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Round 6: November 2012 (Autumn)
Trent Thomas is 47, Isabella is 46, Camille is 20, Manny Ramsey is 13 and Alyssa is 12
(Brian Robinson is 10, An Hu is 9)
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Narrated by Alyssa

I was grounded for what seemed like forever after my fights with Amber over the summer, but luckily mom and dad let me off punishment when school started.

I'm not allowed back at Starters, where I got into the fights, until next year, so I've been hanging out at the mall with Manny a lot instead.

I like hanging out at the mall better than Starters anyway. The boys are much cuter at the mall.

There was this really cute guy that was playing pinball with Manny and then we started talking when he saw me checking him out.

His name is Josh and he seems pretty cool. He lives here downtown and he's really into sports like me.

I haven't asked mom and dad about dating yet but we exchanged numbers anyway. I hope we can hang out sometime on the weekends until I can start dating. He seems like fun.

Manny's first few months at our high school have been good so far. Since Grades 7 and 8 are combined, we have all of the same classes.

I only have a couple of friends in this school so it's nice to have someone else to hang around and share the latest gossip with.

But it seems like the latest gossip is about me. Word spread about how I beat up Amber and now they're calling me a bully and giving me dirty looks.

Well, good! At least everyone knows now that they can't get in my face without expecting me to get right back in theirs. I'll beat them up too if they don't cut it out. I don't care how old they are.

I can't wait until my friends join me in high school, though, so I have more people to hang with. They are still in primary school so I hardly ever see them.

It's kind of weird when we do hang out, though. I'm a year and a half older than Brian and 2 and a half years older than An and the age difference didn't seem as big when we were in primary school together.

But now, it's a little hard to find anything to talk about. I want to talk about clothes and boys but An isn't really into that stuff right now.

We end up just talking about school. I've been filling An in on what high school is like and I can tell that she's excited about it. Just a couple more years to go.

The age difference is getting hard for me to ignore. Even An's birthday party seemed really kiddie. Her family took her and a bunch of her friends to the aquarium downtown and had her birthday celebration there.

Sea creatures and everything dealing with them aren't really my thing so I was pretty bored.

I was glad to grab some cake, give An her gift, and get back home.

Brian's birthday was also this month and his party was a little more fun. It was at the bowling alley in town.

I found out that I'm actually pretty good at bowling, so I enjoyed myself.

But I didn't get to play as long as I wanted because all the kids kept getting distracted. Just a little bit longer and I'll be done with these kid parties. I'm so over it.

My husband saw me setting up theses shots and he said the 2 girls glaring at Alyssa (Dana and Jessica) reminded him of this Geico commercial LOL.

-Alyssa rolled one of the other ROS this round, Hyperactive Hormones. Josh was the first townie to walk into the arcade at the mall and, to Alyssa's advantage, he's pretty hot! Well, according to her, he is. They have 2 bolts but I'm not going to have them start up anything just yet.
-Thanks to Carla for sharing her very cool aquarium! I had fun playing it and look forward to sending more sims there and having a sim work in Oceanography.
-Because of all the fighting and stuff, Alyssa has a bad reputation. Very bad. And she actually likes that! Everyday she rolls the want to have a bad reputation and it gets fulfilled right away so she's constantly platinum lol.
-Alyssa having a bad reputation is kind of funny, though. While she was downtown at the aquarium, everyone who walked by her scowled at her. And some of them even wanted to shove/poke her! I stopped it, though, because they were adults and she's only 12 for goodness sakes. Even if she does need a good smack down to put her in her place.
-The bowling alley in my main hood is hideous! I would have taken more shots but that was the best angle. I haven't been to it since before I started blogging, I think, and I can see why. I need to find another one or spend some time making it over.


  1. Wow, sheis hot headed! It was interesting to see her still interacting with her primary school friends, I haven't seen that in a while.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Oh yes! Alyssa is very hot headed! I'm surprised she and Amber didn't fight again while I had them at the school but I don't think they hate each other as much as before now that so much time has passed.

