Monday, January 3, 2011


Round 4: May 2011 (Spring)

(Kyle Bryant is 19)

Last year, Kyle and I talked about moving in together and he finally did at the end of last month. He's still unpacking and it feels like I have to climb over boxes to get to everything.

I never noticed before but he's a little on the sloppy side. I'm not a neat freak but I try to keep things clean and tidy while he usually piles clothes next to the dresser instead of inside of it.

We’ve also disagreed on the decor a little bit. He's used to his bachelor pad and wants to put up the same kinds of posters he had in his old place. I've been letting him put a few items up but the calendar and a few other things had to go.

Moving in together has helped us save a lot of money, though. He's currently working at a record store until he can enroll in the business program at the college. And I've been busy selling my paintings online. I also still work with my mom at her boutique in the evenings. So the money has been trickling in.

Kyle must feel pretty comfortable with our financial situation because he's been buying me a lot of gifts and other odds and ends for the apartment lately. Nothing expensive, just jewelry, art supplies or CDs, but I wish he wouldn't do it so often. We can't live in this tiny apartment forever and I would like to open up my own art gallery one day. We also have to come up with the money for his classes.

But it is nice having him around all the time now. Whenever we get the urge, we can just drop everything, rip our clothes off and make love wherever, whenever.

A few weeks ago, I had to take some days off of work because I was so sick to my stomach. I was a little worried because I never get sick and the nausea would come on so sudden.

It turns out that I'm pregnant! I'm on birth control but I know it's not 100%. I guess that’s the price we paid for being spontaneous.

Kyle and I are excited but this was totally unexpected. We both wanted to have kids one day but we weren't ready yet. We’re not where we want to be financially or in our careers, but I guess we'll have to get ready now.

It is a happy time, though. We really want to share the great news with our family and friends but it’s way too early. It's really killing us because we know they'll be just as excited.

So far, pregnancy hasn't been treating me well. I throw up in the morning, I throw up before I eat, I throw up after I eat and I throw up before bed. The toilet and I are best friends now.

I'm also always hungry. I was never a midnight-snacker but now I wake up nearly every night and raid the fridge.

Kyle has really stepped up and helps out a lot more around the apartment now. Most days I can't do much of anything because of the nausea or being tired, so he takes care of the cleaning and prepares a few meals for me so I don't have to cook.

He's really been taking care of me. I don't know what I'd do if he wasn't here with me.

I really didn't see myself becoming a mother at age 20, but I'm getting used to the idea now. I don't really have much of a choice. But Kyle's an amazing guy and he's definitely the one I would have wanted to be the father of my children anyway.

Poor Camille is desperate for some love. She better hope Ryan doesn’t tell Keisha that she was flirting with him or their friendship will be in major trouble. But I'm very proud that Ryan kept pushing her away. She tried at least 5 different flirt/kiss interactions with him before I had to grab her and move her away from him. I'm going to have to add a bunch of sims to her ACR Friend Zone before she causes some serious damage.

Creepy glitch:
I was taking a pic of Alicia and I spin the camera around and see this. Freaked me out a little... still does.

-Yay! Failed birth control! The game finally got the hint that I wanted babies. I was starting to think that I made way too many neat sims and there’d be a slim chance of having an accidental baby. I'm so glad that it was these 2 to get knocked up. They’re so adorable. Alicia’s due February 2012.
-But seriously, these 2 woohooed non-stop! I would have been surprised if Alicia didn't get pregnant after all that action.
-In the middle of the play session, I noticed that these 2 have over $20,000 in their household funds (and I have the no 20k handouts hack) which is a lot for them. I think Alicia’s parents might have slipped her a few thousand because I don't remember her having that much. And I know for sure that Kyle didn’t. It's good because it will surely help when they start searching for a new place to live. I think I have the perfect apartment for them.
-I don’t think Kyle’s going anywhere anytime soon so he has been officially made a playable sim. He now has his own profile in the Index.


  1. Yay a baby. Sometimes it seems like my sims get random amounts of money added to thier funds as well. Maybe it's a simolean fairy :)

  2. Thanks for reading, Starr. Yea I'm glad my husband wasn't home when I heard the baby chimes because I think I was a little too giddy lol. I'm very curious to see what their child will look like. And I like the idea of a simolean fairy. Sims are so lucky.

