Friday, November 11, 2011

Round 6 ROS

Here are the ROS I rolled for the upcoming round:

1. Distant relative moves in. Part 1, Part 2
2. Hyperactive hormones.
3. Win the lotto.

-Nothing too bad this round. I'm really happy with who rolled the hyperactive hormones ROS because I think it fits that sim. And the lotto will really help out this sim and their family so I'm glad for that as well.
-Some N99ers should know about the distant relative one already. I will post the prelude here too so that everyone will know the back story.


  1. These aren't too bad, at least you didn't get a death ROS.
    I think I've missed something at N99, I don't know who the distant relative is, but I'm looking forward to reading the prelude!
    Those hyperactive hormones can turn out into something really intersting!

  2. Oooh, I remember the distant relative one! Excited to see how that works out in game. :) The distant relative ROS is how Jesse Carmody ended up in my game and I adore him!

  3. Thanks for commenting, ladies!

    Tanja, yes I am glad these are pretty tame and that I didn't roll a death ROS. I told myself that I might actually do a death one if I rolled it now. I'm still debating since my population is still pretty small.

    Yea, there was a challenge in another part of the forum a few months ago that I entered. Starr, Carla, Pru and a few others also entered. You can see the entries here:

    Carla, I'm excited to see how the distant relative ROS works in the game, too. I'm also a big fan of your Jesse so I'm hoping the new member of this family will become a favorite of mine in time :).

  4. Those are some pretty tame ROS scenarios. Sometimes it's nice to have a break in between the craziness.

  5. HC, yea these are pretty tame and I'm ok with that. The car accident last round probably made some people nervous but as long as I don't have to kill anyone anytime soon, I'll be happy :).


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