Sunday, April 17, 2011


Round 4: Autumn 2011 (Semester I)
(Shelah White is 20)
Narrated by Michelle

College life was a bit of an adjustment when I first got here. Mom's not around to cook for us, so for most meals I either chug some milk, a protein shake or whatever I can find in my fridge before class. It's not like me to be such a pig but it's either that or choke down some of the burned pancakes or omelettes in the dorm cafeteria.

The dorms aren't as I imagine they'd be, either. There's always someone listening to music, watching tv or playing games on the main floor, so it can get pretty loud at times.

And then we always get these unexpected visitors. It doesn't happen very often but once you've seen one streaker, it's hard to get that sight out of your mind.

Michael doesn't seem fazed by all the craziness in the dorm. He can easily block everyone out or find a quiet spot to read or study. Our dorm has a small study area with books and computers and you can almost always count on that room being empty.

Other than that, it's nice getting to hang out with Celeste more often. She's been dating my twin brother for, like, 3 years now and we barely know each other. So we've been spending more time together now that we're under the same roof.

A few nights a week after class, Celeste has been joining me at the campus gym. She's always been a bigger girl but she feels it's time for a change.

It's fun having someone to work out with now. I'm not sure how Celeste is liking it since some days I act more like her trainer than her workout buddy.

But she hasn't complained or bailed on me yet. She even suggested we change up our routine by jogging once in a while so we don't get bored. Sometimes we jog around campus and other times we take the more scenic route and go through the park.

So far, our workout routine has really paid off. Celeste's not down to her goal weight yet, but she's feeling pretty damn proud of herself.

She's even taken up yoga to work on her balance and flexibility.

I tried joining her, but I think we both need to take a class or something before we really hurt ourselves.

Without going into too many details, she told me that although Michael loved her curves, he seems to be enjoying the results of all of our workouts.

I don't know how they can find any privacy in this dorm. The second you think you're alone you'll turn around to find some student there watching your every move. The way Michael and Celeste are all over each other, I bet they're feeling pretty frustrated. I'm thinking they'll move to the private housing next year like Paul's friend Joel did.

I'm pretty frustrated myself. I don't think anyone knows that I'm still a virgin and it's never really bothered me until I started college. Dominic hasn't called me at all since sometime before summer and there's no one I'm really interested in at school yet.

I have nothing in common with the guys that like me and whenever I find someone who's cute or seems interesting, I can't tell if he likes me back.

It really sucks not having a boyfriend when everyone else around me is with someone. Michael has Celeste and Paul has Shelah. I've heard dad talk about Paul's reputation with the girls on campus since Paul came to UCC, but I haven't seen any of that since Michael and I arrived on campus.

Paul either doesn't want to bring the other girls around us in fear we'll tell dad, or he's actually lost interest in them. He'll never tell me, but from what I've seen, I think he may be getting more serious about Shelah.

If she's not here hanging out, then he's on the phone with her. He told Michael that they're making plans to move in together their last year here or once they graduate.

Shelah seems to be good for Paul. He actually wants to go to class which is a miracle in itself. It may be Shelah urging him to concentrate more on his studies or it could be the fact that Juniors in the music major get to learn how to use recording studio equipment.

He's really enjoying class this semester since they're learning how to record and manipulate their own music. He even started buying his own equipment and is working on forming a band. It's really good that he's finally starting to take college and his future career seriously because he's really talented.

This is Paul’s room (since he's a Junior now, I let him have the 1 suite with a double bed) and those 2 are dormies that have fallen in love/lust with each other. I think Paul needs to lock his bedroom door... and he needs some new bed sheets. Michael and Celeste have been in his bed, too.

I made Michael, Michelle and Celeste walk to the park and as soon as they arrived, it looked like Michael and Celeste were holding hands. It would have been a nice shot if they actually looked happy.

-I decided to make a profile for Celeste. I really like her and even if she and Michael don’t stay together for some unforeseen reason, I'd still like to play her and keep tabs on her.
-Like Michelle said, Paul miraculously rolled up a want to go to class everyday this semester which is... odd. The only school related wants he's ever rolled while in uni were to influence someone to do his assignments/term paper.
-Michelle rolled up a generic "Woohoo in Bed" want when I started playing them which I thought was interesting. She's Fortune/Knowledge and doesn't roll up any other romantic wants so I thought that was significant and locked it. So far, she only has high chemistry with Dominic and guys who are already in relationships (like Joel and Keisha Robinson's boyfriend Ryan who Michelle barely knows). She hasn't rolled any wants for Dominic at all so I guess she was just going through a "bad boy" phase in high school.
-Speaking of guys, there are hardly any male young adults to begin with. I think there are 8 males to the 20 or so females in UCC :-\. I have a bunch of male sims I downloaded from various people/sites waiting in the CAS bin that I may have to make as young adults.
-That’s the end of Round 4! Yay finally! There are no age-ups yet since it’s only September in the hood so after I do the round summary, I can move right into Round 5.


