Friday, March 19, 2010

The Meadows Family

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Introducing the Meadows family

Here's Davina

and Davina's parents, George & Belinda

Davina is another sim I created back in 2004, either right before or right after I made Keisha. I don't think I've made as many tweaks to her as I had to Keisha, though, so the way she looks now is pretty much the way she looked back then (of course without the much nicer hair and clothes). Davina has to be my favorite sim and probably one of the only sims (right now) that I'll be sad to see die. I remade her in my short lived attempt to play TS3, I entered her in a Sims 2 modelling competition in either 2005 or 2006 at a sims contest forum (and she won!) and she was also the subject of my first attempt at blogging. I don't know why she's my favorite... she just has one of those sweet, likable faces, I think.

Anyway, a little more on her family. Mom and dad were created just like Keisha's parents, by cloning Davina and making tweaks. I think Belinda may be a skinnier clone of Davina, though. Belinda owns an Italian restaurant named Belinda's that serves and sells Italian food and pizza. Business is going pretty well with tons of people buying food over actually eating at the restaurant (I guess everyone's too busy like real life and can only get take-out). Belinda has the lifetime want to own 5 businesses so I've been trying to decide what kind of businesses she would likely own. I'm thinking she might open up another restaurant downtown once sims start to move in there and I found a cute coffee shop that I think "suits" her. I don't think she'll achieve her LTW before she dies, though. Time is not on her side. George is an all around Knowledge sim and is another sim who was "grandfathered" into the Natural Science career, though I may switch him over to regular Science. He isn't too exciting... He usually goes right for the telescope in their backyard when he gets home from work, if I can stop him and his wife from woohooing in time. They're another perfect couple that I have to keep an eye on or I'll end up with another unplanned ACR baby. The Meadows live on Surfside Lane on the far right.

Random photo:
Davina's dating Joel Rodriguez at the start of Round 1 and I just love those photobooth pictures. Joel would probably be annoyed that I'm showing it off since he had a bad case of acne at the time.


  1. I remember you posting a picture of Davina at N99 way back when! I recognised her face right away! She's very pretty.

  2. Thank you! Yup I use her for almost everything sims lol. I did use Jeanette Stevens in the same modelling competition but she didn't place very high.


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