Thursday, January 13, 2011

Call on Me

Round 4: June 2011 (Summer)
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George Meadows is 54, Belinda is 53
Narrated by Belinda

I have to admit, having the house to ourselves now has really been nice. George and I have really been enjoying our alone time.

We've been kind of... adventerous lately. I can't remember the last time we've fooled around in the car, but it was exciting.

When we're not acting like teenagers, we spend our days off together in the park. When the weather is nice, we'll sometimes do Tai Chi under the trees. It's a really nice way to unwind after a crazy week.

Ever since I started working in the restaurant industry, we hardly go out to eat anymore. So one Sunday we decided to check out this new restaurant in Summit Heights. I really loved the look of the place and it was nice to be on the other side of service for once.

It turned out to be a very nice date and the food was so good that I ate most of George's dinner after I finished mine.

The next weekend, Davina came for a visit. We're so proud of her. She earned outstanding grades her first year at UCC and she's hoping she can keep it up.

Over breakfast, she mentioned that she and Joel are thinking about moving to student housing in the fall because the dorms are becoming overcrowded. They're hoping they can afford it with all of the grant money they earned for their good grades.

George seemed a little concerned that his "little girl" was thinking about moving in with her boyfriend. But he needs to realize sooner or later that she's an adult now. Plus, Davina and Joel have been together since they started high school, so I don't think George has anything to worry about.

The thing that concerns me with Davina is that she still hasn't chosen a major. I've been kind of bugging her about it. She says she will make a decision when she has to, but right now she's just getting her general classes out of the way.

George has been trying to convince her to get into science but I'm not sure if she's interested. She likes science but probably not as a career choice. It'd be great if she followed in her father's footsteps and became a scientist. He's done some groundbreaking research on birds that has really gotten him recognized in the scientific community. He could help her out if she needed a job right out of college.

If she decides not to enter the science field, I hope she considers majoring in Economics so she can enter the business world like I did. I recently purchased a building downtown where I'm planning to start selling takeout foods. It'd be nice if she would be there beside me helping me run it and to take over when I retire.

The building is small but the price was a steal. That's because it needs a lot of work. So the money I saved in the purchase price will be spent on renovating the place. The interior has now been completely gutted and I'm hiring some guys to knock down a few walls, rip up the carpeting and repaint the walls. Hopefully I can open this place up at the beginning of next year.

I was going to use this in the update but didn't write it in. But I had to share it because Belinda has the expression of a typical mother when their kid tries to show them something "cool".

I finally saw this tender kiss done via ACR. It's so sweet! I'm going to hang this one up somewhere in their house.

-I wasn't really dreading playing this family but I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. But they turned out to be pretty fun. They woohoo like freakin' rabbits though LOL. On the couch, in the hot tub, in bed. Everywhere! After they came home from a date, they even had the want to woohoo in the car. If I didn't set it so Belinda couldn't get pregnant at all, I'm sure they would be having a "late in life" baby.
-I realized after taking the pics that Davina is in fact wearing a skirt and not shorts and would have been pulling a Brittney Spears/Lindsay Lohan on the sofa if you could actually see up sims' skirts.
-At first I thought I'd have to take out a loan to makeover the new business Belinda bought but she had a lot of the stuff in her inventory already (from when I attempted to have a restaurant and retail business on the same lot and failed). They're down to like $7,000 now from over $20,000, but retail business make a decent amount of money. Plus she writes novels and paints on the side and George reached level 8 in the Natural Science career this session. The money will build back up again. I'm still trying to come up with a good name for the new business but coming up with nothing.


  1. Aww, this couple is so cute. I can't wait to see the new business.

  2. LOL, you actually can see up some Sim skirts! It's very fortunate that Naomi was crossing her legs in the last update, because there definitely would have been some Britney/Lindsay/Paris action happening otherwise!

    Anyway, I'm glad you had more fun with George and Belinda than you thought you would! The business sounds like a great idea. Are you going to have her cook the meals or use pre-made foods from buy mode?

