Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daddy's Home

Angel wasn't actually a planned baby, but, of course, the Rodriguezes love him all the same. Joel is good with him, too, and is quick to entertain Angel or give him a hug whenever he needs one.

They recently moved into a bigger apartment due to their newest family member, but didn't stay very long. Their stuff kept disappearing and they couldn't figure out how. There was always some random neighbor inviting themselves into their apartment and it's very likely they helped themselves to a few things while the family was preoccupied with Angel. So they scraped the last of their savings together and bought a house on 2nd Street.

They love the new house but didn't have a lot of money left over to decorate. Sofia is dying to add some personal touches but knows she has to wait until they build up their savings again. They don't want to deal with a loan since they will most likely need to take one out to pay for Joel's tuition.

Everyone loves the extra space. Especially Angel, who now has a big enough room for story time, even if he doesn't always like the stories.
There's plenty of room for his toys too without everyone worrying about tripping over them. Angel hasn't really grasped the concept of this toy yet.

He hadn't grasped the concept of using the potty either and his dad dreaded every second.

He'd rather be doing something else... ANYTHING else.

Carlos and Sofia feel so lucky that Angel is such a patient and affectionate toddler. He's always asking for snuggles and patiently waits to be fed.

He's even quiet when he's eating and never makes a mess. They hope he stays this way.

Carlos doesn't see Joel much anymore. Sofia does since they work together. But when Joel isn't at school or at work, he's usually out with Davina. When they're not at her house, they can be found at the mall.

Although Joel usually has college and studying on his mind, he's very much in love with Davina. His main attraction to her is her mind and he loves that she's so smart (high logic) and creative. He just wishes she'd aspire to doing more with her skills like him. He wants to be the head of the SCIA while Davina wants a big family.

But they can't keep their hands off each other when they're together.

During one of their trips to the mall, Joel spots one of his best friends Paul Reid and runs over to greet him. He hasn't seen or really talked to Paul since he started college the year before and wants to be filled in on all the details.
Of course, the first thing Joel asks about is classes, but Paul wants to hear none of that. Paul doesn't remember the last time he's been to class, if at all.

He starts telling Joel about everything he's been getting into while at UCC but Joel finds that sort of thing a waste of time and can’t bear to hear anymore. Why go to college if you're not going to study is Joel's logic. He starts to wonder how he and Paul became friends in the first place. They're so very different.

Not long after turning 3, Angel started to become a mama's boy. He was always playful and behaved when mom was home.

But turned into a little terror when he was with dad. He didn't even like Carlos trying to teach him to talk.

Carlos and Sofia desperately wanted to get out of the house but with overlapping work schedules and a toddler, that was hard to coordinate. On a slow day at the boutique, Sofia decided to leave early and surprise Carlos with dinner reservations at Belinda's. As she was leaving, she walked passed a mirror and thought she needed a new look. She was starting to feel old with one son turning 4 and another son entering college soon and that wasn't sitting well with her at all. So she chopped off a good 3 inches of her hair and put in an auburn rinse. That made her feel much better.

Carlos loved her new look and was excited to finally get out of the house for the evening.

They asked Joel to watch Angel and were out the door without even waiting for an answer.

Belinda's was packed and they had to sit near the entrance. They thought reservations would get them a better table, but at least they had one. Being out of the house really loosened them up and they were flirting and acting like it was their first date.

When the food finally arrived, it more than made up for their less than ideal table location. Carlos had lasagna and Sofia had seafood risotto.

Over dinner, they talked about how they hope to go on a family vacation once Angel is old enough. Once Carlos moves up the ranks in the military, they should have plenty of money to go on vacations and do whatever they want.

They ended the meal with a toast and headed outside to wait for their cab.
The champagne must have been pretty strong because they were both feeling frisky while waiting outside.

They knew if they went right home, they’d never get any privacy. So they headed to the cheapest motel in Summit Heights and had a night cap before heading home.

Joel and Davina picture spam (because they are really growing on me).

