Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Round 3: July 2010 (Summer)
next update / last update
Carlos (45), Sofia (42), and Angel Rodriguez (5)
Narrated by Sofia

After being laid off from the 1st Street Boutique a couple months ago, I spent a lot of time lying awake in bed contemplating what I was going to do. I definitely couldn't stay unemployed with our money situation and I had no luck finding a job I really wanted.

After mulling it over for a while and talking with Carlos, I decided to open a salon of my own.

I found this great building in Summit Heights that was the perfect size for me to start out.

The previous owner pretty much cleaned it out when they sold the place but they did at least leave 1 chair in for me to start out with.

Since we didn't have enough money to buy the building outright, I applied for a small business loan to get started. It seemed like forever before the bank called to say I was approved, but it was actually only a couple of weeks.

So I've been up and running for a little while now and it's nice to see that some of my regular customers from the boutique followed me to Summit Heights.

But it's always great to see new faces.

Business has been going well. It's definitely not booming, yet, but it's busy to the point where some customers have to wait in the waiting area for me to finish with another client.

And I'm not at the point where I can buy a second chair to hire another stylist, but I'll get there in time. I do wish I had some company during the slower times, though.

I had one mishap since being open. The poor girl's hair didn't take well to the perm I put in and when I went to wash it out, her hair came out with it.

I was so embarrassed and mortified. I tried to make it up to her but she stormed out of the salon so quickly. I honestly don't blame her, though, but I still feel awful about it. I hope she doesn't tell too many people about the mishap.

On a lighter note, Angel is only in kindergarten but he's already starting to take after Joel by showing the same enthusiasm about school. He's always talking about what he did in school each day and he never complains about doing his homework.

And he's been bitten by the science bug. He's constantly going outside to look through the telescope at night trying to discover new planets and constellations. I don't even think he knows what he's looking for, but he'll be out there for hours if we let him.

We don't know where he gets his love for science but we're definitely encouraging it. We bought him an ant farm to play around with and he absolutely loves it. He checks on his ants every morning when he wakes up and every night before he goes to bed.

The only concern we have with him is his shyness. He doesn't seem to be making any friends at school. He never talks about anyone in particular and doesn't bring other kids home with him. And when he gets home, he seems content playing with his blocks or his video games alone.

The only person he even cares to talk to is Joel and he's always asking to talk to him on the phone. We sometimes have to tell him that Joel is busy preparing for his classes and he can't be interrupted so much. Angel really misses him.

We've been trying to break him of it with trips to the park on weekends in hopes of meeting the neighborhood kids.

It was slow going at first but he seems to be taking a liking to Brian Robinson and An Hu. They're a couple years older than Angel but I'm glad they played with him. Hopefully they'll also talk to him in school.

Carlos tried to get me into fishing during our trips to the park and I just can't get the hang of it. I've managed to catch a couple of fish but it's been a pain getting to that point.

Carlos, on the other hand, seems to have much better luck. I'm determined to get better at it, though. Once I try a new hobby, I kind of get obsessed and want to master it.

Joel stopped by last week and I didn't realize just how much I missed him until I saw him.

Angel hogged most of Joel's attention but we got to talk to him a little bit during dinner.

He seems really happy. He's extremely excited to start classes in a few weeks and he and Davina are still going strong.

I think he misses being home though. We didn't even ask and he started cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floors.

He even made sure Angel went to bed on time and tucked him in before he left. He's going to be great with his kids whenever he has them.

When I rolled the ROS to lay off Sofia, I first thought I'd have her buy a salon. Then I remembered she's a fitness sim and thought I'd have her open a fitness center, just to try something different. Here's the lot I had her buy first (which, funnily enough, was a salon before I made it over).

I didn't want to put gym equipment in because I pictured her holding yoga classes (and tai chi if she ever learns it). Well, little did I know that sims don't join in when someone is doing yoga on business lot, even when you ask them to join (I'm not sure if they do on regular community lots). The customers just stood or sat around doing nothing or looking at the posters on the wall (that's her husband Carlos doing yoga with her). So it was a cool idea in theory but I couldn't execute it. So I went back to her owning a salon.

-It seems like everytime I want to sit down to play, something goes wrong, whether it is real life or my game acting weird. This time it was my game. I had some corrupt file in my downloads that would crash the game whenever I sent a sim to a community lot. But it was like the corrupt file happened overnight because just the day before the crashing, I sent Sofia to her salon with no problems. After weeding through my files for 2 days, I finally got rid of whatever it was that was messing up my game.
-Why is it that kids can play on the playground together but they don't socialize/gain relationship? I sent Angel to the park in hopes that playing on the playground would help him meet the other kids in town but nope. They played together for awhile and he still hadn't even "met" them. So I had to have him greet them and sent them to play tag. Other oversight by EA. What kids don't talk or laugh while they're playing together on the playground?
-The poor bald girl in Sofia's salon is Jessica Whitmoore, a townie girl I made but also the girl Darren Stevens tried (and failed) hitting on during the winter. I made her over to have this long pretty hair and now its gone LOL.
-Special guest appearances from Carla (Sullivan Sims) and Laura's (Lakeside Heights) sims Jaya (red dress) and Anjali (blue stripped dress) in the salon. Those are the only 2 sims from the N99 project that I've had a chance to put in the game. But they look great and can't wait to see them hanging out in Summit Heights (I made them downtownies).
-Sofia's salon is called Nu Du in case you're wondering :). I didn't build it but I did redecorate it. I think the furnishings were all white and it was just too much white for me.