  1. Aww, Celeste lost her curves :( I'm glad she's happier about it though. I wish TS2 did allow for more diverse body sims all seem a bit they need some meat on thier bones :P I like how Paul's room is decorated, but sheets are a must. You're nice for allowing a double bed on campus, my university only has double rooms and twin beds, no single suites for my students...unless you're the RA and then you get a tiny closet/room :)

  2. Aw, poor Michelle! Being the last remaining single does suck. :( As for her woohoo in bed want, I had that weirdness with Lucy! She's only a teen and a Family Sim at that, but she just randomly rolled that up one day. She has Edward of course, so I sent them out on a date, at which point she rolled up a want to woohoo with him, specifically.

    Bummer for Michelle that there are no decent boys around! Maybe she'll taking a liking to one of the new Sims you might add. ;) But you know, she seems like she's having fun getting to know Celeste, so the boys can wait for a while.

    So it seems like Paul might want to turn over a new leaf, eh? That seems significant and I like how you wrote it in.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting, ladies! :)

    Starr, yea I was sad when Celeste rolled up the want to get fit because I actually liked her as a "fat" sim. I like the female "fat" shape and sometimes it looks like the sim has a big head once they lose the weight. I guess it's kind of like that in RL too LOL! But I agree, some of them look like they could use a good meal, but it's way better than the skinny sims I've seen in TS3! Yikes!

    Glad you like Paul's room. His room is the only one big enough to get any "action" shots in, so I figured I better throw up some decor :). It's funny that you think I'm being nice for giving them a double bed when I think I'm actually depriving them of so much other stuff. I have no hot tubs or much of anything in the dorm for them to do like I’ve seen on other blogs. They're lucky they have that pool table, but we had one in my RL dorm. I like your RA idea. I have another dorm I'm working on and I *think* all of those rooms have single beds. I'll probably keep it that way and leave all the double beds in the private units.

    Carla, yea I thought that was really strange for Michelle to roll up the woohoo want. She had a few romantic wants when she was with Dominic but she was more interested in skilling. I still need to install those woohoo wants for teens. The thread had too much reading for me at the time so I haven't installed it yet lol.

    I hope she likes some of the guys I'll eventually add, too, because there are no (playable) boys moving onto campus for 2 more years. And will she date a freshman when she's a Junior? Hmmm ;). I might unlock the want eventually to see if it’s something she *really* wants or something she was just frustrated about at the time.

    Yea I'm really happy that Paul's starting to mature some. He rolls up no wants for the other 2 girls he fooled around with but still doesn't roll up any lovey-dovey wants for Shelah. He doesn't seem like that type, though :). As for class, that was a total shock. But he does love music so I could see him really getting into it now that it's more hands on.

  4. Loved all the work out photos! Felt like we needed some Rocky Theme music to go with it. The jogging picture is my favorite, just cause it's such a pain to get them to look "normal" while jogging. And then the yoga, cause they look hilarious.

    Celeste's expression is great with the naked man running down the hall. Paul's room is great. I wish there was body sliders too for TS2, it'd be nice for diversity. I like the female fat shape too, I don't like the man one as much, especially for teens. Looks like a beer gut, but guys do tend to get those.... Maybe I'm talking myself into not hating them so much, haha.

  5. I loved the photo of them jogging in the park, it looked great! Celeste looked great before and she looks great now! Michelle will be okay with being the last single when the drama ensues between the couples lol. That's what I tell myself as one of the few of my classmates who isn't married now :)

  6. Thanks for reading and commenting, Maisie and Mizzgin!

    Maisie, lol @ the Rocky Theme music. You make me want to take a pic of them running up a bunch of stairs LOL. I found a great building for their gym (might have been an EAxis gym someone remodeled but I redecorated it for my own needs) and I couldn't wait to take pics in it. I was concerned about the jogging posing because I read about trying to get them to look natural like you said, but glad they turned out ok. And I always crack up when they fall while doing yoga. It looks really painful but hilarious at the same time! I just realized that it looks like Celeste hit the wall LMAO! Glad you enjoyed all the pics!

    I don’t know about the front of that streaker but his backside isn’t too bad to look at ;)! Celeste is trying real hard not to see anymore, though! I agree about the fat shapes. If I can find the right mesh, the fat guys look ok. Other times it looks so wrong, like on Paul. But yea, it *does* look like a beer gut, so maybe it doesn’t look so bad on him if I think of it that way! :)

    Mizzgin, I’m glad you liked the pics in the park, too. That park is really nice and it’s actually an EA park! I think it’s called Hunter’s Park and I’m pretty sure it came with one of the base game hoods. I agree with you about Michelle. Being in a relationship is great but there can also be lots of drama. I’m actually the first of my closest friends to get married but I sure do miss my “alone time” and all the other “perks” of being single lol. It may be a blessing for Michelle and she doesn’t even realize it yet! :)


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