Saturday, March 20, 2010

Picture size

How is the size of the pictures shown in each post? Too big? Too small? Just right? I have a large monitor and they appear smallish to me, but I don't know what others have their monitor settings set to. It seems like if I upload them through blogger, they're kind of small, but if I do them through Photobucket, they're too big. Thanks for any input!


  1. Are you using the updated Blogger editor? You'll know if you're using the updated one because you'll have a button to insert jump breaks and the old editor doesn't have that.

    With the new editor, you can hover over the picture and it will let you change the size to small, medium, large, etc. For me, the old editor is better because you can just click the picture and then drag the corners to make it smaller or larger. That's how I've done my pics from the beginning.

  2. Hmm when I go to upload a pic, I can select small/medium/large. Once the pic is inserted, I can enlarge/shrink the size of it by dragging the corners. I haven't done it that way though because I have a habit of distorting photos if I can't hold the Ctrl key to keep it proportional.

  3. OK, sounds like you're using the old editor (which I would advise you to continue with, because the new one sucks hard). You shouldn't need to hold the CTRL key to keep the picture's dimensions though. As long as you grab the corner and not the sides, it shouldn't distort at all. That's how I've always done it.

  4. Either the way my computer handles Blogger is different than yours or you just have a really steady hand, no matter what, I can't resize the pics even by holding the corners. I can purposely distort them by dragging the corners in odd directions. I'll see if there's anything in their Help section about it. Thanks though!


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