Saturday, May 12, 2012


Round 6: Autumn 2012
Davina Meadows and Joel Rodriguez are 20
(Carlos Rodriguez is 47, Sofia is 44 and Angel is 7)
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Narrated by Joel

It looked like changing her major to art was what Davina needed to get interested in her course work.

I saw her actually working on her art history mid-term paper one morning and it wasn’t due for a couple more weeks. Normally she waits until the last possible moment, if she does it at all.

She hates it when I nag her but she knows I have her best interests in mind. She enjoys her classes a lot more now and that’s all that matters.

This year started out busy for me and it's going to stay that way probably until I graduate. Because I'm doing so well in my classes, I was qualified to apply for an internship with the SCIA!

There were a lot of security clearances I had to go through in order to be accepted. I haven't been in any legal trouble ever, so that was no problem there. I also had to pass an entrance exam.

It was tough but I was confident. I found out that I was accepted a few weeks before classes started.

I had to make a few changes upon accepting the internship, though. I had to buy business clothes since I would be working alongside detectives. And I had to get a haircut. Nothing was particularly wrong with my cornrows but it was strongly suggested that I would look more professional without them.

As an intern, I'm low on the totem pole there, so I pretty much just run errands, file paperwork and type up reports.

But I don't mind it because at least I have my foot in the door. And if all goes well, I might have a job right after graduation.

September is a busy birthday month for our family. Davina, my mom and Angel's birthdays are only weeks apart, so we decided to just have one big birthday dinner at my parents'. Angel isn’t big on parties so we kept it very low-key.

We were going to go out to dinner but mom was sick with the flu, so I made dinner for us instead.

It wasn’t a big birthday bash but it was fun. Davina and my family get along really well so I know she didn’t mind it being a more laid-back celebration.

We probably should have stayed away until my mom felt better because I ended up catching her flu.

It really knocked me off my feet and I was stuck in bed for a few days. But I didn’t let that keep me from all the work I needed to do.

-I'm not going to split up the uni update into 2 separate ones this round. I did it the last 2 rounds (one update in fall, one in spring) but it feels like it drags out uni a little too long.
-I was going to wait until Joel graduated to change his hair but I was ready for a change now. It's going to take some getting used to, but I think he still looks handsome.
-I wanted one more thing to talk about in this update so I looked to see when everyone's birth month was. To my surprise, there are 3 September birthdays in this family! Actually, there's 4, Davina's dad, but I didn't think to invite them over, too. Poor George. We'll celebrate his birthday another time.
-I played Sofia, Carlos and Angel for a day so that I could invite Davina and Joel over for dinner and Sofia ended up catching the flu on her way home from work. And she proceed to get everyone sick except for Davina. Way to go Sofia. I play their household after the next uni update so hopefully there won't be a hood-wide epidemic.


  1. So sad that he cut his hair, in our internship program one of the guys had cornrows, but he kept them. He had to prove he was more than his hair and he did.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Yea, I was sad to cut his hair at first and the new look will definitely take some time to get used to. Even for me! But I think it'll fit him better. I see him more as someone who would conform if he had to. I wasn't planning on keeping him in the cornrows but it was just a matter of when I'd get rid of them. I had to find the right hair for his head.

  2. Go Davina! That's exciting to see her actually interested in something! What was her major before?

    I love Joel with his new haircut (I just really love that haircut though!) I love the idea of Sims other than education majors doing an internship. I'll have to consider that for some of my Sims.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I was excited to see that Davina actually rolled the want to do a term paper, too! She usually rolls the want to play computer games and I almost ignored it. Her major was undeclared until she (I) finally gave her art last round. She never rolled any wants for any particular major so I never gave her one.

      Glad you like Joel's haircut! It'll take some getting used to for me but I think I'll really come to like it. It was like when you cut Nick's hair. It was so traumatic at first but I can barely remember him with it now ;).

      I work in the career center at my college now so I get to see a lot of different types of internships come through. I have a few of them written down because they sound really cool and I want to see if I can play them out in the game somehow. I didn't try it with Joel yet but I was also thinking it'd be a great way for them to earn some extra money while in college. I'll have to see if I can have them look for a job or if I can just cheat them in.


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