Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First day at Uni

Paul Reid is the first student (ever) to begin classes at the University of Crystal Creek. Thanks to his dad being the mayor and having a butt load of cash, he was able to get in even though his grades didn't meet the requirements.

He arrives looking very bored and unstylish.
Paul: "How can I become a rock god and get 50 first dates looking like this???"
His first wants upon arrival? Flirt with someone and join a Greek house. Sorry Paul. You're the first playable student to step foot on this campus. So the only Greek house you'll be joining is one you have to start yourself.

All freshman at UCC have to live in a dorm for their first year. They can move to other campus housing when they start their sophomore year, if they choose. Luckily, the dorm rooms are more like suites rather than small cramped rooms. Suites consist of a communal living room areas of various sizes with complementary refrigerator and microwave. There are 2 to 3 bedrooms in each suite along with 1 shared bathroom. Bedrooms are small but at least you have your own door that can be locked. Locks were invented for a reason, so do not complain to the Dean if you find someone sleeping in your bed. Either try to squeeze next to them or sleep in their bed. There is also one single suite for one or 2 sims reserved for upperclassmen only. This suite is private and has its own living room area, bathroom and bedroom with a single or double bed. This suite can be locked to all other sims, if the sim shall choose.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, onto the excitement of the first round of Uni! Paul must have really hated his clothes because once he reached the Student Union, he went straight for the clothing racks without any direction from me. I don't blame him. Thick sweaters with shorts and high socks is not sexy.

Aaaahh… much more rock god-like… just gotta lose the gut.
Clothes... check.... Cute girls.....
Niiice… very nice.... check.

And they even have the same eating habits. They seem to be getting along well.

Ok maybe they got along very well!

First woohoo... in a public place... double check!

Paul: "Man! My first day at Uni so far is awesome! If only everyday can be like this. Hmm... I wonder when classes are... ah well."

After a little public woohoo, Paul thought it were only right to ask her out on a date… and to find out her name. Her name is Vicki Pederson.
Paul takes her to his favorite hangout, Starters Sports Bar, for a little of his favorite pastime, karaoke.
Vicki’s favorite song starts to play on the radio and so they move to the middle of the floor to dance.
Vicki is definitely smitten and Paul has developed a little crush on her too.
They hate to end their date but it was getting pretty late. Vicki plants a sweet kiss on him and says she hopes they can pick up where they left off tomorrow.

-The sports bar in this entry is actually a clone of the one that was shown in “Goin to the Prom” that I placed in the Uni hood. I’m playing it as if it were a chain restaurant like the real life restaurant here in my area of the same name. Each restaurant has a slightly different name variation for each spot (one is called Starters Pub & Grille, another called Starters Riverport because it’s on a port). I’ll probably remodel the Uni one so that they can easily be distinguished and give it a slightly different name like the RL Starters.
-And there was some discussion on either a forum or on someone else’s blog about whether college students were programmed to be more sexually active in ACR’s code than other sims and I think it’s true lol. These 2 only had about 30-35 STR before the headed into the booth. Paul has 2 bolts for her but she may have 3 for him.


  1. Ha, the pose after he gets his new threads is awesome! I'm glad to finally read about Paul, and learn the girl's name!

    A chain restaurant is a really cool idea. I may steal it. ;)

    I remember having a discussion about ACR sexual activity as it relates to YAs on my blog, so that might have been where you saw it. Probably when Ben and Caterina were at college, because they were at it like bunnies. 4 times a day, easy. I've since learned it may have just been them. ;) They barely slowed down once they graduated. Their kids are adults now and they're the same way. It's hereditary!

  2. I thought it was at your blog lol. I just remembered people discussing it but I couldn't really comment because this is the first time I've played Uni since having ACR installed. Glad to know that it's not ALL sims and just a few horn-dogs :)

    And steal away! :) The chain idea came from my laziness and not wanting to think of more and more lots to put in my Uni hood lol. That lot is small but nice and thought it'd fit easily into the college town.

  3. Wow-what a first day at uni, moving kind of fast aren't you Paul?


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