    It was good to see Davina! Still no major, eh? If she doesn't pick one soon, the game will decide for her. ;) But she's only a sophomore, so she still has plenty of time to make up her mind.

  3. Sorry to double comment but I have a WCIF for you that I forgot about! Do you remember where you got the texture for Davina's hair? I have that mesh but am not especially keen on the colours.

  4. Thanks for reading and the comments ladies!

    Starr, they are cute, aren't they? I never paid much attention to Davina's parents in my first hood but they've grown on me now. And I'm excited to show off the business. I just need a couple more things to finish it off.

    Carla, LOL I will have to keep an eye out for those meshes. It's so hard to tell what the outfit is when you're buying clothes. I *thought* it was a skirt but it's funny what you notice after the fact.

    The new business should be good for them. Belinda was even ready to start up another one since she rolled the want to buy a community lot. I'm going to have her sell both pre-made buyable food and freshly made food. I would like to find more buyable foods but so far there are about 4 or 5 different pre-made things.

    Yea, when I teleported Davina over, she still had no specific wants for a major. And she may not give me any clues since she's Family. Her wants usually revolve around Joel or her family. So either the game or I will have to decide :).

    As for her hair, according to the tooltip, it's the original Rose Sims hair color. The site is being weird for me so I can't double check but I'm pretty sure it's the original (which is even surprising to me since I hardly use Rose's colors).

    No worries about the double post. I did it to you! LOL :)

  5. If this is for takeout, maybe you could call it "In and Out"?

    As far as Davina's major choice, maybe you can use Apple Valley's system for career choices, based on personality, OTHs, interests, etc. Whatever career choice is determined, you can choose the appropriate major. The direct link is here:

    Enjoy! It's extremely helpful.

  6. LaurelCrossing, thanks for reading and for the name suggestion! I like the name "In and Out" and will save it to my notes.

    Thanks for the link to the Apple Valley's system. I have that saved and the other one she links to where you plug in the data about your sim. I just used that one,
    but since Davina's personality is kind of middle of the road, her results were kind of all over the map. It pretty much listed that she'd be good at all careers, which she probably would. I'll check out AV's system again, though. Or maybe I'll look into one of my custom careers, like a nursing.

  7. I really like Belinda's expression in your extra, it is such a typical mother face, bless her little sim heart. George and Belinda are a super cute couple, they look like they are doing well as empty nesters and enjoying their time together. I really liked the photos of them at the park.

    George's expression towards Davina at the dinner table is perfect! I can see why he wouldn't be jumping for joy now that his daughter is planning to live with her boyfriend! Hopefully there is no reason for his concern though.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the business, I really like the take out food idea!

  8. Thanks for reading, Maisie! I'm glad you enjoyed the "mom face" pic as much as I did lol. Belinda's too cute.

    George and Belinda are so sweet together. If they're not woohooing every idle second, they're serenading each other or kissing/hugging.

    Hopefully George won't have anything to worry about with Davina and Joel living together. Joel may be a good influence on Davina, though. He's Knowledge and is all about studying and I hope that will rub off on her. She's a Family sim and when I teleported her in, she had absolutely no college related wants whatsoever. With the new harder grades hack I added in for college students, she might be in for a little surprise grade-wise.

    I'm planning to put Belinda and George at the beginning of next round, around January/February. So you have about 7 sim months to see their new business! I hope it works out well.

  9. I understand that you were dreading to play this family! I have the same with the empty nesters I have in my hood (only one family at the moment :)) but they were ok to play this round too :)
    I'm glad you had fun with them :)

    I'm excited to see this new business!

    Davina still has plenty of time to deside her major, I just hope she makes up her mind before it's too late.

  10. Thanks for your comment, Tanja! I'm glad others share in the dread of playing empty nesters sometimes. I'm glad yours weren't bad for you either :). I just can't wait until they have grandbabies because that will make their play sessions interesting.

    I'm excited that everyone's so excited to see the business! LOL I better go back in my game and make sure it looks GOOD! I actually have to make time to PLAY so we'll finally get to next sim-year.

    And I'm sure Davina will be happy with whatever major she ends up with (she better!) ;)


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