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Round 3: June 2010 (Summer)
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Trent (45), Isabella (44), Camille (18) and Alyssa Thomas (10)
Narrated by Trent

Isabella and I were a little disappointed that Camille decided not to go to college but we had a feeling she wouldn't. She's always been good at school but it was never very important to her.

She wanted to move out as soon as she turned 18 but she had no money to. I think she blew all her babysitting money on clothes and shoes and now she can't even afford an apartment on even the bad side of town. So she'll be living with us for a while.

She’s been trying to find a decent job but she has no idea what she wants to do. The only thing she found that she was qualified for was a position as a golf caddy. She isn’t thrilled, especially with the hours, but at least she’s getting paid.

She lives with us but we hardly see her because she's constantly hanging out with that boyfriend of hers, Franky.

When they started dating, I didn't think they'd last and I don't think she did either. But he might be growing on her now. Or she's just keeping him around so she won't be lonely. I hope she wouldn't do that, though.

I can't tell how much she likes him but they're always going out to the different hangouts in Summit Heights.

And then she usually ends up staying over at his place, which I don't like at all. He lives in that bad part of town I mentioned and I hope he's keeping her safe.

Camille did manage to come home a few times this month to go out with us as a family. One weekend it was so hot that we decided to go to the aquatic park. Camille was happy to join us but she called Franky to meet us there, too. They basically did their own thing while Isabella, Alyssa and I swam.

I think the park is Alyssa's new favorite place. She's been asking to go back everyday since we went.

Speaking of Alyssa, I think she may have an anger problem. She craves attention and when she doesn’t get it, she acts like a total brat.

She even takes it out on her toys and she’s destroyed so many of them.

We're trying to encourage her to be nicer and teaching her how to control her temper but it's going to take a lot of work and time.

As for me, I've been working at the Tasty Treat bakery for about 5 years now as a waiter and I’m really getting bored with it.

I don't mind being a waiter but I would rather be in the kitchen. It's more money, more responsibility and I'm good at it.

I've talked to my boss, Will, dozens of times asking him to let me cook just one day and he'll see that I'm good. But so far, no luck. He did give me a raise, which my family really needs, but I'm getting too old to just settle for being a waiter.

There are cooking contests every Sunday in town and I decided to enter one this month. I figured that if I won, it'd prove to Will that I could cook and he could trust me in his bakery. I'd been practicing several dishes I learned from the cooking channel and decided to make a grilled filet mignon with rosemary sauce dish as my entry.

When I came out with my dish and saw Will standing there with one of his signature cakes, I was really worried, and so were the other contestants. Will didn't look phased at all.

But I won! I hope it's not beginners luck but I'm very proud of myself, as is my family. But I was disappointed that Will didn't stick around until the end of the contest. Maybe he didn't want to face losing. Either way, I hope he recognizes my skills now. He's opening up a new bakery that just sells prepared cakes, pies and other desserts and I hope he'll ask me to be the head baker there when it opens.

I like Franky a little more now that he’s an adult and I gave him a different look. He has the want to get fit so he’ll look even better without the big gut.

-I'm back! I haven't played the sims in like a week and a half and I missed it. But I'm hoping that'll be the last break I need to take for at least a little while. Thanks for being patient while I get my life in order ;).
-That's Paul Reid entering the food contest which I think is quite funny since he only has, I think, 2 cooking points. Will’s daughter, Keisha, entered the contest with a cake too which I thought was cool since Will owns a bakery. For some reason, Will left the lot before the contest was even over.
-The trip to the aquatic park was a DISASTER. I had the most horrible lag the entire time there, which I normally don't have, and I had major bubble butt syndrome. The last time I used this lot, only a couple of sims had bubble butt, but this time almost everyone did and it was seriously screwing up every photo I wanted to take (and probably the reason it was so laggy). I had to keep moving sims around or just deleting them off the lot altogether. I even had to delete Trent and bring him back. I think I figured out what's causing the problem though. All the sims who jumped off the diving board ended up with bubble butt. So I'm going to try replacing the diving boards to see if that'll help. If not, I'll just remove them. They can use the slides and the ladders to get in.
-And while I'm talking about the aquatic park, Camille and Franky were driving me insane. I had to keep canceling out the woohoo in hot tub interaction. You're at a park with your parents, little sister and other little kids walking around. No, you cannot have sex in the hot tub! Gotta love/hate ACR :).
-Last time I played this family, Camille had no wants for Franky and I was thinking of breaking them up. Now that's she's an adult, she still has no wants for him and I'm still thinking of breaking them up lol. But I feel kind of bad now because Franky is so in love with her and actually wants to marry her (he has both the get engaged to and marry Camille wants). But she rolls absolutely no wants for him at. all. And when they're on dates, her wants for him are never romantic. But as of now, there's no one out there for her, so she (and I) may just have to settle with Franky for now.
-Oh and Camille really didn't have any money to move out. I have the No 20k Handout mod and she had I think $400 LOL! I was going to move her and Alicia Stevens in together but I don't think Alicia would start a living arrangement with someone who came in with nothing, even if they are best friends. Alicia didn't have much money either but since her mom owns the boutique, they were able to give her some starting out money. Camille's parents don’t have any money to do that (they have about $3,000 in household funds).


