Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Sweet Love

Round 6: August 2012 (Summer)
Edna Blackwell is 68, Glen Stevens is 52, Jeanette is 51, and Darren and Dana are 17.
(Alicia and Kyle are 20, Ava and Shae are 6 months)
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 Narrated by Glen

It got extremely hot out this past week, so we've been spending a lot of time in the pool.

I don't utilize the pool that often but I'm thankful we have it for days like the ones we've been having. I bet the public pools are packed.

It came in handy when we celebrated Kyle's birthday last weekend. Since his family lives so far away, we decided to hold a party for him.

We hung out in the pool until late in the afternoon and then we gathered for dinner.

It was a really fun afternoon. Things always go well until Edna decides to over-share. I guess something reminded her of some wild parties she had when she was younger. She started telling some story about how she and one of her old boyfriends were caught woohooing in public and were arrested.

Kyle's a good sport, though, and never minds Edna's crazy stories. He finds them pretty funny actually. I've become numb to them and they no longer faze me.

The rest of the gang just sat there in disbelief. I know the kids must be mortified. Jeanette too, definitely. She's had to deal with it all of her life.

We were all too happy to move to the presents at that point. We all chipped in and got Kyle an iPod. He was shocked we did that for him but he really loves it.

We started taking the twins for the whole day on Saturdays so we could see them more often. We always go to see them since Kyle and Alicia don't have a car, but having them for the whole day at our house is much easier for everyone.

Because they're spending more time here now, Jeanette converted part of the basement into a nursery. She's finally settling into her role as "grandma" and has started to spoil those girls rotten.

I have to admit. Having Shae and Ava around more often has made me miss having young children in the house.

I've always wanted a bunch of kids, not that 3 isn't a lot, but I wouldn't have minded a couple more.

I haven't said anything to Jeanette about this passing thought of having another baby. I don't know if she wants to go through the whole thing again now that Dana and Darren will be 18 next year.

She may not be completely opposed to the idea, though. We always talked about having a fourth child when the twins were younger but the 3 of them kept us pretty busy.

Would it be weird having a child that will be younger than our grandchildren? It's probably just a passing thought, though. I really like that it'll soon be just me, Jeanette, and Edna in the house for a while, so I should just enjoy it.

-That whole story Edna was telling at Kyle's party was all gameplay. I was watching the speech bubbles during dinner and she really did start talking about public woohoo. Then the very next bubble was one of handcuffs. LOL!
-Glen is a family sim and he rolled a want for a baby this round. I didn't figure out IFS for my older sims but I did his just to see what it would be. He would have wanted 8 kids! So, yea, he definitely wanted a much larger family. The want rolled away within the same day and never came back but he has been thinking about it a lot. If it comes up again, I'll have to figure out what I want to do.
-That's it for the Stevens! Onto the Uni updates :).


  1. They are so cute with the twins and yay for yummy Kyle pictures !

    1. Thanks for reading! Those twins are going to be spoiled rotten. They get lots of attention from everyone. And I knew you'd like those pics of Kyle... AND he had no shirt! Bonus! ;)

  2. Baby pictures always make me feel mushy :). Eight kids? Yea, that probably wasn't going to happen lol. And Kyle is definitely a hot set of pixels! I have an aunt and uncle like Edna unfortunately lol. Over the years we've all just gotten use to it.........

    1. Thanks for reading! Yea, I definitely needed to get the babies in one of their updates. They're cute but I wish they could do more with babies.

      And yea, 8 kids! And that's not even the highest of my sims! I just checked and Dana wants 8, too, but Ryan (Keisha's fiance) wants 12!! Anyway, so not happening.

      Kyle is definitely a hunk and I hope these 2 have more kids later on, even though Alicia said she's done. I would like to have another boy that looks like him.

      LOL I think everyone has a family member like Edna. She's a combination of my grandmother and my cousin (who everyone says takes after my grandmother :P). Total over-sharers.

  3. LOL, it figures Kyle is the least fazed of Edna's family! It's far more mortifying to hear about those kinds of shenanigans from relatives you've known your whole life!

    And whoa, Glen wants another baby? That's definitely a big deal at the age he and Jeannette are at now. It would all be a lot harder on them this time around. I wonder if that want will pop up again and what Jeannette would think about it.

    1. Thanks for reading! LOL Yea. Kyle just laughs it off but thinking of your mother/grandmother woohooing and public... BLAGH! That's on a need-to-know basis and they certainly didn't need to know any of that lol.

      Yea that baby want popped out of nowhere. He was thinking about having a baby or adopting a lot, but I guess that isn't too strange for a family sim. But actually rolling the want is major. I'm keeping an eye on him. Jeanette seems pretty content with their life right now. Her wants revolve around upgrading their kitchen appliances and maxing out skill points ;).


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