Friday, October 8, 2010


Jeff (58), Helen (56), Michael and Michelle Reid (17)
Narrated by Michelle

We got the news early Monday morning that both Michael and I were accepted to the University of Crystal Creek! There wasn't much doubt but it's a relief to just know it's official.

Along with our acceptance, I was awarded 3 scholarships and Michael was awarded 2. Mom and dad are extremely proud of us, of course.

I'm thinking about becoming a teacher after college, just like mom. I love to paint and I'd like to become an art teacher in the primary school after graduation.

Once I told mom I wanted to teach, she got me a job at the primary school as an aid in the after-school program. It's a lot of fun. I mostly just watch the preschoolers color or play with blocks all afternoon.

 And if the weather isn't too bad, I supervise them out on the playground.

I really love it and can't wait to go to work every day.

Michael's thinking about going into law. He's always reading law journals and dorky stuff like that. We don't have any law offices in our area, so he's hoping to start the first one.

He was so excited when he found out his girlfriend Celeste would be joining him at UCC. She's going to be studying to become an architect.

I'm glad he has someone who's on his level. I'm kind of jealous, actually.

Dominic and I have been seeing each other for a while now. We're not "official" though. He doesn't want to be "tied down by labels" or something.

But he treats me like his girlfriend. He does all the little things, like sneak over late at night to bring me flowers. Or leave notes or candy in my locker.

And it's not a secret to anyone at school. So I don't know what the big deal is.

He can be a jerk sometimes. Like when he just stood there and stared at me when I fell at the skating rink one night instead of helping me up. It was so embarrasing!

But then his sweet side came out and he helped me get the hang of it the rest of the night.

I would just end whatever it is we have but I really like him. A lot.

And I know he feels the same way, even if he doesn't want to admit it to everyone.

Dad isn't happy about me dating Dominic at all. I get lectured about it all the time. When I invited him over last winter, dad wasn't impressed with him and told me that he didn't want "that guy" over to the house again.

I try to tell dad about Dom's good qualities but he just kisses me on the forehead and walks away. He thinks the "do as daddy says" talk will shut me up. But I'm not 12 anymore.

Mom says not to worry about dad. He’s just making sure I don’t get myself into trouble.

She reminded me that I have less than a year left in high school and then I’ll be out on my own and free to make my own decisions. Next year can’t come fast enough.

I finally started up an elementary school (almost)! The building was made by Dee at N99 and you can get it here (PVElementarySchool). I left the layout the same on the inside and started to decorate the rooms. It's not completely done yet because I didn't want to get too wrapped up in decorating it while in the middle of this update. Here are some pics:

The principals office... whoever that's going to be. Most likely Helen Reid since she's the only other sim in the education career. I'm probably going to change it a little bit now that I'm looking at it. I'm kind of anal about having a desk that isn't facing the door like that.

Here is the 1 classroom I got done. It's hard to get a good angle in some of the rooms. I made the classroom for this update and ended up forgetting to set up the scene lol. It wouldn't have fit in anyway since I changed the point of view to Michelle. Thanks to Carla @ Sullivan for the blackboard recolors.

Here is my preschool classroom for my non-existent preschoolers LOL. I kind of just threw stuff in there as I found it in the catalog. Once I actually need this room, I'll make it look much better.

And the playground covered in a mountain of snow. You can see the cafeteria through the windows to the left. It's not very exciting in there so I didn't bother taking pics yet.

I plan on remaking my high school but I'm trying to decide between 2 buildings right now. Hopefully I can start working on that after this round in between my updates so I can start doing primary and high school updates!

-I checked Jeff's nice points and he has 5 but he seems to get so grumpy when I make him sit down on the couch to talk to his family LOL. Maybe it's because he's so serious or he just has nothing in common with them. It really helps with my image of them, though. I've always pictured them as the stuck up family but Jeff's the one that comes off that way most to me. Maybe Michael and Michelle's yuppy attitude will come out when they're older.
-I really don't see Michelle and Dominic lasting much longer. They have decent chemistry (67) but she's Fortune/Knowledge and he's Romance and I just see her wanting someone who's "on the same level" like what Michael has with Celeste. And I'm sure Dom will go nuts in college, which she won't like either. We'll see what happens when they get there.
-Yes! One more household to go and I can do birthdays! Birthdays = Progress and I need to feel like I'm actually moving forward here.
-And I just realized I played this round in winter when it should have been in autumn lol. Snowing in November isn't unusual where I'm from, so it's ok ;).


