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Round 3: August 2010 (Summer)
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(Kyle Bryant is 18)
Narrated by Alicia

Shortly after I found out that I wasn't accepted to UCC at the beginning of the year, I started looking for my own place. I love my family but there are just way too many of them in that house and I wanted to be out on my own. It didn't take me long to find a place I could afford and I was out of there.

When Camille said she couldn't afford the rent, I decided not to find another roommate and just turned what would have been her room into my art room and office. I'm actually thankful that she didn't move in now because I have no idea where I would've put all this stuff.

The apartment is seriously tiny. I don't even have enough space for a little dining table. But I guess it's ok since it's just me.

I wish I would have brushed up on my cooking skills before leaving home, though. Mom and dad are great cooks but I end up with a lot of burned pancakes and spaghetti.

I would say living alone is great but I'm hardly ever alone. My friends are always dropping by eating up my food and watching TV.

And I've also been spending a lot of time with my boyfriend, Kyle. I had the biggest crush on him in high school but never acted on it. But he asked me out to dinner one night earlier this year and we’ve been together ever since.

We've been together about 7 months now and we have the best time together. We don't have a lot of money to go out a lot but we love our home dates. Nothing says "I love you" more than a good grilled cheese sandwich.

We do try to go out at least a couple times a month and usually end up at the sports bar or at the club.

But after a while, we can't seem to keep our hands off each other and just end up heading right back to my place.

We're serious but not really... you know? Or so I thought. Kyle started talking about marriage one day and it really caught me off guard.

I love him and think he's amazing but marriage hasn't even crossed my mind yet. I mean I wouldn't mind getting married to him, but we're only 18.

I didn't do a great job at hiding my fear but this conversation just came out of nowhere.

I told him that we need to take it slow. We're both young and I'm not ready to take such a huge step, yet.

I could tell he was disappointed but he took it well. I think. He didn't stay very long after that.

I was so worried about it that I called the girls over to talk. They weren't much help though. Keisha was way too excited. She can't wait to get married and start a family. Camille didn't add much. Marriage is the last thing on her mind too. Or maybe marrying Franky is the last thing on her mind.

They're still together but she hasn't stopped talking about the new guy in my building. She ran into him while she was heading home a few weeks ago and they hit it off, kind of.

He asked for her number after they talked for a little while, and she gave it to him.

But she quickly thought she made a mistake. He started laying it on pretty thick and wouldn't let up.

She ended up telling him off because he wouldn't stop with the sexual suggestions. Camille's not the type to just jump into bed with some random guy.

She said she could tell he wasn't used to girls turning down his advances. He was truly shocked but he did apologize.

By the time her cab arrived, he somehow charmed her into forgetting about his earlier shadiness. She was down there laughing and giggling like nothing ever happened. You can just sense the sexual tension between them and I hope she doesn't do something she'll regret. I just don't trust him.

Just a pic I took of Alicia and Kyle to put by her bed. He's a sim I downloaded from Sims2Luxe and threw into the townie pool. The site is now caput, but you can probably find him in the booty or the graveyard. I'm pretty sure I didn't change his name. You can also get Franky from there, too.

Alicia's neighbors really need to learn their boundaries. They just barged into her apartment, took off their clothes and were about to do it on her couch. Um... eww.. Get the hell out! And yea, that's the same guy Camille was talking to. He and that girl there, Gina, are both romance sims so they hit it off instantly. But he and Camille have higher chemistry and I wanted him to get with Camille, not the slutty neighbor lol. So if Camille starts rolling wants for him, I may just chalk this up as a fling. He's a new townie so he needs some experience... just not on Alicia's couch!

-About half way into the play session, I started to play around with heights a little but I haven't made it permanent in SimPe yet. I made Alicia 5'8, Kyle is 6'1 and Camille is 5'5 according to Laura's chart @ Lakeside Heights. I'm liking it so far and will most likely make it permanent. I just want to read up on some things and actually remember to do it in SimPe before I load up the game.
-Alicia lives in the same building as Camille's boyfriend, Franky. This was supposed to be convenient for them when she moved in with Alicia but her moving in didn't work out.
-Alicia's a popularity sim so getting engaged/married hasn't popped up as one of her wants, but it’s not a fear either. Kyle is fortune and he currently has the want to get engaged to her locked and marriage did happen to come up in their conversation.
-I just realized that Alicia, Camille and Keisha are all best friends with each other and none of them went to college. At least they have each other to hang out with without feeling "left behind" by their college friends. Although Alicia is a little ahead of them since she was able to move out on her own.
-I can't remember where I got that townie guy that was flirting with Camille (his name is Dale) but I think he's hot for a sim. Too bad he came on so strong with Camille, but she showed that she can take care of herself. I was hoping he wouldn't be a creep, though, because I wanted one of my sims to make beautiful babies with him. :-P


  1. Townie creep is definitely hot :). Popularity sims take FOREVER to roll engagement wants! I guess they're too busy making friends to concentrate on getting married lol. But Alicia is right, she and Kyle are too young to rush into marriage. Kyle is pretty cute too though so I hope Alicia is ready to marry him one day :), they'd make beautiful babies!

