Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sacrifice

Round 3: October 2010 (Autumn)
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Will (57), Eva (56), Keisha (19) and Brian Robinson (8)
Narrated by Eva

A couple of months ago, we invited Trent Thomas and his family over for breakfast. Will wanted to give them the great news, that he was making Trent manager of his new bakery, Piece of Cake.

He'd be manager and have full creative freedom over what cakes, pies and other desserts are sold in the shop. Trent nor his family could hide their excitement. He had been asking for more responsibility and I'm glad Will took him up on his offer. He's been a loyal employee for many years.

Alyssa was even excited to hear that her daddy was going to work with cakes and pies all day. She said she'd love to be around all the chocolate and icing.

Trent's been manager of Piece of Cake for about a month and a half and business is great. Cakes and pies fly off the shelves and they can hardly keep up with restocking.

That morning was the first time I'd met the rest of Trent’s family. I met Trent years ago through Will and I know Camille because she and Keisha are close friends. But it was the first time I’d met Isabella and Alyssa and they are very nice.

Brian loved all the attention he was getting from the Thomases.

And he made fast friends with Alyssa. I don't know who enjoyed showing off their cartwheels and somersaults more.

There aren't many kids Brian's age at school, so he ends up playing with some of the younger kids like Angel Rodriguez, who's only 5.

Brian was nice to him and "let him win" at basketball, which is surprising because one, Brian’s not always the nicest kid and two, he’s very serious when it comes to sports. I think he was just being nice so he'd have someone smaller than he is to boss around.

Keisha is working at Piece of Cake with Trent, and occasionally works with Will at Tasty Treat. She was a little disappointed that Will didn't make her manager of the new store; after all, she is his daughter.

But Keisha's still young and needs to show she can be responsible. She spends most of her time blowing all of her money most weekends.

Or out club hopping with her boyfriend Ryan or the girls. I don't think she has any money saved at all.

I try to give her advice but her eyes just glaze over. She wants to be treated like an adult but doesn't want the responsibility that goes along with it.

We don't know where she gets her lack of motivation from. She's anxious to do so many things, get married, have babies, buy a home, but she never gets off her butt to do anything.

Keisha's hoping to be able to move into her own place sometime next year so she can have some privacy, but we'll see how that goes. Brian's room is right next to hers and I know it's hard to get some alone time with Ryan with your little brother just inches away.

That should be motivation enough for her to start saving but I guess she's got to really want it in order to do something about it.

Speaking of privacy, Will and I hardly ever have alone time. Our alone time together is first thing in the morning when we wake up or right before we fall asleep at night.

Will and I have been so focused on our careers lately that we are usually drained by the end of the night. I work long hours at the clinic cleaning minor head wounds and wiping runny noses. And I often stay late to do training and research in hopes of getting a promotion, so I usually don't get home until after 8:00 pm.

Our quality time is limited to the weekends where we try to have little mini dates at home.

Since the house is never empty, we usually just do little things for each other. Will usually surprises me with little gifts, such as flowers or chocolate.

And plenty of massages. Always something sweet and thoughtful.

I can't wait to become Chief of Staff so I can create my own hours and focus on my family.

Just a random pic:
Will and Keisha had wants to get a cat or a dog so I had Keisha adopt a cat and called her Nugget (I think it's a female, I can't remember LOL). I'm not a cat person in real life so I often ignore them in the game. They're really cute as kittens, though. I think that was the first and last time Keisha even looked at Nugget during this play session.

-Piece of Cake Bakery sells premade cakes and pies made by Trent and Will (mostly Trent). Tasty Treat (which I showed in their last update) is a restaurant that serves only desserts. I had them both combined a while ago but EA didn't think we'd like to sell stuff and run a restaurant on the same lot. It didn't work the way I wanted it so I split the businesses.
-I used the Parts posing box at MTS2 that's "all the rage" now to pose Will and Eva in their family portrait. They're using 1 pose box and then I just changed their legs so they'd be sitting.
-I had all the pictures taken for this update but I had it on hold for a while because I needed more shots that required posing and the right furniture. Like the shot of Eva in the clinic and Keisha laying on the bed.


  1. The bakery looks awesome! Using the buyables desserts is a good idea. It's so hard to keep places like that stocked but I'm eventually going to try it anyway, with Caleb.

    Keisha might want to get off her butt and start saving some money if she wants her own place! Even with roommates, they're going to want someone who will contribute equally to the rent!

    I love the clinic shots! Eva's obviously very busy but it seems like Will is a pretty awesome husband. ;) Hey, did you name him Will Robinson after Lost in Space? LOL, even if it was accidental, that's better than me and Nick Moretti, who is apparently a gay porn star!

    Oh, yet another use for the posing parts box! I'm going to have to try that with some of my standing couples poses.

  2. Thanks Carla! The bakery is a tiny little building but it's really charming. The actual shop area is so small that the customers keep tripping over each other to pay and some get angry and throw their bags down. But I won't be playing it too often because my sims end up with a million and one cakes in their inventories lol.

    And yes, Keisha's another one who needs a kick in the butt to start doing something. Mom isn't at the top of the medical career yet so she's not going to be able to pay for everything. Plus Brian might go to college. I think she and Camille need a reality check.

    I had fun doing the clinic shots. Thanks for those posters and the links to all the medical stuff btw. No I didn't name Will after Lost in Space. I didn't even realize there was a Will Robinson on the show lol. But yes, too funny about Nick, and he's very much the polar opposite lol.

    Lastly, the posing parts box works great with other pose boxes. I can't wait to try more!

  3. LOVE the bakery! Them and coffee places are my favorite shops in all the world.

    Funny on Keisha only looking at Nugget once. I find that the dogs are more fun, but I believe that to be true in real life too. But I'm a cat person, cause they are less maintenance.

    I really like this entire family, you've done such a great job with their hair choices, and clothing styles, household decorating.

    I love Keisha's hair, happen to recall where you got it?

  4. Thanks Maisie! Glad you like the bakery so much. :) I wish I could fit a little espresso bar somewhere but the building is so tiny. I'd have to put it outside in the back. Oh wait, I forgot about the second floor already LOL. Maybe in another round.

    Pets are a lot of work but my husband would love to get a super playful dog if we could. He just thinks about all the fun he'll have with it, not about all the vet visits and the training, etc.

    Thanks for the compliments on the family. Keisha's hair is an old Nouk hair. It's under All old stuff and called Dreads -all ages. I love that hair and think it really suits Keisha.

  5. The bakery looks good! I had the same idea as you once, running a restaurant only selling dessert, and at the same time sell those dessert, but just like with you EA didn't agree with it, so I gave up the idea.
    Maybe I pick it up again, some day.

    Keisha really should be starting to think about the future if she wants to go and live with her boyfriend, because the way she's living right now, it's not going to happen!

  6. Thanks Tanja! I really wish EA would have thought about these types of businesses because they really make sense. I wish there was a work around and fingers crossed that hackers look into it and figure out a way to get this to work.

    Yea, like I said already, Keisha needs a wake up call because stuff is not going to be just handed to her. I don't know where she got the idea that she doesn't have to work hard to get the things she wants and needs. It's not like her parents are unmotivated. We'll see what happens.

  7. Thank you! I should have known it was Nouk, she has some of the best hair meshes!


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