  1. I agree about Dominic, I hope he doesn't break her heart beforehand. That is weird that he won't bite the bullet and call her his girlfriend since they're so public about the relationship.

  2. Yea, I don't really see her and Dominic staying together either.......what is with girls and "bad boys"? I think everyone goes through that phase lol. Can't wait to see them in Uni!

  3. Thanks for reading!

    AV, yea neither of them had the want to go steady with each other even though they're in love. Dom's romance so that's understandable but I'm a little surprised that she didn't have the want.

    Mizzgin, LOL yea I don't know what it is with good girls wanting bad guys. Michelle will either get over her phase or stay in it just to go against her dad. We'll see who she heart farts over in college lol.

  4. Oh, wow, the school looks really awesome! I love the principal's office, with the venetian blinds. Do you remember where you got those? I'm not too fond of any of the venetians I have in game.

    But back to the story...I have similar feelings of dread for Dominic or Michelle. They're just not suited, are they? His eye is already wandering! Is Dominic going to college with Michelle (and Michael and Celeste)?

  5. Yeah Dominic looks like he's really caring and thoughtful... or not really. I'm with her Dad on this one, I just hope she doesn't hurt too bad when they eventually break up.

    I really liked the first photo, everyone looks so happy and proud.

    Your school looks great, I liked the preschool area too, my favorite is the playground. Looks like a real school.

  6. Thanks ladies!

    Carla, thanks for the compliments on the school. I'm really excited to start using it. The blinds are by windkeeper at TSR. You can get them here I'm surprised that you don't have them because you have a ton of curtains/blinds that I drool over everytime I see your pics lol.

    And you're right. Dominic is a young romance sim and he seems to have other plans already. I would like to send him to college with them just to see how interesting things get. But I'm going to check out what his likely career will be and then go from there. His personality and aspiration are perfect for slacker, athletic or criminal career tracks and you don't need college for any of those in my hood. He actually fits into almost all the careers I don't require college for (entertainment, music) so... probably no college for him.

    Maisie, lol yea he's the dream guy for all girls (her age maybe). I'm sure a slap fest or something will ensue when the breakup happens. Or maybe they'll just drift apart since it looks like I won't be sending him to college. But she should get some kind of closure, at least.

    And thank you, too, for the compliments on the school. I'm just glad Dee posted it or I'd probably still be school-less. That shot of the pre-school room really is the best shot of the room lol. The other side is a mess, like real pre-schools probably look.

  7. I like the new school and I can't wait to see more of it.
    I'm really looking forward to your primary and high school updates!
    I have to agree with everyone who commented already that Domonic may not have been Michelle's best choice, and I really hope she doesn't get hurt too much before they deside to break up. She really needs the kind of relationship her brother and his girlfriend have!
    I like the first pictures! All of them cheering because of the good news!

  8. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tanja. I should have the elementary school done within a couple of weeks and I'll post pics either here or N99 (or both!) My high school and primary school updates might not be as interesting as some other bloggers, yet, since I only have a handful of students.

    Yes, Michelle definitely needs someone who's going to focus on her and only her.

    Glad everyone likes the pic of them cheering over their acceptance into college. This family is mostly driven by money and knowledge so they'd likely be super excited that the kids got into college.

  9. Just a little WCIF: the table and chairs in the preschool room. Is it part of a set?

    I kinda feel you on the room angles. It can be hard when you're taking pictures.

  10. Hi LaurelCrossing. The white table and chairs are from the same site but not from the same set. The chair is part of the Inova set at Sim Credible

    And the white table is from the Fun Corner Kid set.


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