  2. Her place looks great and Kyle is quite tasty as well. I love his facial hair. Eww, that's strange with Camille. I think I would have slapped him and kept walking.

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

    Mizzgin, yea I remember reading about popularity sims and their rare wants for engagement/marriage. These 2 pretty sweet with each other (and woo like rabbits lol) so even if they don't get married, I think they'll be together for a while. And I can't wait to see their babies, either. :) She's lucky she's slightly neat or they'd most likely be heading to parenthood right now.

    Apple Valley, yea I would eat Kyle up if I were a sim lol. Alicia would have to watch her back! And yea I'm so pissed that hottie townie guy was such a creep. I would have hit him too. Now I have to find someone less creepy for Camille. Damn romance sims ruining my plans!

  4. LOL @ your slutty townies!

    Kyle is HOT! That's an adorable photo of him and Alicia. I hope he wasn't too sore about Alicia shooting down the marriage topic. They're definitely too young.

    I also wanted to say that Alicia's apartment is so cute. I love the picture of all her friends hanging out. My friends and I used to did that when the first of us moved out on their own, though we were all in our early 20s by then.

  5. Hey Carla! Yea I hope Kyle isn't too bothered by Alicia shutting him down. I definitely want him to become a playable one day :).

    Thanks for the compliment on her apartment. It took me a while to pick the perfect furniture to spruce the place up a bit. I was going to go the cheap route but it was so drab and boring and it didn't really fit her style, anyway.

    And it was fun having all her friends over there. Just wish she had more space for them to hang out. But they didn't seem to mind lol. That's how it was at my first apartment. We actually had to hang out in my bedroom because it was much longer and wider than the living room, believe it or not!

  6. Kyle is quite handsome, I hope that things work out with Alicia and they can make cute babies, years from now. Until then, they are a super cute couple, I love how they cna't keep their hands off each other.

    And Ew on the neighbor trying to get it on in Alicia's apartment, that's pretty uncool. I wonder how it will work out with Camille, funny how he weaseled his way back into fondness with her before her taxi arrived. That's some whiplash emotions there.

    Alicia's apartment is great, I also liked the photo of all her friends hanging out watching tv. That's what it's about at 18.

  7. Thanks Maisie! Yea I can't wait for cute babies either but they better not move too fast. Alicia doesn't seem ready for any of that right now, which is fine since she's so young. But I really can't wait for this group to start having babies. I'm ready for the next generation :)

    Yea it was so unexpected to see her neighbors walk into her apartment and just strip down like that. Alicia was in the other room painting and it seemed like forever to get her to stop what she was doing so she could kick them out. And it was funny how the guy started to hug and touch Camille all inappropiately and when she pushed him away for the 3rd time, I think, he started to tell jokes. He was probably thinking "ooh, she's not like the slutty neighbor... maybe I need to make her laugh to get in her pants." LOL Men!

    And thanks to you too for the compliments on her apartment and the pic of all her friends.

  8. Alicia and Kyle are cute couple, and even though I think I would most likely be a familysim, I agree with Alicia, that it's a little bit too soon, to be thinking about marriage.

    It's nice to see those 3 friends together, even though they weren't much of a help to Alicia.

    Ew, on Alicia's neightbors!!! Get a room! Dispite that, the apartment looks pretty good!

  9. Thanks for commenting, Tanja! Glad that everyone likes Alicia and Kyle as a couple. She was actually a late bloomer in love compared to what her little brother Darren has been up to. She had a crush on Kyle when they were teens but he didn't come around much. And they actually had their first kiss together as adults while I wasn't even playing them (I was playing Camille at Franky's house at the time and heard the music).

    Yea I'm trying to pay closer attention to my sims' really close friends and making sure they actually spend some time together on screen, if it makes sense that they'd be friends. I used to completely ignore my sims friends until they started whining that they were being neglected.

    LOL, glad you liked her apartment. I guess her neighbors really liked it too :)

  10. Kyle is GORGEOUS!! They really are such a cute couple!

    The neighbors "using" your couch is really, really icky!

  11. Thanks for reading and commenting! I see we have another fan of Kyle LOL. I just recently realized that he was in one of the past Stevens updates but he doesn't look nearly as good as he does now (and he's much better dressed now LOL). He's in the entry titled Okay about halfway down with the awful combo of red vest and baggy pants. http://crystalcreeksims.blogspot.com/2010/04/okay.html


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