Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take It All

Round 5: April 2012 (Spring)

Narrated by Sofia

We had lots of exciting changes recently. For starters, Carlos was promoted to captain a few weeks ago. The hours are better and so is the pay but, naturally, there's more responsibility.

Along with all the reports he has to do now, he also gives orders to all of the lower-ranking firefighters, monitors all of the equipment and keeps it all clean and organized.

He really enjoys working for the fire company so he doesn't mind the workload.

Things are going well at Nu Du Salon, too. I was given a grant by the city and also an award for outstanding customer service this month which I'm very proud of. Because of that, I've been bombarded with appointments. I'm not complaining but I've been extremely busy and will likely have to hire another stylist.

A couple of weeks ago, Angel came running through the door with a big smile and his report card. He was so excited because he worked his little butt off and earned an A-!

So that weekend we decided to surprise him with a fun filled day. First, we took him out to lunch downtown. He likes going out to the "big city" so we knew he'd enjoy it.

After lunch, we took him to the pet store. Since he's been such a big boy lately by doing all his chores and his homework, and now earning an A-, we thought he'd be able to take on the responsibility of having his own pet.

We told him that he could choose whatever he wanted in the store which I think overwhelmed him a little bit.

He made sure he "tested" everything out so that he didn't pass up on something good. He went over to the fish display first but didn't stay very long.

He fell in love with the hamster and I was certain that he'd want to take him home. But he passed.

We hoped he'd pick something like the hamster or fish, or even a bird, but he fell head over heels for a huge Mastiff which he named Biskit.

So far, Angel has been great with Biskit. He makes sure his bowl is full everyday before he goes to school.

And he gives Biskit all of his attention as soon as his homework is done.

He's a really good dog, though, and we haven't had any major problems.

We just have to get him trained to pee outside instead of inside as soon as possible. But Biskit's learning.

We've been spending a lot more time at the park now that we have a dog. Fetch is Biskit's favorite game to play and he's very good at it, too.

Our trips to the park have turned into all day affairs so we started packing some burgers or hot dogs so we don't have to leave when we get hungry.

We've learned to pack more than we need because sometimes we end up feeding other park visitors. We don't mind, though. It's a great way to meet new people.

I think we got really lucky with Biskit. He usually just minds his own business when we leave him alone.

He's not destructive like some other folks' dogs are.

Well, usually he's not as destructive as other dogs. He still acts out once in a while.

Our time at the park has also been a good way for Angel to catch up with his friends from school.

He's really been coming out of his shell more this year and it looks like he's starting to overcome his shyness a little bit, as well.

He still doesn't have a lot of friends but he's very close to the ones he has.

Just some Biskit cuteness.

Aww, Biskit has a girlfriend.

I thought it was sweet how he watched her walk away. lol

-FINALLY! An update! Sorry for taking so long everyone! It's been a hellacious month. Lots of ups and downs and been very busy. I think the brunt of it has passed now, though, and I can get back to playing.
-Sofia rolled the Adopt a pet ROS and the pet I rolled was "large dog". I really like Biskit and think he'll be great for Angel.
-Carlos was actually promoted twice this play session, once because he was due and another because of a chance card. The chance card was pretty interesting, had to deal with electrical wire and Carlos had to decide whether to send the fire fighters in or have them stay back. I just didn't have the brain power to try to reenact that lol.
-I updated my Business Directory to include a pic of Nu Du Salon and it's up to Level 6 now. I chose a money reward because the business really doesn't make all that much but put it towards their loan and savings.
-Only 2 uni updates and Alicia and Kyle's update and this round is D-O-N-E!! I'm excited to move onto the next round!


  1. Angel is the cutest little boy, he is so responsible and cute! He is always so happy, love him to pieces :)

  2. Thanks for reading, Starr! I think Angel is a little cutie, too. Glad you like him so much. I think he'll be just like his big brother Joel when he gets older. Joel was very hard working as a teen and I can see Angel falling into that. :)

  3. I adore Angel, I'm so glad he's coming out of his shell more and making a friend. And his dog is like the size of him! How cute is that!! I love their little family day at the park, aww! Carlos looks great work, and how awesome that she was able to pay off some debt with the grant.

    Glad to have you back!! looking forward to Alicia and Kyle's update and how they are doing!

  4. Thanks for reading, Maisie! Like I said on N99, Angel has a little fan club already and he's only 7 lol! I love that Biskit is as big as him and wish that kids could huggle dogs like toddlers do. That would be SO CUTE!

    Yea I was glad the salon made it up another rank because they needed some money badly. I might be able to upgrade some of their furniture next time I play them, too, which is always fun.

    It feels good to be back with my simmies!:) Thanks!

  5. This sort of reminds me of my last update! Little Joseph also just adopted a dog, and is working hard to play and take care of it. I really love Sims 2 pets. :)

    Their trips to the park look like tons of fun! It's a good thing Angel isn't spending all his time cooped up inside, like most boys his age.

    I was wondering when I'd see another update from you. Hopefully things will be able to calm down soon.

  6. Thanks for reading, coolkat! That's too cool that my update is kind of like your last one. I'll have to check it out. The pets definitely grew on me. At first I forgot all about adding them to my sims' families but now, most households have at least 1 pet.

    Angel was having a really good time at the park. He can easily be content playing with his toys or activity table inside all day but his parents are very active so they make sure he gets some fresh air ;).

    I should be able to play and update like I used to, even though that wasn't as frequent as others lol. But things are calm right now :).

  7. Ha, LOL, of course a little boy would choose an enormous dog to take home! I'm glad Biskit isn't too much trouble and that Angel is keeping up his end of the bargain with the responsibility side of things.

    But yes, KID/DOG HUGGLE!!! That would be adorable!

    Angel is such a lovely little kid. I can't wait to see more of him as he grows up.

  8. Thanks for reading, Carla! Yea, it is very boy-like to get a big dog instead of something practical lol. But Biskit has been a very good dog. I wish my parents' dog was that tame! And I'm surprised EA didn't think to do the kid/dog huggle. I bet they'll do it in TS3 just to piss me off LOL.

    I can't wait to see how Angel will be as he grows, either. I bet Joel would have been a little like him at that age but not as shy.


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