Friday, May 14, 2010

Something Fun

Narrated by Camille

We recently moved out of our cramped apartment into a house and we are all loving it. We finally have a yard of own. It's not very large but it's large enough to play catch. I'm not into sports, though. That's more Alyssa's thing.

A new house calls for a new wardrobe! Well, for me at least. I headed over to the 1st Street Boutique one night and tried on pretty much everything they had there.

I ended up with a cute shirt that said "Let's do something fun" because that's kind of my unofficial motto.

Mom broke the TV the first week we were in our new place and dad was not happy about it. We don't know how she did it. Knowing how much of a neat freak she is, she probably tried to spray cleaning stuff INTO the TV.

Dad really didn't want to shell out $200 for a repairman to fix it so he tried to do it himself.

He is kind of handy, but I don’t think he’s ever worked on a TV before. But it only took him an hour and he managed to get it working again! And he didn’t even electrocute himself in the process.

My parents are cool, though. I can tell my mom the dirty jokes I hear at school and she finds them hilarious.

But there must be something in the water here in Crystal Creek. I've heard the girls at school talking about their parents making out in front of them and now mine are doing it.

Alyssa is usually too busy jumping on their beds to witness their PDAs. But me? I just keep eye bleach handy.

Dad works the very early shift at the Tasty Treat Bakery as a server. Mom hates that he works so early because when he gets out of bed to get ready for work (at 3 AM mind you!), he accidentally wakes her up too. She cleans houses for a living and doesn't have to get started until 10.

He loves his job despite the early hours. Who wouldn’t love working with pastries every day?

Alyssa and I get along but we're not really close. I'm trying to change that by playing with her when she gets home from school.


But it’s hard to get along with her when she always cheats when we play chess. I can’t believe I fall for the “hey, what’s that over there” trick as often as I do.

When I was about to turn 17, I asked dad if he could take me car shopping. I was doing well in school and I don’t cause any real trouble, so I thought I deserved one.

He actually pretended that he was sleepy and went upstairs. I can't believe he thinks I'm dumb enough to fall for the "oh look at the time... I'm sleepy." bit.

And when I asked him again a few weeks later, he just shrugged and said he’d think about it.

I need a car!

I invited my boyfriend, Franky, over one day after school for a little mini-date. We hadn't seen each other much since we moved into our new house and I wanted him to check it out.

I like Franky but sometimes I wonder if we're better off as friends. We have chemistry but I don't know.
We don't have much in common and when we kiss, I just don't feel that spark. But I'm afraid if I break up with him, he'll be crushed.

He even sent me a love letter after our date. It was so sweet but it’s making it harder for me to decide if I want to be with him or not.

We finally get the snow Alyssa's been waiting for and they shut down the schools. So what does she do most of the day?

Jump rope in the house. She's lucky mom and dad were at work because she knows she would have been punished for that.

I took our unexpected free day off to catch up on some reading. Mom and dad are such great cooks so I started looking through their cookbooks to see if I could pick up any good tips. Alyssa eventually put away her rope and joined me in the living room to play some video games. So much for my quiet time.

She's easily distracted though and ended up baking on her little oven. She should probably be reading this cookbook instead of me.

I eventually got bored and started raiding the fridge until dad got home to make us real food.

Dad had been really bummed about his weight gain over the year and sometimes I hear him working out a little every morning before work. He wasn't seeing the results fast enough, though.
Since Alyssa had been showing a lot of interest in sports, dad took her to this basketball arena in Summit Heights. I opted not to go because I know I'd be bored to tears. I've never been good at sports and working up a sweat in the upstairs gym is the last thing I want to do.
They said they had a lot of fun and Alyssa said she made a few baskets too. And I noticed dad slimmed down some from it.

That must have been one vigorous game of basketball he and Alyssa played! And they said they even drew quite an audience, too.

Random pics:

I like the cute little faces sims make when they play with the hamsters. I should buy them for my sims sometime.

I think this girl is as cute as a button. She is a sim I downloaded (as an adult and then aged down) and made over. I never thought she was particularly cute, especially with EAxis hair she had before I gave her this cute new 'do. I hope someone becomes friends with her so I can eventually age her up and get to see her more.

-Camille had the constant want to buy a car. I might buy them a junker and have Trent work on it since he’s the only one in the house with mechanical points (only 4). So who knows what it’ll look like when it’s done. But they don’t have much money and I’d rather see them work on a car together than buy them the cheapest car and be done with it.

-Camille has a fear of breaking up with Franky but she rolls absolutely no wants to interact with him at all. It wasn't until I had them do their home date that she did. Even then, they were just "entertain" or "appreciate" Franky. No romantic wants whatsoever. And she still had no wants for him afterwards. She is pleasure and popularity so maybe she's more into the friend thing and having fun right now than a relationship (though she constantly wants to go on dates). I'll wait until I age them up to see if her wants change before I break them up. They were a relationship of convenience anyway. She wanted to go steady, he was one of the few that was single and had 2 bolts chemistry, so I made it happen.

-Speaking of aging up, Camille hasn't rolled the want to go to college at all and doesn't have a LTW that needs college (she's another one who wants to own 5 businesses) so I'm not going to send her. She's one of the few sims who I had no idea what I was going to do with, career-wise, so if she wants to own 5 businesses, I'll start thinking of the kinds of businesses she could own that would fit her personality. She's a Film & Literature sim so I have some ideas to play around with.

-Only one more family to play (the Reids) and I get to start playing with the new aging system. So excited!


  1. I don't know if you've come around to it yet (you should soon, if not) but I had a "couple of convenience", as you say. No romantic wants to interact on her side at all but she kept rolling the want to go on a date, so I kept him around for that! LOL. It'll be interesting to see what ends up happening with Franky and Camille. Maybe they're just not meant to be.

    That's a great shot of Trent throwing the basketball. I love your basketball arena. Is that the one from TSR? I can't remember if you made it over a lot or not but it's awesome.

    Hey and I recognise that pic of Isabella! ;) 3am and I'd be doing a lot more than rubbing my eyes! There'd probably be some sort of punching involved if someone woke me that early!

  2. A teens who want cars. I have a few right now. Some have their license so they can drive, orther will just have to wait. And some parents just can't afford a car for their kids.

    Don't you just hate it when they fear breakign up but they have zero wants for each other, or one has wants bu teh other doesn't. *sigh* I'm going through that will two couples right now.

  3. Carla, I kind of remember you mentioning a couple where she used the guy to fulfill her date wants but I'm drawing a blank now. I was hoping Camille would want to go to college so she could meet more guys but too bad for her.

    And thanks re: the basketball shot. But that is actually Alyssa! I wanted to get more of her head in the shot so everyone could see who it was but I liked this angle the best. She has a lot of body skill points since she jumps rope a lot.

    And LOL, I would be punching too if my husband woke me up at 3am every morning!

    Good to see you here, GB! Thanks for commenting! She is the first teen in my game who's had the want for a car, and a very persistent one at that. Their family only has about $2,500 in hand right now so I'm waiting for them to get a better handle on things before they give in to her car wants.

    And yea it's really annoying me that she doesn't want to break up with him but she could care less if she saw him lol. She's cute so I'll probably have her date around for a little bit before she settles down unless her wants change when she ages to an adult.

  4. I forgot to answer you, Carla, but yes, that is the basketball arena I downloaded from TSR. I made over the bathrooms, which of course you can't see, added a bunch of posters and changed the equipment in the gym upstairs. Otherwise, everything else was left in tact. It's not bad. There's only 1 traffic jam area that I need to fix but it wasn't an issue for my sims, just the other visitors.


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