Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Robinson Family

next update
Now onto the Robinsons:

The kids:

The parents:
Eva & Will

Side note: Another family that will look slightly different in the next update with the new default skins.

The Robinsons live on Main street. This family (actually, just Keisha) has been with me since 2004 when we only had Body Shop to play with before TS2's release. She looks similar to what she did back when I created her but her face has been adjusted (she barely had a forehead back then) and many thanks to our vastly improved custom skins and hair. Her parents are basically a clone of her with minor tweaks and her little brother was a product of
ACR (An from the Hu family being the first *accident*) that I decided to just go with. Never again will I make perfectly compatible sims unless they happen to find someone in the hood themselves (I don't plan on creating very many new sims anyway, if any at all). They can't keep their hands off of each other, like all my other pre-made families.

Will owns the town's bakery, called Tasty Treat, which is now just a restaurant that serves desserts. At first it was a bakery that served cakes, pies and ice cream and also a restaurant that served only desserts. But it's a little difficult to have both on the same lot (though I've found a workaround AFTER I had him sell his entire stock of cakes that he and his staff made... grrr EA! By the way, the work around is to have the register and sellable objects in a separate room/floor than the actual restaurants. Sims still flock to the sellable items first but some eventually eat at the restaurant). I'll probably leave it as a restaurant since there isn't a ton of space to expand other than adding a second floor, which I don't want to do. I did download a really small, but cute bakery from... somewhere... that I may have him buy to sell desserts. Sims will also buy wedding cakes and birthday cakes from the bakery once I have it all set up again. I also downloaded
candy from Parsimonious that he'll sell, too.

Eva currently works in the medical field and I think I'm going to have her buy the Medical Center (which is small) to sell medicine. She was "grandfathered" into the medical field because I've borrowed a few bloggers idea of making some careers require a Uni diploma, but didn't want my "founder sims" to suffer. A few of the blogs I've read made entire careers "locked" to those who didn't graduate college. If a sim wanted to be in the medical field, they had to graduate college. If they missed their opportunity, then that's too bad and would have to settle with another career. I decided to do this with some of the careers but I changed it slightly to fit my way of playing. For example, instead of locking the whole Medical field so that it's off limits to all sims without a diploma, I put a cap on how far they can advance. So with Medical, I put a cap at level 2, since I think a sim should have some sort of schooling in order to become a Nurse (the Medical career is a bad example since the cap is so low). More details on that later.

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