  1. I love your aquatic parc, it looks so good on the pictures! Did you build it yourself or downloaded it?
    Their trip to the aquatic parc looks like a lot of fun, just a normal hot day in the water, I didn't notice anything from the disaster you describe!
    I think you're right about Franky, he will look a lot beter when he lost some weight. It will break his heart when Camille breaks up with him, but if she doesn't feel the same way about him, it's only for the best.
    Speaking of Camille, if she wants her LTW to come true, she sure has to save up a lot, and work really hard!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Tanja! The aquatic park is actually the big swimming pool lot that came with Strangetown! I just updated it... a lot... I made the little store that was there better, added one of the BV food stands, added a sauna and a couple hot tubs and it was so much better. Here's an overview of it

    It took a lot of effort to hide the disaster I was talking about so I'm glad it didn't show lol. It's so hard to delete/move things when the game is so laggy.

    And yes, Franky's heart will definitely be broken whenever Camille finds someone she's REALLY into. Hopefully she'll find that guy sooner rather than later for Franky's sake. And yes, Camille has A LOT of work to do before she can even come near achieving her LTW. So far, she seems pretty unmotivated but she is only 18. And she's not particularly good at anything so she's not helping me help her lol. Hopefully she can save her money this time and work towards starting a business or 2.

  3. The aquatic park looks great, and I love the bakery too! Too bad Trent isn't getting a break in the kitchen, after all his years of loyalty, and then beating his own boss at the cook-off, I'd hope he'd be given at least one day to cook. What harm could come from that?

    Alyssa looks like a handful, look at all those tantrums! I hope Camille is keeping herself safe while fooling around with Franky, especially if she isn't totally settled on him for "eternity" and so on. Don't you love that some sims just seem to fall for others, while the partner is luke-warm on it? I have this with one particular sim in my hood, I don't know if she'll ever find someone.

  4. Franky is cute! It's a shame Camille doesn't seem so keen on him! I guess it's convenient for her that he has his own place, so she can hide out there when she's feeling a bit suffocated at home.

    How weird about the diving board! Was it a custom one or the regular Maxis board?

    I'm always a bit torn on having my playables work at my owned businesses. It's realistic but the pay sometimes seems so piddly and not all of my business owners can afford to pay them much more. Maybe if Trent keeps winning the cooking contests, he'll be able to open his own business!

  5. Thanks for reading, ladies!

    Maisie, thanks for the compliment on my lots! Both were prebuilt (one Maxis, one from TSR) but both were re-decorated by me. I don’t play Trent’s boss’s household for a few sim months so I have some time to figure out what to do with this situation. Trent is very good in the kitchen, he has 9 cooking points, so I'm sure he could handle the kitchen at the bakery with no problems.

    Alyssa is going to be fun to play when she becomes a teen. She's ok with her family most times but she doesn't treat her toys with the same respect LOL. And yes, I was hoping that Camille would start to like Franky a little more now that she's an adult and they hang out more often (and he’s cuter), but no such luck for Franky. It sounds like she might be just like your sim though, who knows who she'll *really* fall for, if anyone at all. I wonder if she’ll want to get back with him after I break them up lol.

    Carla, thanks, I think Franky is kind of cute too now that I found a hairstyle that really suits him. You know how it is when you find that perfect hairstyle for a sim and it makes them more appealing (I remember talking about that on your blog a while ago... wasn't it Caleb?)

    Yea the diving board thing has me really confused because it is a Maxis one. But now that I think about it, I know that the ladders have been overwritten by the Wood for Sims ladders, so maybe the WFS diving board is doing something weird to the Maxis one. I'll have to remove that stuff and see if that helps.

    And yea, I agree with you about the playables working in owned businesses. It's ok for now since I wanted this family to be lower income anyway but in the future, I'll probably just employ townies, playable teens or family members. I was going to put Trent in the culinary career so he'd get the money and the skills to open up his own place but he doesn't have a degree. Maybe I'll have them take out a loan so they can do something to get them out of this rut. So many decisions to make for this family!

  6. "It sounds like she might be just like your sim though, who knows who she'll *really* fall for, if anyone at all. I wonder if she’ll want to get back with him after I break them up lol."

    You know what really worked for me? I let the heartbroken guy get married, and have a son. Then suddenly my sim wanted him back, even though she broke up with him. girls... and that whole "i don't want him, but no one else can have him." mentality.

  7. LOL of course! That's how it always goes. I'll see who else he has chemistry with and then try what you said. I should get that hack that stops sims from kicking over trashcans in case he doesn't take the breakup well ;). Though it would be kind of funny to see.

  8. Poor Franky, he's just a last choice type of boyfriend. Camille and Franky better be careful or they might end up parents.

  9. Thanks for reading and for the comment, Oasisvalley. Yea, that's how Camille sees Franky. She has no other options so instead of being alone, she just keeps him around. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate that if he knew. And Camille's being careful. She's on birth control so hopefully they won't have an oops. But I wouldn't mind. I want some sim babies!


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