Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lot tour: Fire Station

I had some requests here and at N99 to show a tour of my fire station. The lot I'm using was made by larsson1970 at MTS and can be downloaded here.

The structure of the building is almost exactly the same but I added 2 additional rooms, removed the fake fire pole that was in the middle and then the usual decor changes I make to every lot.

Up first, some layout shots (click pic to enlarge).

First floor:

Second floor:

Third floor:

Here is the main office. I don't have much use for this right now but I imagine visitors would report here to schedule tours of the station and fire safety trainings.
That door leads out into the main garage area. After seeing an episode of that tv show Rescue Me, I saw that the fire fighters had a bunch of tools, workbenches and even a locker room fairly close to where they load onto the fire trucks to put on/take off their gear before and after emergencies, so I added those areas.

Right up the stairs on the second floor, there's a work room where a lot of their tools are stored. This is also a skill building room where they can work on their mechanical skill. This room was completely ripped off from Prudence at N99 because I liked it so much. So thank you to Pru!

The third floor is basically their living area while they're at work. I've changed this several times but I think I'm satisfied with it now. There's a fully equipped kitchen.

Living area.

2 small work stations.

And the corner to keep those fun motives up.

-I forgot to clean up after I left the lot the last time and some random hacks might appear in the pics. I apologize lol.
-There are some beds and a bathroom through the door behind the punching bag but I didn't touch those areas. Plus they're hiding spots for more of my hacked objects ;).
-The firefighter deco on the first floor (coat and axe) can be found at TheNinethWave Sims.
-The hoses I'm using were made by Sims Connection but I'll probably replace them with different ones someone linked me to (as soon as I find the link!)
-The fire extinguishers are made by cyclonesue at TSR.
-The ladders and other tools are made by the awesome Sandy at Around the Sims.
-The fire safety posters are made by me and can be found here, in case you missed them.

Let me know if you have any other WCIFs! Thanks for looking :).


  1. This looks great! I have this lot in my downloads but used a different in the end but your tour makes me hate mine!! Love what you did with this!!

    1. Thanks for looking and glad you like it so much! I bet if I saw your lot I'd end up hating mine lol! That's how it always goes ;-)

  2. This was totally worth the tour! It looks amazing and like Maisie, I kind of hate my fire station now! I love the main office area as well as the Rescue Me-inspired room with the tools and the lockers. Too, too awesome - great job. :)

    1. Thanks Carla! LOL sorry you ladies hate your fire stations now. I'll consider this as a little payback for all your and Maisie's awesome lots that I drool over and wish were in my game ;).


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