  3. I'm trying to STOP my sims from having babies lol. I have had so many births this round! Alicia and Kyle are so cute and I'm sure their baby will be gorgeous :)

  4. Thanks for reading, Mizzgin. LOL It seems like everyone is having a baby boom in their hoods. So hopefully reading all of your blogs has rubbed off on my hood. You can ship some of your babies over to me if you want :). I have a few opportunities to have some more oops babies before the end of the round, so we'll see.

    I'm really curious to see how Alicia and Kyle's genes will mix. I hope they're gorgeous too but I'll like them even if they're not... maybe ;).

  5. I hope Alicia's parents will be as happy as she thinks they will be! I'm happy though - this will be your first baby since you started blogging, right? It begins, lol!

    It sounds like they've got a decent financial standing now, at least. That can only help, once the baby comes along!

    Was this failed ACR birth control or InTeen BC? I find I don't get nearly as many failures with ACR BC (I think Charlie and Camilla have been my only failures so far), so I was curious.

  6. Carla, I think Alicia's parents will be happy for them, but you never know! Other than not going to college, Alicia's been very good, and her parents weren't big sticklers for her going to college anyway. Alicia's grandmother, Edna, has been keen on another grandchild but I bet she wouldn't mind a great-grandchild! And yes, this will be my first baby since blogging :).

    Yea that 20k is going to be a blessing for them. I'm planning on keeping them in Summit Heights because they seem more like city sims and I'm almost positive that I'm going to move them into Starr's newest brownstones. The rent will be cheap so they'll be able to afford everything they need for the baby.

    And yes, it was failed ACR BC. I actually don't even know where to set it with InTeen. I just spawned the ACR adjuster and turned BC on for her. Kyle only has 4 neat points so he wasn't on it.


  7. ROFL I love that glitch. I have to pause and laugh every time I see it.

    An oops baby! YAY! I was starting to think mine and Carla's games were the only ones that has it out for us. LOL I've had a few this round, just haven't posted them yet.

    I can't wait to see this baby, I think he/she is going to be super pretty. I mean, look at their parents!

  8. Oh, the InTeen birth control is on the sim's pie menu. Just click on the sim until you see InTeen, that's it, spawn the clock, then click on the clock, you'll see the option to start the BC. Once started click "put away" and you'll find it in their inventory.

  9. Thanks for reading and commenting, GB! LOL my sims have the backwards head every once in a while but I'm never quick enough to grab a shot. It caught me off guard because I didn't think I'd see that when I spun the camera around.

    Ha, I was starting to think I had the only fool proof ACR birth control out there. But it was a welcomed surprise. I was looking at the rest of the households I have to play this round and I'm half hoping ACR birth control fails again ;). We'll see!

    I can't wait to see how this baby looks either. The combination of their features should hopefully make a beautiful boy or girl. Neither of them have any "quirky" features, except maybe Kyle's big lips. But I like big lips.

    And thanks for letting me know where the InTeen birth control is. Now I remember seeing that when I first tried it out a couple months ago. I might double up ACR and InTeen BC for the few super neat-freak sims I have (with 9+ neat points) until they're ready for kids.

  10. Woohoow, finally a baby! I don't I've known anyone this happy for failed birth control! Lol!
    I'm happy they are going to have a baby! They are both pretty sims, so I'm sure their baby will be as cute!
    I can't wait for the little one to arrive!

    I have some WCIF's... I would love to know where you got the sofa and the books on the sofa, records on the wall.
    Thank you!

  11. Thanks Tanja! LOL I was a little too excited huh? But I'm anxious to start blogging about her pregnancy and seeing the baby grow up, etc. Like I said before, it's been a while since I had a baby in the hood and this will be the first one I'm blogging about. Angel Rodriguez was my first toddler but Alicia and Kyle are the first expecting couple since I started.

    WCIFs coming up:
    The sofa is from SIMcredible - It's hard to link there because of how the site is set up but it is the Bescher Living Room, Page 2.
    The records on the wall are by Exnem and you can get them in the Booty
    The books on the sofa look like they're the ones from LivingSims I already packed up the stuff in their apartment preparing for their move so I'm not positive. But that looks like them.


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