Friday, March 19, 2010

The Stevens Family

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Now introducing the Stevens Family

The kids:
Alicia (in pink sweater), and twins Dana and Darren
 Glen & Jeanette (mom & dad)
Edna Blackwell (mother of Jeanette)

They also have a dog named Daisy but she didn't want to sit still for the camera. This family was my first multi-generation family created in CAS a few years ago (way before I made the Hu's). Jeanette owns the 1st Street Boutique which is currently the only owned clothing store in the neighborhood. She also sells perfume and love potion (another download from Parsimonious). She (and Alicia) are currently working on their sewing badges so they can provide more fashion options to the citizens of Crystal Creek. Glen is a waiter at Belinda's Restaurant owned by Belinda Meadows. Edna works as a baker at Tasty Treat owned by Will Robinson.

When I first created this family a few years ago, before my town got corrupted, I made them rather poor... well, probably a little above poverty level. But somehow in this reincarnation, they ended up very well off. Probably because I really like the house I put them in. The house is extremely large with a pool, a basement and an attic. I actually kind of wish I made them poor so they'd be a little more interesting to play. But as soon as Edna passes and the kids move out, they're definitely getting a more modest home.

Random pics:
Darren, like most other teens, loves checking himself out in the mirror. He's a Romance/Fortune sim.

And this is no way to treat your older sister the day you grow up to a teen. She didn't have to put her head through the counter!

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