Thursday, October 6, 2011

She Will

Round 5: Spring 2012 (Semester II)
Davina Meadows and Joel Rodriguez are 20
(Paul and Shelah are 21, Michael, Michelle, and Celeste are 19) 
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Narrated by Davina
This semester, Joel and I both have classes in the evening, which is nice. It feels so good to sleep in every morning, roll out of bed and enjoy breakfast with each other.

Or sometimes we don't make it out of bed at all. It’s been a great few months.

With Joel constantly hounding me to decide on my major last semester, I finally declared at the beginning of this year. I realized that I would really like to do something art related.

I've always liked painting and I believe I've gotten very good at it, so I don't see why I couldn't make a living doing it professionally.

I'm already building up a pretty decent collection of artwork and plan to sell them whenever I get my name out there.

I know mom will be a little disappointed that I'm not going to be majoring in something business related to help her out when she's ready to retire. But I can easily take a few courses to become certified in sales or whatever when the time comes. And I know she’ll show me the ins and outs, too.

I'm still not sure if I want to make a living by just selling paintings or try to break into the fashion industry. I’ve done nothing in fashion at all until this semester so I've been spending a lot of time after class sketching different designs. Things are still a little rough but I’m sure I’ll get better eventually.

Even though I finally know what I’d like to do after college, I still hate doing the written assignments. I just can't find the motivation and Joel doesn’t even bother trying to get me to do the work anymore. He’s more focused on his own work to notice, though. When school is in session, you'll either catch him at the computer or in some corner studying.

He’s much more ambitious than I am and usually pulls all-nighters around the time term papers are due. He’ll sneak into bed long after I’ve fallen asleep. Sometimes I wake up, but most times I don't know when he finally came to bed.

But once Joel has all his assignments done for the semester, he usually loosens up a bit. He’s like a completely different person when class and coursework aren't on his mind. He’s a lot more flirty and fun. I like fun and flirty Joel.

Our usual routine is dinner at this nice little restaurant on campus and then we head to the campus bar to hang out.

It’s never very crowded during the daytime which is nice. We get the place to ourselves and don't have to wait to for a pool table or a dart board.

But as soon as 10 pm rolls around, the place starts hopping.

That’s when we run into most of our friends and we start hanging out with them.

After a while, the guys tend to migrate towards the TV to watch whatever big game is on.

So we girls just gather at a nearby table to chit chat.

Paul’s friend Shelah told us one night at the bar that Paul asked her to join the band he's forming. She's a junior art major but plays music on the side to get extra cash. She never considered playing music professionally but the idea of being in a rock band is exciting to her.

We all think Shelah should go for it. It's a once in a lifetime thing and hey, if they make it big, they'll be set for life.

Thinking about all the fame, awards and money she could possibly get, I think Shelah's going to start thinking about it more seriously now. That would be pretty awesome if they did hit it big!

-Despite never doing an assignment or writing a term paper, Davina's doing very well. Grades for the year - Davina - 3.6, Joel - 4.0. If she weren't so skilled already, she'd be much worse off.
-So Davina finally decided what she wants to major in... meaning, I finally decided what I wanted her to do lol. After some talk in the comments in their last update, some of you guys helped me figure out what she should do. So thanks!
-I really couldn't see Davina majoring in economics or something science related. She just lacks the focus and motivation even though she's really smart. Since she likes art and is really good at it, I think she'd be more willing to put in the effort. If only very little effort. ;)
-On a completely unrelated note, has anyone played around with the new Dynamic Views on Blogger (under Design--Settings)? I've been playing around with them and really like "Magazine" view but there are no gadgets like Labels or Archives. So I didn't want to change it permanently yet in case anyone uses those frequently.  If you want to see what I mean, view my blog in Magazine View:  Sexy!


  1. So that's what that view is called, I've seen it, but I haven't played around with the new views yet.

    Glad Davina chose a major finally and she is doing great. Reminds me of those students who could drink every day and still ace the classes without much effort.

  2. Thanks for reading, Starr! Yea I just noticed the new views last night and really like how sleek they can look.

    Yea, Davina's one of those who puts in little effort but still aces her classes. Joel could easily coast through his classes like Davina since he's pretty skilled, too, but he'd rather work and prove that he knows his stuff.

  3. I'm glad Davina and Joel are still doing well. I like them together, even though they do remind of Maia and Nick at times! Davina is lucky though, because she seems to be more skilled than Maia was. She might actually get to graduate!

    Art is a great major for her. I tend to think quite a few of those lazy students are probably more artistic in nature. So of course they wouldn't be into writing term papers and assignments! I look forward to seeing if she decides to break into fashion or stick with painting.

    I saw the pics of your bar on N99 and hadn't commented yet but it looks fantastic. Of course, I know you said you were inspired by mine, so I guess it makes sense that I'd like it. ;) I'm actually thinking of rebuilding mine as a separate lot. My bar is never crowded, because the Sims are too busy buying postcards at the newsagency next door!

    I have played around with some of the dynamic views but honestly, I didn't like them. Well, no, it's not that I didn't like them, exactly. It's just that I'm a creature of habit and they were all too different from the regular format to me. And not having those tools would drive me insane!

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting, Carla! I really like Joel and Davina together, too, and I thought about Maia and Nick a few times when I played them. I was looking for signs of them growing apart but they're still doing well for the time being :).

    And yea, I think that's where Davina one-upped Maia, in the skilling department. She would have been in trouble if she stayed as undeclared or went to another major because she'd actually need skill points in areas she doesn't already excel in. But she should be alright, for now.

    LOL I hope you'd like the bar because it looks just like yours! I didn't even redecorate the other stores but I removed some of the stuff so the bar would draw more attention. Plus I used the customer adjuster to bump the number of sims visiting the lot up to 15 or so. The first pic where they were there during the day was a more accurate picture of how the lot looked without my help.

    I know what you mean about being a creature of habit. I use those tools a lot and I'm sure any newcomers would be lost. If I didn't rely on them so much, I would have switched already, most definitely.

  5. I'm glad Davina and Joel are still doing good together. They are most definitely opposites for school motivation! Glad its not an issue for them. I liked the bar scene and how they all split off to their own gender groups. I also think art major is perfect for Davina, I can totally seeing her enjoying that.

  6. Thanks for reading and commenting, Maisie! I'm glad Joel and Davina are making it work, too. I was looking out for signs of their relationship deteriorating due to their very different study habits but there were still lots of wants for each other and they can’t keep their hands off each other when left alone for 5 seconds :). So, I’m guessing they balance each other out. I can see Davina loving staying home raising their children while Joel goes out to work.

    Glad you liked the bar shots. For the most part, it was all gameplay, which was cool!

    At first I wasn’t sure about Davina doing art but the more I think about it and the more I play her, it fits. So I’m glad others think so too. :)


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