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Round 5: Spring 2012 (Semester II)
Paul is 21, Michael and Michelle Reid and Celeste Dietrich are 19.
(Fidel Chessum and Nelle Griffin are 19)
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Narrated by Celeste

At the beginning of the semester, we had to move into a new dorm. Our old one needed a lot of repairs so instead of working around us, they moved us out.

I really like the new dorm, though, so I’m not complaining. The rooms themselves have so much more space and there are lots of places to just hang out and relax.

Michelle and I share a room now which is cool. We’ve gotten much closer now and it’s nice sharing a room with someone I know.

Michael wasn’t so lucky. He got stuck sharing his room with some guy named Curtis. They get along well enough but I know Michael would’ve preferred to share a room with someone who at least had similar interests.

He spends most of his time with me or in the study lounge than his room anyway so he rarely sees Curtis.

A few months ago, he and Michelle were at odds with each other which is unusual for them. I found out that Michael accidentally walked in on Michelle and her old boyfriend, Dominic, fooling around together. He had assumed that she wasn’t seeing him anymore. Or seeing anyone for that matter.

When he finally confronted her about it, she bit his head off saying it was none of his business who she’s with. Of course she’s right but Michael was just looking out for her. He never liked Dominic.

After she calmed down, she told Michael that they ran into each other at the spring festival in March. She still has feelings for him so she invited him over. Michelle’s single so she didn't see what the big deal was.

Michael’s not thrilled about the idea of Dominic hanging around but there's nothing he can do about it.

I know Michael will be relieved to know that Michelle hasn’t been thinking about Dominic at all recently. She started seeing this guy Fidel not that long ago.

Fidel’s a freshman majoring in criminal justice and Michelle seems to really like him.

No matter how late it is when she gets back to the dorm, she fills me in on all the details of their dates.

He’s on the shy side so Michelle often has to make all the moves. But she doesn’t mind too much as long as he’s accepting.

From what she tells me, Fidel seems to really like her, too. So things are going well.

Michelle’s feeling pretty optimistic about him right now but she doesn’t want to rush into anything. It has only been a couple of months and way too early to tell.

Paul seems to be dating someone new, too. I thought he started seeing Shelah exclusively but I guess they have a pretty open relationship.

Nelle is a friend of ours from high school and she and Paul met one night when we were all hanging out.

Paul wasn't really interested in her at first but Nelle's pretty persistent. She usually gets what she wants and Paul was no exception.

They ended up going on a few dates but I'm not sure how much further it's going to go.

They're attracted to each other physically but Nelle thinks that's pretty much as far as it goes. Paul's a pretty tough one to read so who knows how he feels.

Alyssa is everywhere! She turned up at the diner while Paul was on his date with Nelle and I swear her face is stuck this way! I watched her this time and she's actually still fuming about the attempted robbery last December. She's so pretty even while making her angry face lol.

And for those who haven't seen, here's the tour I posted on N99 of their new dorm (thanks again Tanja for sharing the awesome dorm!) I used all the same furniture in the dorm since that's how all the dorms were at the college I went to and the college I work at now and tried to let my sims' personalities show through their decor.

The first room I’m showing off is my sim Paul's room. He’s currently a junior majoring in music. Can you tell that he likes music? (click to enlarge)

He's also a slob, if you couldn't tell. I realized that I forgot to put his naughty posters back on the wall. Hopefully I’ll remember whenever I play again. Whenever that will be.

Next up is Michelle’s room. Since Michelle is very neat, I tried to keep her decor neat and tidy. Her fave colors are pink and red.

Celeste has the other side of the room and fave color is purple. She is into tinkering and is majoring in math to prepare for a career in architecture.

Michael has the room right next to Celeste and Michelle's. He’s also a neat freak so I tried to keep it simple and uncluttered.

The roommate he ended up with probably wouldn’t have been his choice. He’s into traveling and space chicks lol.

Tanja had a really nice green room in the dorm but I found that, with the way I play, I most likely wouldn't use it. So I converted into a study lounge.

-Grades for the year: Paul - 3.0, Michael - 3.6, Michelle - 3.1, Celeste - 3.6
-The Criminal Justice major that Fidel is in is part of the Missing Majors Uberpack by Whiterider at MTS. I still don't understand why EAxis had it set so that the law enforcement career linked to the biology major so I'm glad someone made majors to match better.
-I can't remember when now but sometime last semester, Michelle and Dominic did hook up in the dorm. It didn't fit in anywhere until they met up again at the Spring Festival and were all over each other. But I suppose they just needed to get it out of their system because neither of them roll wants for each other anymore.
-Michelle and Fidel seem to be pretty infatuated with each other for now. They're only 1 bolters, though, so we'll see if this is a real love connection.
-Paul and Nelle going out came out of nowhere. I was paying attention to Michelle, Michael and Celeste when I heard the first kiss music. It was Nelle getting her first kiss from Paul. And I noticed she kept hitting on him so I sent them out on a date (Paul has the want to have 50 dream dates). Even while on the date, they didn't roll romantic wants for each other so I'm just going to keep an eye on them.
-One more update to go and then it's the end of Round 5, finally! I seem to say that at the end of every round lol.