  1. I'm glad Sofia was able to open up her own salon. I think that whole greet thing is silly. I've been in line at the grocery store many times and struck up a conversation with someone in line too. We've never shook hands and formally introduced each other lol...but I guess they couldn't think of everything :/.....The yoga idea would have been great, I've never tried to have them do it on a community lot. Laura at Lakeside Heights has something like that going with Corbin, but I don't know how she works it.

  2. Thanks for reading :)

    I completely agree with your grocery line example. I was so disappointed when I realized they didn't socialize. Even more reason to start up my schools.

    I'll have to check out Lakeside Heights to see if I can find out any information. Luckily the lot was small and I didn't do too much decorating to keep it cheap. But I thought it was cute and was looking forward to seeing all the sims falling on their faces trying to get into the yoga positions LOL.

  3. I have never been able to run a gym successfully. Technically, Caterina owns one but it is so boring to play. No one ever buys massages, the only Sims who use the equipment autonomously are the employees. It was pretty much a big fail. I love salons though, so I'm glad Sofia got to open one. The place looks amazing!

    Joel's so cute. It was sweet of him to come home and visit his family and hang out with his little brother. I hope Angel makes some friends his own age though - it's hard for the shy ones!

    And yay, Jaya! I didn't recognise her! LOL. Anjali actually made a cameo in today's Sullivan update too, at Lake's pottery store!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Carla. I remember reading about your hard time with the gym and that was one of the reasons I didn't want to add the equipment. I probably would have had to make each sim selectable for a second to get them to join yoga and I didn't want to have to do all that. The salon is fun, though, and I like that I can makeover a bunch of the townies I haven't had a chance to makeover yet (like that elder guy in the blue sweater-vest that was in the health center pic).

    The whole play session, Angel had the want to either talk or play with Joel so I had to make him stop by. They are so sweet together. Only 1 more update until I play the college kids again. It feels like ages and I have a lot more overhauling to do.

    LOL @ not recognizing Jaya. When I started going through the pics, I thought I should've taken a profile shot because you would've recognized her nose. If I had the same hairstyle you gave her, it would've been more obvious but I don't have it.

  5. One of my sims opened a gym, and all the customers only ever go to the treadmill. It brings in some money, so I haven't really been looking for a solution to solve this.

    I'm glad Sofia found a 'new' direction in life, and the salon looks great!

    I hope Angel makes friends soon, because he can't rely on his brother all the time, even with a sweet brother like Joel, who comes by and spends almost all of his time with his little brother!

    You're absolutely right about the whole greet thing, but well it's EA and we just have to play along I guess ...

  6. Thanks, Tanja. Yea I considered finding a bigger place for Sofia to buy so I could put a couple exercise machines in but I was really happy with the look of the yogo area. The salon worked out better at least.

    I also had plans on making a health club that had the workout machines and then a restaurant that only served heathly food. So I'll just do that instead and make some townie own it so I don't have to run it.

    Glad you like the salon. I can't wait to fill it up with more stuff, though I don't know what else I'm going to put in it. I was going to sell some perfume or something but I'm going to run into the same problem as I did with the boutique she worked at. Everyone would run to buy stuff instead of getting a makeover.

  7. Aha! I thought I recognized some of the simmies. I like the salon, that sucks with the fitness center. When I play my owned fitness center, I make the sims selectable and force them to do yoga.

  8. Joel and Angel are super sweet, that hug was just about enough to melt me. Joel looks great, love his clothes. He looks like he's doing well.

    The salon looks amazing, and lol poor bald girl! Their family photo is adorable, I like the pose you used for Carlos and Sofia. That's great that Angel is making progress towards friends, and Sofia is so funny trying to catch a fish, she looks like a little kid sitting on the ground.

  9. Thanks for reading and for the comments! :)

    Apple Valley, yes I wanted to put in more of the sims from N99 but my game started doing the weird crash thing and I had to remove some stuff. I think some of the other sims were casualties lol. But they'll start appearing in other places. I was going to make the customers selective to get them to join but I think I was more disappointed that it wasn't going to work on its own to even do that.

    Maisie, I'm really loving Angel and Joel together. Joel's been like that with Angel ever since he was born and did it autonomously too! I'm glad you like the family photo, too. I think Sofia and Carlos are adorable. And yea, I laughed out loud when I caught Sofia like that while fishing. She looks so defeated!

  10. I know you alreayd had her open another business, but look what I found:
    I was looking those Yoga-rugs you have in the pictures, and now I realize they just are floorcovering, when I found that other post, maybe you can use it for someone else!

  11. Thanks for the link, Tanja. I actually have those in my game and tried them for like a second. When I had her do yoga, I didn't see her gaining skill points so I thought that it wasn't doing anything. But I just read the description again and it looks like they only gain fitness, which is what I really wanted. So I'll try them again later on down the line. Thanks again :)

  12. Angel is so cute.... I am sure that is what younger brothers are like when their big brother leaves the house. They miss them.

    I haven't had a chance to play or use the playground equipment yet but Maxis seemed to get lazy as with the expansion packs.

  13. Thanks Oasisvalley! I feel bad for the "oops" babies in my game because their older siblings are so much older than they are. An Hu is probably the luckiest because she's only 7 years younger than the next oldest child, Xia. Angel is 13 years younger than Joel, the biggest age gap.

    And yes, Maxis was definitely lazy by the time they got to Freetime. But by then, I think EA had completely taken over, which explains the laziness even more.


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