Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Love Squared

Narrated by Paul Reid

Well, the end of the semester had come and I haven’t done a single assignment or gone to a single class. I thought I was screwed. I hadn’t felt like going to class at all and this semester just flew by before I even had time to think about school work.

I decided to woo Lexie to try to convince her to write a paper for me.
And it worked. Thank goodness. I hoped she was smart enough to get me a decent grade. She’s hot and all but we haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking. She finishes my paper and it’s actually decent enough to get me a passing grade. I got a 3.0. I made sure I thanked her accordingly. Little did I know, Vicki was around the corner having a snack, watching the whole thing. But to my surprise, she wasn’t bothered by it at all. She patiently waited for her turn to make out with me as Lexie admired the posters, which must have been very interesting. But it was still kind of weird having her standing right there as Vicki and I were otherwise occupied. I just had to get out of there. It was getting a little weird, even for me. So I called Shelah up and asked her if she could meet me at Starters. Her company always makes me feel better. There must have been something in the air because Shelah and I started making out as soon as we got out of the cab. We did make it inside though and sang one of our favorite songs. All of the action had made me kind of hungry, so we sat down for a bite to eat. But I barely ate a bite. Then there was a little more lovey-dovey stuff by the pool tables. Arrgh! Going out with Shelah was nice but it’s made me even more confused. I headed back to the dorm hoping I could slip into my room without being noticed by Vicki or Lexie.No such luck though. Lexie was standing right by the elevators and asked if I wanted to partake in some extracurricular activities. I passed. The attention I’ve been getting had left me more confused than happy. I heard about a self-help book that is supposed to have some great tips on how to achieve lifelong happiness. But it was really hard to concentrate with Lexie hovering the entire time. So I just went to bed. The next day I just decided to get off of campus completely and headed downtown. I hadn’t seen my high school friends in what seemed like forever and I thought I’d go out and see if I ran into them.

But the place was filled will unfamiliar faces. Not even any cute girls for me to flirt with… not that I needed anymore problems. I was losing money badly to these teenagers at poker, so I hopped on the piano to earn some of my cash back. I did, and then some! $300! Not that I really need the money but it was still nice. I grabbed a quick drink at the bar before heading back to the dorm. It was the day before my final and I was well below passing. So I decided to persuade Lexie again since she did such a nice job on my term paper last semester. But I did a little research too, just in case her paper writing skills didn’t have the same spark as last time. And thanks to her, I didn’t have to do much to get a passing grade on my final. She did so well on my paper, in fact, that I got on the Dean’s List and my GPA bumped up to a 3.5. I’m going to have to keep her around.

Random pics:
It was so crazy at the dorm. If either Vicki or Lexie were standing near Paul, they’d go over to make out with him. And if all 3 of them were together, it was just too funny. He’d turn to make out with the one girl, then turn to make out with the other, and then I’d see “be made out with” pop up in his queue by the other girl. More going back and forth between them was about to happen but thanks to the weirdness of the elevators, Paul couldn’t go upstairs to Lexie (even though there are stairs there too). So Vicki came over and kissed him up the arm and fell in love. This should make things more interesting the next time I play Uni.
And a few hours before his final, Paul wanted to go out to eat. So I sent him back to Starters alone. Poor guy got food dumped on him though. I’ve only seen this a few other times and glad I was able to catch it.

Poor Paul actually got the want to study Lifelong Happiness even though I was fulfilling a lot of his wants. I guess he thought he needed some guidance too after his love “square”. And all Lexie has been doing as of late is sitting. She comes back to the lot and sits. When she’s done flirting/making out with Paul, she sits. I made her selectable and her comfort isn’t low or anything and she’s not extremely lazy.

I sent him to a regular downtown lot because I wanted to see if young adults would show up if I took a young adult down there (I dunno why I thought that). It think it’s strange that no YAs show up on community lots outside of Uni.

And sorry for 3 entries about Paul. Getting used to blogging and so much happened that was interesting and wanted to include it all. I need to learn to summarize :).


  1. "I need to learn to summarize :). "

    LOL. I never have. I just cannot be brief. Well, I could at the start but once my Sims started with the drama several rounds in, my entries got much longer!

    Don't apologise for 3 Paul entries in a row. He's having a good, albeit confusing, time at college, so why not write about it?

    Oh, but now one has fallen in love with him! Depending on her aspiration, that could make things a little dicey. What about Paul? Is he in love with any of them?

  2. LOL yea it would have been very hard to be brief with these updates. He never went to class and he's the only one I'm controlling, so he got into a lot.

    And Vicki is a family sim so that's going to be trouble lol. Paul is only in love with Shelah right now (he's very close to being in love with the other 2 though) and he and Shelah been in love since high school. The only wants he ever rolls up for her is to call her to talk. Those are the only sim-specific wants he gets, except for wanting his friends to come to college. It's frustrating because I want him to help me make up his mind! lol But he has time.

    Shelah already knows what she wants and it's to get engaged to Paul. I dropped by her dorm to see if I wanted to give her a makeover to give her better odds against these other 2 and noticed her wants. They have the same aspiration (Pleasure) and all her wants are centered around him.

  3. Lol, wow! Paul must fancy himself quite the ladies man :P I like your blog, it's really interesting! Sorry about the random comment, I just linked over from Sullivan, and I'm reading from the beginning. Your Sims look great, I'm glad that your having a fun time with Uni!
    I do a blog as well, but I love seeing new ones, I'm definitely going to keep reading yours!


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