  1. I LOVE all the rooms! I never decorate my dorm rooms and this has totally inspired me! They all look really great :). I giggled a little at Paul's belly, Maxis has such a weird body image going on for heavier sims. Fidel is super cute, I like him and Michelle together. Their names even rhyme :)

  2. Wow, again, how decorated the dorm wonderfully. That has got to be awkward having yhour brother walk in on you will you're in your undies :P

  3. Thanks for your comment, Mizzgin! Glad you like the dorm rooms. I had fun decorating them even though the girls’ room stumped me for a while. I couldn’t find the right posters for them.

    I laugh at Paul’s belly all the time too LOL. I would say that EAxis wasn’t too far off with his body shape because it reminds me of a lot of the beer guts I see on guys in my area lol. I used to hate the male fat bodies but I just think of them as beer guts now.

    And it didn’t even click that Fidel and Michelle rhyme :p. I’m silly. He is a cutie, though, and I’ll have to be sure to take some better shots of him next time. :)

    Starr, thanks for commenting! And thanks again for the compliments on the dorm rooms.

    Yes, I image it was very awkward for her having her brother walk in on her. I think Michael was more embarrassed, though. Even though he’s kind of outgoing, I see him as slightly more prudish/conservative than Michelle. He was probably more upset at seeing that it was Dominic than anything else. ;)

  4. LOL @ Alyssa!

    Again, I love this dorm! I went the same way with Novak Hall - using all the same furniture and using decor to make the rooms different. It's amazing how well that works!

    Onto the story though! Michelle and Fidel are a cute couple. You never know with those 1 bolters - they can surprise you. Even if it's not a love connection though, they're young and they have time to figure it out. I didn't notice the rhyming names until Mizzgin pointed it out - awww!

    Paul and Nelle, eh? Sounds like they might just be destined for a quick fling but who knows? And wow, was this Paul's last semester? That's crazy!

  5. Thanks for commenting, Carla! I can’t wait to see what you did with Novak Hall. Using all the same furniture really forces you to think about your sims and how they’d have their room decorated. I can’t wait to get some fresh meat in my dorms so I can do it again.

    I’m really interested in seeing how things go with Michelle and Fidel. I know you’ve had some successful 1-bolter relationships so I know it’s possible. I’ll have to check what their actual score is because maybe they’re on the high end. I also haven’t changed their turn ons/offs and that may boost them up. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who was oblivious to their rhyming names lol!

    Yea I definitely wasn’t expecting Paul and Nelle to hook up. That’s probably why I wasn’t paying attention to them. But I think they might have 2 bolts for each other, which would explain it. And I was wondering if anyone would be confused by the ages and the semesters (because I confused myself at first lol). Because I split the uni student’s updates between fall semester (September) and spring semester (May), they still age up 1 year in age in January. So Paul actually has 1 more year to go (and I actually had to go back and confirm). Once I go back to 1 uni update a year, it won’t be weird :).

  6. I thought I reconized the dorm in the 1st picture! :)
    I'm glad you found good use for it. A study lounge makes so much more sense than the green room I've put in, lol!
    I love the way you decorated it, and you've inspired me to try this in my dorms as well, thank you :)

    I like Michelle and Fidel together, they look cute. I wonder if they can make it work with only one bolt, those can be surprisingly strong!

  7. Thanks for commenting and for the compliments on the dorm, Tanja! I took that first shot in hopes that you'd recognize the dorm. I know I used a different windows but the structure is the same. I liked the idea of a greenroom, though! I just needed a space for my nerdy sims to study and the other lounge (which I forgot to take a pic of) wouldn't have been a good fit. Please share pics whenever you decide to decorate the dorms :).

    I hope Michelle and Fidel last a while, too. It’s still very early in their relationship so only time will tell if they are a strong 1-bolt couple :). We'll see them again in a few sim-months.

  8. Hey! I'm just reading through and catching up with your blog now and I have to say its great! I'm sorry to be a pain but I saw those pictures on Michelle's wall and I just have to know where you got them from!!! Thanks so much. Can't wait to read on!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Did you start from the beginning?! I know I don't have as much history as other blogs but that's still an amazing feat. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

      If you have any WCIFs, don't be afraid to ask. I'll try to figure out where I got whatever you're asking for. As for the pics on Michelle's wall, I'm not sure which ones you're talking about but I was able to track down the red bird looking ones. They can be found here: I'm not sure about the <3 > $ one or the one of the planet but I'll keep my eyes open. I have a feeling they might be from GOS.


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