Monday, July 2, 2012

Be Careful

Round 6: October 2012 (Autumn)
Carlos Rodriguez is 47, Sofia is 44 and Angel is 7.
(Duane Grier is 7)
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Narrated by Carlos

All of us were sick with the flu late last month and it was unbearable. Sofia closed the salon for a couple of days so she could rest, and she spent most of the day lying in bed.

I took a day off to rest and spent the day lounging around as well. I really didn't have the energy to do anything.

Angel was sick, too, but luckily not as bad off as we were. We let him stay home from school a day but he wasn't as excited about staying home as most kids are. Instead of playing with his toys or just relaxing, he worked on his book report. I don’t know where our kids got their strong work ethic but I'm glad they have it.

Angel's been doing better in school now and he seems to be doing ok with making friends. He and Duane are very close now and he's over a lot after school.

Duane seems to be pretty outgoing and it must be rubbing off on Angel, which is great. I love seeing Angel acting silly like a little kid should instead of playing off by himself like he usually does.

I do have to keep an eye on them sometimes, though. I know that Angel wouldn't normally play in the leaves after we just raked them, so I suspect he was following Duane's lead.

I've been captain for about 6 months now and things are going very well. We just got a batch of new recruits this month and I've been busy showing them the ropes.

Some of them are fast learners and I don't have to babysit them but some of the others need extra attention. Nothing major, though, which makes my job a lot easier.

It'll be a while before I get promoted to Battalion Chief which I'm ok with. I enjoy working this closely with the newbies, especially when they're a good group like these guys.

 -Ah, an update. I haven't touched my computer in several weeks. Just been so busy! But I'm on vacation for 2 weeks and I hope to get back into simming while I'm off.
-While redecorating the fire station, I realized I wanted some fire safety posters, so I made some. If you missed them, you can grab them here.
-There was no doubt in my mind but Angel is proving more and more that he'll be a Knowledge sim when he ages up. He autonomously studies skills on Monique's computer whenever he's idle for a while, which is cute. My little shy, nerdy Angel <3.
-There will be one more mini-update for the Rodriguezes coming up soonish. I want to dress Angel up for Halloween. I had a costume in mind but I didn't see a child version of it, so I'll have to figure out something else for him.


  1. This family is adorable and love the fire station photos, have you done a tour of it? Can't wait to see his costume :) such a cutie pie

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! They are an adorable bunch, aren't they? I like playing them. I wanted to dress Angel as an alien since he has a high interest in sci-fi but I couldn't find anything I liked. But I like the costume I ended up with better in the end anyway ;).

      Glad you enjoyed the pics of the fire station. No, I haven't done a tour yet because I basically left the lot untouched after I downloaded it. But now that I made some changes and made those posters, I'll take some snaps of what I did. I'll do that either before or after the next Rodriguez update.

  2. Aww, Angel is just so precious - doing his book report on his day off! What a dream student he'd be. ;) Really good to see that he's making friends with Duane too. Let's hope Duane's ideas don't get Angel into trouble!

    Your fire station looks way more awesome than mine, even though I think it's the exact same building. I went looking for all that fire station deco that you have on the walls (the coats, the hoses, the axes, etc) at the place I thought they were - Ninth Wave - but I couldn't find them. :\ Can you help out with that?

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Angel really is trying to keep his grades up which is very impressive at his age. He's still teetering between a B and a high C and I think he'll be ok with that for now as long as he doesn't go any lower.

      I feel that Carlos and Sofia would go a little easy on Angel since, well, he's their little Angel lol. I think they know he won't do anything too wild and crazy just yet. Hopefully that doesn't change as he and Duane get older.

      Thanks for the compliments on my fire station! I really just stole ideas from Pru and the tv show Rescue Me LOL! I was completely stuck on ideas on how to make it look more realistic. I think we are using the same lot and I only just recently downloaded and added all that extra deco. The tooltip also said they were from TSR but I Googled them and found them here and I'll pin them, too. I'm at the fire station in game now taking some pics for a tour so you'll be able to see the other changes I made soon. :)

    2. Thanks! So they were exactly where I thought they'd be. I wonder how I missed them!

    3. Angel is such a doll! Definitely one of my favorites of yours and I think knowledge fits him perfect. I'm glad they all recovered from their sickness. I'm glad he's got a buddy to hang with. The fire station looks awesome!

    4. Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm glad everyone likes little Angel as much as I do. I can't wait until he becomes a teen but I'm really enjoying him as a child. He's sweet.

      I really kept an eye on this family because of the weird glitches I had the last time some of them fell ill. Luckily they made it through.

      Thanks for the compliments on the fire station! Tour will be up on Thursday :).


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