I don't know who's on it more, her or the kids.

She finally told me that she’s been talking to a man named Victor that she met at the grocery store a while back. He asked her out on a date and she almost didn’t know how to react. It’s been so long since she’s been on one.

But she agreed to meet him at a small cafe downtown for lunch.

Ma said she hasn't laughed so hard in a long time. She feels as if she's known Victor for years.

They've been seeing each other for a while, I guess. She's never home for dinner anymore because she meets up with him after work.

She doesn't talk much about it to me but I think she likes him a little more than she lets on.

I don't know why she hasn't told me that they're becoming more serious. She hasn't even introduced him to us yet. I think she may be afraid that I won't approve of their relationship since I haven't seen her with anyone since I was young.

But as long as ma is happy, I'm going to be happy for her. She's been alone ever since my dad left when I was a kid. She deserves some happiness finally.

The kids can tell that their grandmother is happier these days. She's always talking about love and asking them about the boys and girls at school.

Exactly what teenagers want to talk about with their grandmothers. They don't even talk about that stuff with me.

From what I can tell, Dana has started talking to a boy. I can hear her up late talking to someone some nights.

Heck if I know how that's going. She hasn't mentioned him and definitely hasn't had him over.

I don't know what Darren is up to either. I heard he's popular with the girls at school but I hope he's being careful.

He's too much of a sweetheart to break hearts but he could inadvertently do it. Girls his age are hormonal and sensitive and can overreact to the smallest things.

Here are a couple pics of Dana with her mystery boy. His name is Josh and he's a townie. He's pretty shy (I think 2 outgoing points) so Dana probably came on a little strong, in his eyes. He did agree to have some espresso with her, though.

I wanted to post more of these within the update but Jeanette most likely wouldn't know what her teenagers do at the mall. Unless she was spying on them.

-Glen was the only family member I didn’t really show this session. You didn’t miss much though. He went to work, came home, played video games, woohooed with Jeanette before bed and went to sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat. Typical man ;-).
-I decided to find Edna a man because she’s had the “fall in love” want for, like, ever. She and Victor had met at some point and they have 2 bolts. Edna was really keen on getting her man, too. Whenever she and Victor were together, she would initiate all the flirt and romantic interactions. He’d never get the chance to make the first move. But he has lots of wants for her, romantic and friendly.
-I think I pushed my game/computer to its limit while playing this household the past couple of weeks. I crashed a few times so some of the pics are of things that "didn't happen." Like the teens' trip to the mall. I crashed after I got those shots of Dana and Josh in the coffee shop, so their relationship score isn't that high anymore, but it wasn’t very high to begin with. All of the hugging between Mei and Darren "never happened" so we'll see where it leads now. And I had to send Edna and Victor out on 2 dates since I crashed during their first one.
-It’s the start of a new sim year so birthdays are up next!


  1. I love how true to life this family is. Kyle is definitely a cutie and I hope he has more plans for his future. I'm glad Edna has found someone, she really does deserve some happiness at this point in her life. I lol'd at Darren inadvertently breaking hearts :)

  2. So much romance in this update! Love is in the air in Crystal Creek!

    I'm glad the family likes Kyle, especially seeing he and Alicia seem to be getting serious. They make such a cute couple. I hope he's got some plans for his future though and doesn't want to wait tables forever.

    And aww, elder romance! My elders hardly ever get that, unless they're married, lol! Edna and Victor are another adorable couple. I love the picture of them laughing on the community lot.

    Josh looks a little bit like Gordon! I love him. I'm such a sucker for shy Sims. LOL, Darren's been busy!

    Were all these pics taken on the one community lot? I'm so in love with it. Is this the same mall you showed off on N99? It's awesome! You make me want to build a mall!

  3. I like Kyle, he is a cutie and seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. Romance was definately in the air for this household.

  4. Thanks for reading and for the comments everyone! I was out of town so sorry for the delay.

    Mizzgin, yes I remember lots of people saying they liked Kyle (I like him too) so I made sure he made an appearance ;). They are just sweet together.

    Poor Edna was begging me for some love lol. Her wants for a kiss, flirt and fall in love would rotate each day. Luckily there was an old guy townie who wasn't too scary looking that I could hook her up with.

    And Darren's going to be interesting to write in the future. I hardly ever play Romance sims so he's a first in a long time. And when I played Romance sims, I played them kind of like Don Lothorio or Dan Pleasant, they just screw everything that moves with little regard to others feelings. Darren has 9 nice points so I don't see him purposely hurting girls feelings.

    Carla, lots of love in this update and it's not even spring! The whole family really gets along with Kyle, which I'm happy about. I don't know what Kyle has planned but I have some plans for him lol. He may be my first adult education student. He'd fit pretty good into the business career so I'm going to put him in it when they move in together. If he shows interest in skilling and getting promotions, then I'll make him start the program (once I figure out the requirements, that is :)).

    LOL I felt bad that I kept ignoring Edna in my Stevens updates so I figured I'd give her some attention. I only have a few elders and they mostly get ignored. Poor things. Glad you liked the pics.

    Yup, I think Josh does have Gordon's face. I thought it was so cute when she complimented him and I discovered he was shy. I like how they react to some interactions.

    And yes, the mall I sent the teens to is my mall that I posted at N99. The mall I sent Edna and Victor to was a different, smaller mall I downloaded. It's more of a strip mall with a few stores and a cafe. I really love my mall but it's huge. I'm hoping that trick they posted at N99 to get the game to use 2 gigs of memory will stop all the crashing.

    AV, I remember that you liked Kyle as well :). Alicia's very lucky because she found one of the good ones.

  5. I love the shop! It looks amazing, especially now when you can see it in action!

    I'm glad Edna found someone to bring love back into her life, she really looks happy.

    I like Dana's boy, and would love to see more of them, but you're right that it wasn't really Jeannette place to talk about it all, because a mother hardly ever know what her teens are up to.


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