Friday, March 19, 2010

The Rodriguez Family

Here is the Rodriguez Family

Angel (toddler) & Joel

and their parents Sofia & Carlos

The Rodriguez family started out as a family of 3, but you gotta love ACR lol. Because of the newest addition, they moved into the Wright Way Apartments on 2nd Street. Sofia works as the hairdresser at the 1st Street Boutique and I would like for her to own her own beauty salon one day. Carlos works in the Military career right now but my original plan was to put him in the firefighter career I downloaded (since I did clone the firefighter to look like him). When that job pops up, I'll switch him. Joel is actually dating Davina Meadows right now but I'm not sure if that'll last when they start Uni. I think they only have 1 or 2 bolts for each other and there are actually several other sims they're more attracted to in the neighborhood.

Random funny:

This is at the Rodriguez's old apartment before Angel was born. I just love how those 2 are woohooing on the couch and dad just leaves to give them some privacy.

And some other random pics:
Joel is a good big brother

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