Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day and Night

Round 4: July 2011 (Summer)

Will Robinson is 58, Eva is 57, Keisha is 20 and Brian is 9
(Ryan Baker is 20)
Narrated by Keisha

This month marked 10 years since dad opened the Tasty Treat Cafe. To thank his customers for their loyalty, dad threw a party for them at the cafe. There was free cake, music and lots of dancing.

Even with one little mishap with the new waiter, the customers had a great time. I think they really appreciated the freebies.

But I think they enjoyed the music more than the free cake.

Dad really loves what he does and enjoys meeting his customers when he can. He tries to come out of the kitchen every so often to greet them and ask how their visit was. I think that's why they keep coming back. No other business around here does that.

Lately I've been trying harder to save money and help dad more at the bakery. Mom got on my case about my spending habits and she's right. If I'm ever going to get out on my own, I'm going to have to do better.

In between running the register, I've been trying to help with sales. I'm still learning, so some of my attempts to help haven't been as successful as others. But I kinda like it.

At least when I mess up at the bakery, it's not life threatening like it would be if I worked in mom's field. The past few months, medical students have been shadowing her all day since she's the senior doctor at the medical center.

She gives a lot of one-on-one lessons on different equipment and she usually comes home with some horror stories to share. She's not too sure about the next crop of doctors that are coming out of the university, but she’s working hard to whip them into shape.

Brian’s still too young to realize how lucky he is. He doesn't have to think about any of this stuff for a while yet. The only thing he thinks about now is school and basketball. As soon as he gets home from school, he goes over to the basketball hoop to practice. I think installing that net outside was the best thing our parents could have done for him. Some days you can't tear him away from that thing.

I've lost touch with a few of my old friends from high school since some of them went off to college. When we do find a minute to chat, they usually talk about college life, classes and the craziness in the dorms… stuff I can't really relate to.

I wish I didn't screw up so badly my final year of high school so I would have had the chance to go to college. But I'm over it now. When they start to talk about all their homework, term papers and final exams, I feel a little relieved that I don’t have to worry about all that.

At least they still invite me and a few of our other high school buddies to campus every now and then in between their studies.

Last week, I went to Ryan's place and met his new roommate Mallory. I was a little worried at first and wondered why he asked another woman to move in with him.

But I found out later that Mallory has a girlfriend, so there's nothing for me to worry about. But still, I was hoping Ryan would be able to wait until I saved up more money so I could move in with him.

I don't think he could have chosen a better roommate, though. Mallory must be loaded because she really hooked up their apartment. I know if Ryan and I were living together, we'd never be able to afford a pool table. Not right away at least.

She must work a lot because other than the time we met, I never see her around. Whatever she does or wherever she goes, she doesn't seem to have time to do any cleaning. I tend to tidy the place up because Ryan’s hopeless. He never notices the trail of dishes and dirty clothes he leaves behind.

But Mallory being gone all the time works out perfectly for us. So I'm not complaining. I never get any privacy at home and it’s nice to have somewhere to go where we can really be alone.
I love the views from Ryan's apartment. Almost every room has a great view of the city. I just have to go around the outskirts of Summit Heights and put big deco buildings around it so it doesn't look there's nothingness beyond some points.

Dumbass apartment residents don't know when to go inside when it's too hot outside! They kept passing out while I was playing Ryan's lot. I had to send Mallory out there to revive them. They’re still walking around town red in the face, though lol.

-Will rolled the Party ROS this round. Seeing that he doesn't have many friends and the friends he does have are from making sales at his businesses, I didn't think a traditional party would make much sense. So I "threw a party" for his customers as a thank you.
-I don't know if you all remember the bakery when it first opened but it looks a lot different than it did. There just wasn't enough space for the customers to move around and they were getting annoyed bumping into each other (and I was getting annoyed watching them). Plus Wood for Sims had an awesome bakery set that I wanted to use.
-Brian already has 8 in Body and he's only 9 years old. That boy really loves basketball! I was thinking about putting him in law enforcement or something but I think an athlete might be a way to go for him. We'll see when he ages up.
-Ugh, I really need to work on different types of hang outs for my sims to go to. I have a million and one community lots but none of them are fun hang out type places except the few places I always send them to. After this round, I should work on renovating those lots. But a cool thing is that now that my university is in a subhood, I can send any of my sims there on an outing to any of those lots. I sent them to the college center because I was so tired of seeing "The Hub" where I always send them (the place where Camille had her little incident).
-Keisha's fortune secondary really kicked in this round so I think she's starting to realize that she needs to start making money in order to move forward in her life. I think she's definitely a saver because all her wants were to earn X amount of money instead of buy this and buy that, which is good.


  1. It's good to see Keisha and Ryan are still doing well. She should probably stop cleaning his apartment though; he needs to learn to do it himself! Sounds like Keisha is growing up a bit too, with all her Fortune-type wants this round.

    I vaguely remember the old bakery but whether I do or not, the new one looks really awesome.

    I'm the same with my community lots lately! I have a ton but either they're not hang out places or I'm getting sick of them, lol! Need to do some redecorating work, I guess!

  2. I love Ryan's apartment. Can I move in? The views are amazing and he has a rich roommate as well. I will gladly move in and tidy up as Keisha does.

  3. Very nice apt. I love the views! Hopefully they will be able to move in together soon.

    I noticed that you have a coffee stand in the restaurant. Do sims buy from you or how do you get them to buy coffee? Mine wont at the tea shop, I have to make them selectable then have them buy tea/coffee.

  4. Thanks for reading and the comments everyone!

    Carla, yup Keisha and Ryan are still doing well. Constantly rolling wants for each other. Ryan does need to learn to do his own cleaning but Keisha's a big neat freak (9 in neat) so I think the mess just drives her crazy. And I was happy to see that Keisha is growing up a little, too. Hardly any "going out" wants (if any at all) this time.

    Now that I think about it, I don't think I could take many pics inside the bakery because it was so tiny and cramped. The storefront used about a third of the main floor of the building and the renovated version uses the entire main floor. Trent bakes the cakes upstairs. There's so much room to move around. Glad you like!

    Happy to see I'm not the only one getting sick of my community lots! LOL Thanks.

    Starr, thank you. I'm trying to remember where I got Ryan's apartment but I loved it when I went into it. Perfect city apartment with great city views. And sure you can move in! I'm sure Ryan wouldn't mind 2 people cleaning up after him LOL.

    GB, thank you! I think Keisha's moving in the right direction and she should be able to move in with Ryan sooner rather than later. I have to double check how much money she earned so far.

    As for the coffee stand, I had one in the restaurant a while ago and removed it for some reason and just recently added it back. Playing it this round made me realize that no one bought coffee like you said lol. So it's been removed since taking those pics. It sucks that they won't buy coffee unless the sim is selectable. I guess owning a coffee shop in the future is out of the question :\.

  5. Yeah, I see I managed to let a comment today, so here's another try for the one I try to post yesterday!
    I love the idea of the bakery's anniversary! It's cute! and the customers seem to have had a lot of fun! *lol* The views from the windows are great, indeed!

  6. Sandy, thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed the bakery anniversary party. I don't think it did much for business, but the customers had fun and that's what matters :). And I really like the views from that apartment, too. I might have to move Keisha in with Ryan sooner than I was planning just so I look at their windows more often :)


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