Funny pic:
When parrots attack! Look out Joel!

-I was having so many issues during this play session. The stuff "disappearing" from their apartment was actually a weird problem that happened in my game. I removed a couple hacks that I didn't think had anything to do with apartments but when I entered their lot, all of their stuff was invisible. They were still using everything like normal, though. I clicked on their apartment door and it had the option to rent instead of lock/unlock and renting it again didn't make their stuff magically appear. Even though I really liked how I decorated their place, I didn't like the apartment lot itself because it didn't have any common area things out so no playground, no grill for apartment parties or anything. So after I got them their new house, I sent Carlos out with a friend of his downtown and the game crashed while they were hanging out. Then I sent Joel out with Davina and then the game crashed. The problems may have been due to me deleting the head witch and grand vampire NPCs with SimPE and the game tried to generate them before I blocked them with Visitor Controller. That’s the only thing I can think of. Hopefully these issues are all ironed out now and I can get back to playing normally instead of problem solving.

-One cool thing that happened (before the first crash erased all progress) was I got to witness my first townie romance without my influence. When I sent Carlos to hang out with his friend downtown, his friend showed up with one of the townies I created. I wondered why he brought her but then they kissed as soon as they got out of the cab. They're not in love but I moved them in together anyway. He needed some surgery because he was fug and she was way too cute for him, so I fixed that lol. They didn't have any money so I moved them into one of the slum apartments downtown.

-I had a few pics of the family before I moved them out of that apartment but I didn't use them for 1 reason. I was telling my husband about this family and how Carlos is in the military like my husband's best friend. He said I should cut Carlos's hair really short and get rid of his facial hair since that's what his best friend had to do. I did and played for maybe 2 or 3 days and I hated the way he looked. He looked fine but he just wasn't *my* Carlos. He looked like a completely different sim and I couldn't get used to his new look. So I was, in a way, happy all of their furniture disappeared so I could move them into their new house and kind of start all over.

-My entry titles are going to be pretty random because I usually have trouble thinking of something. So the titles will either be song titles or lyrics, movie titles or sayings or just random things I find on my desk lol.


  1. Aw, great update! I'm glad Carlos and Sofia got to have a night out with each other - I love doing that for my couples (when I remember!)

    Love that picture of Sofia fixing herself up in the mirror.

    Funny about Paul and Joel! Yeah, they don't seem like they have quite the same priorities, do they? LOL.

    The only Sim I have currently in the military already had short hair when he entered and it suits him. But I've got a Sim with the LTW to Become a General who currently has longish hair and I soooo don't want to cut it. But realism! I'm actually considering not putting him in that career, just so I can keep his hair! LOL.

  2. Thanks! They really needed to get out and that was one of the few nights that all 3 of them were home at the same time. Another reason I sent them on a date is because my sims seem to be stuck in a rut with their wants during the winter. Regardless of their aspirations/personalities/ect, they only get the same generic wants when they reroll in the morning, which are: play marco polo, talk about hobby, blog about hobby and usually the fourth want varies depending on what they have in their house. The Stevens family rolled those wants plus the want to play mahjong EVERY day since they have the mahjong table in their house. The Meadows family rolled those wants plus the want play the violin since they own one. Now the Rodriguez family had the same issue with the want to play chess or look through the telescope. So it was really hard to keep them above green without getting totally bored. They really liked their routine! It did help Carlos and Sofia though but unfortunately I was done playing them.

    And thank you. I like Sofia much better with her new haircut. Most of my sims might get new makeovers once I play them since I have a ton of new hair.

    Yea, I think Joel came home with Paul from school one day during the Reid’s play session and they became friends that way. Hey, I’d be friends with the richest kid in town too if he invited me over to his house.

    I’m thinking of changing Carlos’s career just so I can keep his hair and facial hair LOL. He did look really good in the uniform when I played them over 3 years ago before my game broke. But like you said, realism. Maybe I’ll make him a fireman.

    Ok this comment is long enough. Glad you enjoyed the entry :)


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