      I wanted Alyssa to hang out with some of her friends this session but then I realized that she only has 2 other friends and they're still in primary school! Since she's a Popularity sim, I know she'd want to be around her them regardless but she's realizing that the age difference is just too noticeable now. If it were any other sim, I probably wouldn't have made such a big deal of it but Alyssa seems to have matured a lot faster than other girls her age. She'll have to be nice to some of the older kids in high school if she wants friends until An and Brian join her there. :p

  2. Glad you're having fun with the aquarium!

    "Well, good! At least everyone knows now that they can't get in my face without expecting me to get right back in theirs. I'll beat them up too if they don't cut it out. I don't care how old they are."

    LOL! Yeah and Alyssa totally would too! Manny looks a bit nervous there. Who knows what trouble Alyssa is going to drag that poor kid into?! Seeing Alyssa's other friends are so young, it's extra good that she has Manny to hang out with now.

    Alyssa having to attend all the primary school parties is pretty hilarious! I kind of feel for her though. I remember being 11 and having to go to my cousin's 5th birthday party. My also-11-year-old step-cousin and I were so cool and over it, lol!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Yup, the aquarium fits in nicely :)

      LOL! Glad you liked that part. Alyssa thinks she is pretty untouchable right now. Hopefully Manny won't get caught up in her drama, and he hasn't, so far. Let's see if it stays that way.

      I'm glad Alyssa attending the younger kids' parties wasn't too abnormal. I imagine it'd happen a lot in small towns, too, like this hood is. There just aren't enough kids her age. LOL oh yea. I've attended plenty of younger cousins' birthday parties being the second oldest grandchild. Definitely could have found something much better to do with my Saturday afternoons! :)

  3. I was just thinking that I wonder what Alyssa will think when she's an adult pondering on her high school days.I admire her for having guts and not being intimidated by the others.

    Sidenote:The boy at the mall and Alyssa make a really cute couple, it would be interesting to see if the chemistry is still there once her parents allow her to date.

    Is Alyssa the only playable high school student? I wasn't when kids get to high school if they should continue to hangout with friends still in primary school or wait until they are all in high school, but hopefully some of her primary friends are on there way to high school soon so she could have someone her age to party with.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I was thinking, too, how fun it'll be for Alyssa to reflect back on her high school days and regret (or not regret!) how she behaved lol. I'm glad she's not a pushover either but I think she needs to bring it down a notch (although I love writing her this way!)

      I'm curious to see what'll happen with Alyssa and the boy at the mall, too. Hopefully I'll remember to revisit the dating issue when I play her family next sim year.

      There are actually 3 other playables in the high school besides Alyssa, the rest are either my playable NPCs or townies. My other playables are 17 and 16 years old and since they aren't friends with Alyssa already, I don't see them wanting to make friends with a 12 year old now. They're all thinking about college at this point. Alyssa's only other friends in high school are the boys she's in class with, so she has friends there, but they're not as close as she is with Brian and An. Alyssa will have to wait another 2 years before Brian gets to high school. Then the year after that, An will join them.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Alyssa, she is a riot!! It's too bad she doesn't go to school with my Hadley, they could team up and rule the halls! I truly loved the picture of the upperclassmen scowling at her! And Emma had a bad reputation for a while, and I was shocked at how people would just want to come up and start poking her! What is that! How funny they did that too a teen too! I never would have thought that!

    I'm glad that Manny isn't falling into the drama, but I'm sure that hanging out with Alyssa doesn't really help his reputation.

    The birthday parties were great, it's so awkward right now for her, but it won't be so bad in a few years. Even when she goes to college and they are still in high school, it won't be as bad of a divide as this is. I hope they can all be chummy again when An and Brian are in high school too.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Alyssa would love to have someone to rule the school with but I don't think either of our hoods could deal with the 2 of them together LOL! Glad you liked that pic of the upperclassmen scowling at her. It was one of those scenes I had in my head and hoped I could get it to look the way I wanted in-game. And since Alyssa was my first sim to ever have a bad reputation, I was completely thrown by everyone wanting to poke her lol! Her reputation definitely proceeds her.

      I hope Manny can steer clear of all of her drama. He start making friends with the others in their school so I hope he will start to hang around them more and leave her behind. We'll see.

      Yea, Alyssa doesn't have to deal with those little kid parties for much longer. You're right, the difference between elementary and high school seems a little bigger than high school and college. I'm looking forward to An and Brian becoming high schoolers. Brian is mean, too, so I wonder if he'll become a bully like Alyssa. I hope not! Crystal Creek doesn't need 2 sims beating everyone up!


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