Sunday, December 19, 2010

School Yard

Round 4: March 2011 (Spring)
Staff: Principal Helen Reid is 57, Jodi Porter is 26
Students: Alyssa Thomas is 11, Brian Robinson and Meghan Harper are 9, An Hu and Leona Collins are 8 and Angel Rodriguez and Duane Grier are 6.

Helen loves getting to work a couple of hours before the school opens. She has a chance to fully wake up with her coffee and get a little extra work done.

But the time flies by like it always does and the kids start arriving and make their way to their classrooms.

It's only 9 am and An is anxious to go outside to play. Helen politely reminds her that recess is after lunch and she will have to wait.

An knows better but she still doesn't like it.

When class starts, Jodi tries to get the kids to focus on their geography but it doesn't seem to be working. It's her first year teaching at the school so the students know that she's a newbie.

After being told once, Alyssa gets back to work but Meghan thinks pouting will get her out of doing her class work.

Jodi stands firm and keeps a close eye on them until the end of class.

The only student not giving Jodi a hard time is An. An likes to play but she likes school just as much. She's usually the first one to finish her assignments (and sometimes the only one).

Brian doesn't really have a hard time with school but sometimes he has trouble focusing on his own work. Jodi often catches him looking around the classroom or at other students' papers.

Down the hall, the younger kids are in music class. This year they will be learning how to play the violin. The kids are very excited to play the instruments.

Helen... not so much. She's starting to think that maybe she should have started with something simpler and quieter. Like air guitar.

Duane doesn't know what he's doing and plays the violin more like a fiddle. But he gets an A for effort.

Lunchtime rolls around and Duane is excitedly talking about how some little girl kissed him on the cheek at the park.

Alyssa overhears and giggles to herself. She's counting down the days until she graduates primary school and can join the big kids in the high school.

Leona laughs at Duane, too, but isn't as subtle about it. She and a few other kids still think kissing is gross.

Angel is unusually chatty at lunch. Maybe it's because his parents were talking about going on vacation in a few months that has him so excited.

Brian's sitting with the older kids at lunch today, who happen to be all girls. He quietly sits through his meal wishing he wasn't stuck listening to a bunch of girls the entire time.

At the end of lunch, Helen tries to convince Jodi to do playground duty but Jodi outright objects.

But Helen's the boss and what she says, goes. She heads back to her office to work on more reports.

Luckily it's a beautiful day and the kids are no trouble at all.

The day finishes up with the older kids in the computer lab. An must have found the games on her computer because she is having way too much fun.

But it looks like she's not the only one not working on her typing skills.

Jodi is in the classroom with the younger kids teaching them spelling and grammar.

Angel makes sure he pays close attention to Jodi. He was so disappointed in himself when he brought home a C- a couple of months ago and he's determined not to do it again.

-Meghan, Leona and Duane are in my playable orphanage. I shouldn't say playable because I haven't really played it since I set it up. I just had some leftover downloaded sims and wanted to put them in the game. So I aged them down and put them in the orphanage (which is just a house with a few toddlers and children and 2 adults). I wasn't planning on aging any of them until they were adopted but some of my playable kids brought them home from school.
-Jodi is a townie I made a while ago but moved into an apartment recently because she fell in love with another townie. There are no other sims in the Education field so I just grabbed her.
-There's not going to be another sim in the education field until Helen's daughter Michelle graduates from college. And she just entered her freshman year this round. So my high school will be run by a bunch of townies for a while.
-My sims will need to start having babies in the next few years or there won't be anyone to attend the primary school! They have 5 years until Angel and Duane turn 11 but I hope it happens way before then.


  1. Oh, man, how cute is your school?! I love it! Your townie kids are as adorable as your playables.

    Love the shot of the kids skipping into school - so sweet. The kids on the violins just killed me! Duane was just murdering that thing - I can only imagine the sound!

    And wow, Alyssa is off to high school soon? They grow up so fast! She's going to be fun to watch, I bet.

    Great update!

  2. Wow, so you're not having a baby boom-congrats :) I'm sure your sims will either have or adopt kids in time to fill the primary school.

  3. Thanks for reading!
    Carla, thanks for the compliments on the school and the kids. When I made the adoption pool sims, I wanted to have some variety in their looks that were a little different my playables. I'm very glad that the red head is in the picture now, so at least I'll have 1 non-playable red head in my hood! I have to put the other 2 that I made for the N99 challenge in the game still.

    I loved the kids playing the instruments. At first I thought Duane went overboard because he's a music sim but then the others started getting down right along with him lol.

    And yea! I can't believe Alyssa is heading off to high school next year either. It really seemed to fly. I can't wait to see how she develops.

    Starr, no, I'm not having a baby boom :\. I kind of wish I was because I miss the sim babies. But my time will come. I know my population will begin to expload like some of the other bloggers :). Especially after seeing the numbers of some sims' ideal family size. I have a lot of 3s, 4s and 6s :O

  4. I LOVE the sign out front! I wanted to do something like that (for a different type of lot) but didn't have any "sign" I could use! It looks great! They are super adorable skipping into the school in that photo.

    I hope a few babies are born to attend the school. I really like Helen's outfit, she looks very professional.

  5. Thanks Maisie! I can't take credit for the sign outside of the school. I got the lot from someone at N99 I believe. So they had the clever idea to do that!

    I'm glad everyone liked the pic of the kids skipping into the school. I really wanted a school bus in the pic but I didn't have a buyable one.

    I hope I have some babies soon, too. I made way too many neat sims so they're allowed birth control. Maybe I should remove that rule until I reach a larger population lol.

    Helen's outfit is a separate top and botton and I love the set the tops came in. I got it from some LJ and I keep forgetting to look in BS for any info. The creator made a bunch of them and I've used them for most of my older sims.

  6. This is such a sweet update! I really hope your sims will reproduce since I don't want these updates to stop :)

    I love the picture where the kids are ariving at school!

    Lol at Helen's face when her students are all playing the violin! I can imagine it being that horrible!!

  7. Thanks Tanja! I hope I won't have to take a break on primary school updates because it pretty much wrote itself. Plus there'd be a big gap in my population, which I have already. There are no playables that are in their late 20s to late 30s. If I would have thought about blogging and tracking my sims when creating them, I definitely would have filled in the age gap a little bit better.

    LOL Helen's face was similar to mine while listening to them. Duane and Leona have no creativity points while Angel sounded a tiny bit better with his 3 or 4 points. It was still pretty cute.


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