Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Round 5 ROS

Round 5: ROS

I decided to put this up a little early since I'm still writing the last update of Round 4, and I already had this ready.

Round 5's ROSs are:

1. Car accident. Oh no! You were in an accident and totaled your car!
2. Adopt a pet.
3. Errands. Must visit 3 community lots before the end of the day.

I rolled a bunch of ROSs for this round and next (and the next! I went a little overboard lol) and since all of them were doable, I decided to do 3 ROSs instead of just 2. These should be interesting!

-If you'd like to download my ROS file, you can get it on my brand, spankin' new ROS page on the right.


  1. What are you using to roll your ROS's? Does every family get one, how do you decide who gets what? I'm just full of questions! Can you tell me a little bit more how work ROS's and how you apply them?


  2. The car accident one sounds interesting, I may add that one to mine! And pets are always too cute :)

  3. Thanks for your comment, Julie! For my ROS, I downloaded the RandomStuff "dice rolling" program from MATY and configured it for my needs. You can get it here:,8253.0.html You just have to edit the text file to add/delete the stuff you want/don't want.

    I added all my playable sims' names to the file so when I roll for an ROS, it will also randomly give me the name of the sim it will affect. And since I still don't have many sims, I'm only doing 2-3 a round.

    I've been meaning to put my ROS file up for download but I keep forgetting. I'll edit this post and put a link to mine and a little info on what I do. Then you can see how I have it set up, how I use it in my game and then you can edit it however you wish.

    Thanks for commenting, Mizzgin! Yea, I'm always adding others' ROS ideas to my file. Anything to add something different or exciting to the gameplay. The car accident one will be interesting and I downloaded a bunch of stuff in preparation for it. And I'm always forgetting to give my sims pets so I'm glad I added that ROS and it rolled up for the family it did :). So this should be a interesting round!

  4. I think I'm kind of dense. I downloaded version 3, but I don't understand how to add the ROS scenarios.

  5. Julie, I think that's the one I downloaded when I first got it. To add the ROS scenarios, you have to edit the RandomStuff.txt text file and then add your list of scenarios. In order for the program to read it and randomly pick a scenario, you'd have to set it up like this:

    Random scenario 1
    Random scenario 2
    Random scenario 3

    Make sure you put a * in front of the "heading" (*RANDOM OCCURENCE) and then list each scenario on it's own line below it. You'll see how Hook set it up once you open the RandomStuff.txt file. By the way, I just uploaded my ROS file and you can get it on the ROS Page linked on the top right of my blog.

  6. LOL on you rolling and rolling the ROS. I always want to do that, but try to reign myself in. I just love rolling ROS' it really gives me the steam to finish playing some households quicker.

    I hope everyone is ok with the car accident.

  7. Thanks for commenting, Maisie! LOL yea I really had to stop myself from rolling them. I'd roll and say "ooh! That's a good one. Oh! That's a good one, too!" But I sure didn't want to write out 10 different ROS's this round, so I figured out how to spread them out. I am really anxious to get this round over with so I can get started with the next, but I'm just stick with this last update. I'll be able to get it out soon, I hope.

    The car accident ROS is scheduled pretty early in Round 5, so you won't have to wait *too* long to see how everything turns out.

  8. I'm always nervous before I roll my ROS! I've had too many deaths come up to be excited about them, lol.

    Anyway, these should be good! You could make a nice story out of any of them. :) And I will definitely be checking out your ROS list, to see if I can steal any!

  9. Thanks for commenting, Carla! Yea, if I had as many death ROS's as you've had, I'd definitely be nervous, too lol! But I changed the way death comes up in mine so there's less of a chance of it rolling up (instead of listing each death individually, I only have death listed once). You should see it when you look at my file. When I have more sims to kill off, I might increase the chances.

    I hope to be able to write these well. I've been thinking about them for a couple of weeks now :). And steal away! You might recognize a couple of yours on there ;).

  10. Lol... just imagining you rolling and re-rolling, and coming up with enough for the next 10 rounds! :) Looks like you picked interesting ones, though, looking forward to how they turn out.

  11. Thanks for commenting, Blackcat! LOL, yes I was rolling and re-rolling a lot because I was really curious about the scenarios I'd have to write out. I did have to spread them out a little because some of the ones I rolled affected the same sim/family. I hope I don't disappoint! :)

  12. I want to see what you do with the car accident. Stuff like that always interests me.

  13. Thanks for your comment, HCove! I want to see what happens with the car accident, too lol! I have a few ideas so we'll see where it leads when I get to their house. :)


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