Friday, December 31, 2010

You'll See

Round 4: April 2011 (Spring)

Trent Thomas is 46, Isabella is 45, Camille is 19 and Alyssa is 11
(Franky Sullivan is 19)
Narrated by Camille

Ever since mom turned 45, she's been preoccupied with her appearance. She claims she sees a new wrinkle everyday and her body just hasn't been what it used to be.

But instead of moping about it, she asked dad to help her shed some pounds. She has started going jogging with him every other morning and even Alyssa is getting into it.

Mom picked up the weight a few years ago but slimming down is harder now that dad is the manager of a bakery. He's always bringing home huge boxes of donuts or cupcakes with him.

If he's not bringing it home, he's making it. He often tries making new desserts at home before attempting them in the bakery.

And guess who gets to try them all out?

I might have joined their morning jogs but I've been changing shifts so much at my job that I'm too tired to think about it. I was a golf caddy last year, but I've been hopping around a lot. Now I work the night shift in a convenience store.

The pay sucks, and so does the job, but I made enough to finally buy myself a car. It isn't much but I just need it to get to and from work.

I haven't felt like going anywhere or doing much lately anyway because, earlier this month, I broke up with Franky. I love him but I just don't think he's the one.

I'd say he didn't take it well, understandably so. We've been together for a long time.

I feel really awful about it but I don't think we were meant for each other. I felt this way for a while and was just hoping my feelings would change. But they haven't.

Last weekend, I finally forced myself to get out of the house. I was still feeling bad about the break up and I needed to try to have some fun.

After drowning myself in drinks for a little while, a guy came and sat next to me and we struck up a conversation.

He was very cool (and cute!) and he listened while I explained why I was such a sourpuss that night.

We went out on the dance floor, and talking and dancing with him really helped take my mind off of Franky.

We really clicked and we danced, drank and flirted with each other pretty much all night.

I think I drank a little too much too fast because the next thing I knew, we were in the photo booth in the club and things got really hot and heavy.

I was so ashamed afterwards that I left him sitting there in the booth and drove home. I’m just so embarrassed that I let it get that far. I can barely remember his name.

The worst part about it is that we didn't use protection. It happened so fast that we didn’t stop to think. So if I wasn't already stressed before, I really am now. I'm praying that I'm not pregnant because I don't know what I'd do with a baby right now.

Everyone had the want to go roller skating at the end of the play session so I sent everyone but Camille since she had to work. It didn't really fit into the update but I wanted to show at least 1 more pic of the family.

I forgot kids could use the karaoke machine! It's adorable to see and listen to. Alyssa sounded pretty bad since she only has 3 creativity points, but at least she looked cute.

-This was the Love 'em and Leave 'em ROS. And I'll tell you now, no, Camille isn't pregnant. Since she's not allowed BC, I was half hoping she would get knocked up. I also didn't want to do that to her but she got lucky anyway. Camille and her family are in no position to care for a baby... but I want some sim babies darn it LOL! He wasn't a half bad looking townie either with interesting genetics (tan skin, green eyes and blonde hair), so it would have been cool to see how their baby looked. (Poo, I just experimented and the kid would have been super cute and looked different from all my other playables. Ah well.)
-Franky seems to be a stalker now. He doesn't come by the house and kick over the trash can but he seems to show up on every lot Camille goes to. ACR tends to kick in when both are near each other and idle so I have to keep an eye on them. She has never rolled up wants for him so maybe this break will spawn those wants if she's really interested or allow her to move on... but hopefully not with the next random guy who's nice to her!
-I said over at N99 that I was pretty happy with this update and ROS because after I took Camille to the club, it pretty much wrote itself. She and the townie (his name is Hugo, by the way) have 1 or 2 bolts, can't remember. But ACR kicked in after a few conversations and dancing. It's like they knew what I had planned :). I just had to go back a couple of times to pose some pics with different facial expressions.


  1. Aww, perhaps you could force the pregnancy anyway :)

  2. Happy New Year!

    LOL, a lot of my Sims with cooks in the family end up putting on the kilos! I don't see Adam, Athena or Amelia ever being slim again!

