Sunday, July 8, 2012

Open Arms

Round 6: October 2012 (Autumn)
Carlos Rodriguez is 47, Sofia is 44 and Angel is 7.
(Brian Robinson is 10 and Duane Grier is 7)
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Narrated by Sofia

Things have really been going well for me at my salon since I opened it a couple of years ago.  I'm in such a great location that I'm always booked.

With the increased traffic, I finally decided to hire another stylist. Her name is Jenna and she's fresh out of cosmetology school.

So far, she's working out great. She had no problem jumping right in and I haven't heard any complaints.

I also decided to branch out a little by selling beauty and hair products right in the salon and they've been a huge hit.

I didn't realize how difficult it'd be keeping up with the inventory but I'm making it work.

But I did decide to hire a local teenager to help keep the salon clean while I manage the rest.

Opening this salon was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I really love meeting new people and I've become fast friends with a lot of my regulars.

Getting Biskit has been really good for Angel, I think. He loves Biskit to death and has been taking great care of him.

Angel's very good at keeping Biskit fed and his bed clean but he's taking on more responsibility around the house, too. He has always picked up after himself but now he helps recycle the old newspapers.

And even helped rake the leaves after he and his buddy played in them all afternoon. I hope he continues to be this helpful when he becomes a teenager, but we have a while until we have to think about that.

Angel was so excited when Halloween came around this year. Carlos told him that I'd take him out trick-or-treating and he could invite his friends along too, if he wanted. He couldn't wait to invite his buddies Brian and Duane.

They all were pretty amped up about it and even coordinated their costumes. They dressed up as characters from the Harry Potter books and it was just too cute for words.

They were so rowdy before we went out trick-or-treating that I really dreaded how crazy they'd be after eating mass quantities of candy. I don't know why I agreed to take 3 young boys out trick-or-treating but I'll make Carlos do it next year.

It actually wasn't bad. The boys were well behaved the whole time we were out and seemed pretty pleased with their full bags when we got home. I'm glad I didn't agree to a sleep over. Brian and Duane are loud as it is without adding sugar into the mix.

-I started to feel really bad for Sofia this session. She's a Popularity sim and her aspiration is always in the low green due to wanting to become friends with all her customers. I never used to let my sims become friends with downtownie spawn but since she doesn't have any friends and my townies aren't full of plate-eaters, I'll let her go ahead. The salon can be her social outlet.
-More reasons to love little Angel! He's very neat so he always autonomously cleans up after everyone. He didn't rake autonomously but he was out there mopping up Biskit's pee. So, close enough lol.
-I really wanted an alien costume for Angel since he's really into sci-fi and paranormal stuff but I couldn't find anything for children. But matching Harry Potter costumes seemed like a cute idea for these boys. Angel would definitely read those types of books, and Brian and Duane have some interest in wizards and such, too.


  1. Aww, so cute. Someone should make children's alien costumes. The salon looks great and it's wonderful that she's doing so well there.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I was really hoping to come across an alien costume for children but my usual sites didn't have anything. But I was very happy to use the Harry Potter costumes instead :).

      Glad you like the salon. I wish I remember where I got it but it looks a little different now anyway. I do like playing it. I never had an owned salon before.

  2. So how's it going gameplay wise having things for sale at the salon? I was never able to make that work in my game. Sims ignore everything else if there's something for sale. :\

    Oh my God, HOW CUTE are Angel and his friends in their HP costumes?! Man, I thought Declan was cute in that as a teen but kids are even more adorable.

    You know, I could have sworn the alien outfit I used for Mitchell a couple of Halloweens ago had a child version. I'll see if I can find where I got it and check!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! The salon is actually working fine with items for sale and the chair. I didn't think it was going to work either because it didn't work in Jeanette's boutique. At first, townies were only buying the items but as soon as I hired a townie employee and assigned her to the chair, customers started to get makeovers from her. Not from Sofia's chair, though. So I guess they have to be non-playable employees..? Who knows how EA coded it, but it does work.

      Aren't they cute! I didn't think that they'd look as cute in the HP costumes as they did but I'm glad I didn't find the alien costume. And if you find the costume you used for Mitchell, please share! I'm sure I can use it for someone eventually :).

  3. Angel is adorable in his costume with his little buddies! Love that he has friends now! And aww on the doggy, it's like as big as Angel! I'm glad the salon is working well for sofia, having to hire help is a great sign! And making friends with her customers will bring them back more, so that's another bonus to befriending them.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I'm so glad I came across those Harry Potter costumes because they all looked so cute. I'm also glad Angel has a couple of friends now. It's just these 2 and I'm actually a little surprised. Brian and Duane are not the nicest boys, so hopefully they'll be good to Angel in the long run.

      I'm really happy the salon is working out so well and I know Sofia will be in better moods (gold and platinum aspiration instead of low green) now that she's meeting so many new people. I'm looking forward to playing them again already!

  4. Oh, how adorable they look at the HP gang. :) I love the beauty salon as well, it looks great.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Another fan of the HP costumes :). I just went and downloaded the female version and teen versions.

      Thanks for the compliments on the salon. There are a few more tweaks I want to make but I'm really happy with it.


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