    Oh, wow, lucky Camille didn't get pregnant! Although yeah...Crystal Creek does need some babies!

    I do feel bad for Franky! It sounds like he's taking the break up pretty hard. You could try adding him to Camille's Friend Zone (ACR2 feature), if you really don't want anything romantic to happen between them. I had to do that with Nick and Sarah before I was ready to get them together because they were raring to go!

  3. Thanks for reading!

    Starr, don't think I haven't thought about forcing the pregnancy. But I'm trying to let the game and ACR take control of the population. I’m taking it as Camille having extremely good luck because she wasn’t on BC and the guy had 2 neat points.

    Carla, Happy New Year to you too! Though it’s been the new year for you for a couple of days now :).

    LOL Yea, Isabella and Camille are probably going to be chubby for the rest of their lives because they’re both lazy and won’t stop eating even if they’re full. With Trent being such a great cook and the bonus of fresh produce, they’re doomed! Isabella did make her way up to “normal” and has a ways to go until she gets fit, like she wants.

    Yea, I’m hoping the babies will come soon. It’s been over 6 sim years since I’ve had a baby in the game (Angel Rodriguez was the last one) and none since I started writing about my hood. So I’m excited and anxious to start blogging about the pregnancies as well as building up the population. It’ll happen.

    And yea, I feel bad for Franky, too, since he was very keen on Camille and the break up just blindsided him. I forgot about the Friend Zone feature of ACR2 and may have to add a few sims to her Friend Zone lol. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Well I'm glad for her that she isn't pregnant, she looks so concerned and upset in that last photo... but the other part of me is very curious what the baby would have looked like!

    Poor Franky, I hope he finds someone else. Alyssa is uber adorable in the karoke, and I like the family roller skating photo, it's really fitting for this family. They seem so active.

    Great picture of Trent coming home with all those goodies! hah! I can see why it's hard for the ladies to keep the weight off!

  5. Maisie, yes she was very concerned, as would I if I did something that stupid. Sims are lucky that they can't catch diseases. I should have taken some pics of what their possible kid would have looked like and saved it for an outtakes post or something. Maybe the next time I experiement like that, I'll take a few snaps.

    I hope Franky finds someone else, too. I didn't play him after the break up to check out who else he might be interested in but I'll do that at the end of the round. Glad you liked the roller skating outing. I thought Alyssa looked adorable, too.

    I thought of doing that picture of Trent coming home with the goodies after I had already written the update and had to go back and set up the shot. I'm glad you like it. Thanks.

  6. Wow, ever since I let ACR take control of the pregnancies, my sims won't stop having babies!! I'm sure you won't have to wait too long.

    The karoke pics are so cute... Most of my karoke machines are in bars that kids wouldn't go to, so I'd forgotten that they can use it, too. Have to put one in a family venue somewhere.

    And, yeah, almost every family I've ever had with someone with high cooking skills has ended up chubby!

  7. Blackcat, ACR was like that for me when I started my hood about 2-3 years ago but the sims I DIDN'T want to have babies had them. Like Alyssa's parents. She wouldn't be here if it weren't for ACR, so I'm not angry. I just hope it kicks in for my sims who are a little younger soon.

    Most of my karaoke machines are in bars, too, so it was a nice surprise. I wouldn't have thought about sending her over there but she had the want to sing. She's a little show off :).

    Very true about high cooking skill sims and chubbiness running in the family lol. Trent packed on the weight at one point, too, but then he got on a fitness kick and wanted to work out all the time. Camille hasn't showed any interest in working out, yet. She's on the lazy side

    Thank you.

  8. I like the family jogging trips in the morning! I laughed at the next picture though, Trent walking in with all that food! When he does that every day, the jogging isn't going to help much :)

    Well, it's about time your hood gets some babies! Though I'm happy Camille didn't get pregnant.

  9. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tanja! LOL yes, Trent doesn't have a weight problem like his wife and oldest daughter. He can eat all the donuts he wants and not worry too much. He doesn't understand that he's the cause of their chubbiness!

    My hood needs some babies, pronto! But I'm also happy Camille didn't get pregnant under these circumstances. It would have been interesting gameplay but I don't think she's ready to be a mom.


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