Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lost in the World

Round 4: Autumn 2011 (Semester I)
Narrated by Joel

Davina and I decided to move out of the dorms and into the new private housing units on campus this semester so we could concentrate on studying more.

Actually, I think that was my reason for moving out. Davina doesn't spend a lot of time studying.

I'm usually up late into the night writing my term papers or doing class assignments while she's sound asleep. But my classes are pretty demanding.

If it was up to her, she’d be perfectly fine with coasting through each semester by attending the minimum amount of classes and having other people submit her assignments for her. But I've been trying to motivate her to get the work done on her own. She's perfectly capable but she procrastinates.

We do like having our own place even though we don't get to see our friends as often as before. But it's not like we never see them. The housing units are pretty close to the dorms and our friends usually stop by on their way to and from class.

The best thing, though, is having our privacy. We were never alone while living at the dorms and it's great that we can lock our doors and be together whenever we want. I’ll never go back to the dorms.

Before we know it, the semester will be over, and in typical Davina fashion, she still hasn't decided on her major. We've spent a few nights talking about what would happen if she waits too long but that didn’t seem to faze her. The college will automatically assign her to Philosophy and who knows what kind of job she'd get with that degree.

Davina really can't decide what she wants to do, so I've been pointing out the things she's good at to help her. She's very creative and loves fashion, so I suggested she major in art or fashion design.

She's also really into the entertainment industry, so she could get into journalism or something. Or she could help her mother with her businesses. But I can tell she's getting tired of the topic.

The last thing I want to do is cause tension but I want my girl to make up her mind before it’s made for her.


Just a little bit of Davina and Joel cuteness while I was searching for a pose for them. I'm going to have to make them a collage and hang it in their unit.

The Twikkii Island greeting is spreading like wildfire throughout the college campus. Sims who I didn't even know interacted with my sims are coming up to Joel, Davina and Paul and greeting them.

-Just in case you’re wondering, I’m splitting the college updates into Semester I and Semester II for now. I played around with different ways of doing my updates next round but with the way I decided to go with, I wouldn’t have been able to get a college update in any other way. But hey, we get to see this group of kids again sooner and I don't mind that. Hope you all don't mind, either.
-I still wasn't sure what to do with Davina (and apparently, she doesn’t know either since she never rolls up any major specific wants) so I started looking at her skills and interests. She has 9 in creativity because she used to paint constantly all during high school. As soon as I bought her an easel, she wanted to paint a masterpiece and also buy a sewing machine. So that's where the fashion idea came from. I'm actually a little surprised by it because I didn't see her going into art or fashion. But there ya go.
-I realized while playing them that the other dormies on Joel and Davina's lot are all female and they all have the hots for him. None of them tried anything but they were heart farting all over the place. They better watch out or they'll be getting up close and personal with a cow plant lol.
-I'll post grades after Semster II. Up next: Paul, Michael and Michelle Reid and Celeste's update.


  1. Choosing majors is hard sometimes. I tend to look at personality, interests and skills to see what pops out at me :) Hopefully she'll chose before the university chooses for her.

  2. Thanks for reading, Starr! Davina's my hardest one yet for choosing a major. I have been looking at all those things (for some sims, I look as early as toddlerhood lol) but she's all over the place. I've used your guide, the guide you linked to at the end of your guide, Carla's guide and my own and each one gives a different result. I get Culinary, Science, Natural Science, Business, Medical, Art, etc depending on which aspect I base it on. Davina reminds me so much of myself lol. I was just as indecisive in college.

  3. I do the same thing that Apple Valley does. Most of the time I have an idea for their major by the time they go, but sometimes it's not as clear. I play my uni four times a round (2 fall updates and 2 spring) because that's how school is done here. That and the fact that I've found that playing it one semester at a time keeps things interesting for me.

  4. Great pictures! She better make her mind up soon, it would be a shame to see her stuck doing something she didn't want to.

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mizzgin and Driftwood Valley!

    Mizzgin, yea, Davina really does have me stumped with her major but I think I figured something out after I replied to Apple Valley. And I think I'll like playing the uni more than once a round. So much can happen each semester and I don't want to "miss out" on it. Also, since I only have a few households right now, it won't be a burden to add them into the round schedule an extra time. :)

    Driftwood Valley, thanks and yea, she better make a decision. And fast! She only has 1 more semester to go before the college makes her mind up for her. But like I said to Mizzgin, I got an idea earlier today, so Davina might have an epiphany when I play them again in a few sim-months ;).

  6. When you mentioned fashion for Davina I thought it suited her. But from what you were telling, it seems like Davina really has no clue of what she wants to do! I hope she desides soon, and doesn't get stuck with the one the university puts her up with.

    I do my university updates by year, this means 2 updates every round I don't think I could do your way, because I never really liked playing uni (this has gotten better this year), and I'm not such a good writer to write a good story 4 times a round, I barely make it 2 times, LOL. Though I wouldn't mind seeing your students 4 times :D

    I like Joel and Davina so much!! They are truly adorable!

  7. I love the picture of Joel helping Davina with her assignment. Is that a poker table animation you used for Joel there?

    I can see Davina doing something artistic, actually. It's cute that Joel is so concerned about her future career path, though I'm betting Davina isn't thinking it's so cute sometimes!

    I'm seeing shades of Nick and Maia with Joel and Davina and their differing attitudes to study. I hope they can make it work where Nick and Maia didn't though!

  8. Thanks for reading, Tanja and Carla!

    Tanja, I'm glad you think fashion suits Davina because I started to lean towards that earlier today. I looked at all of her interests again and she's VERY interested in fashion, culture and entertainment, which is perfect for art and fashion careers. So that might be the way to go!

    I'm only going to be playing the uni kids 2 times in 1 round. My rounds are only 1 year long right now since I have so few households. Actually, my rounds don't even make it to a full 1 year. I think they last about 10 months. So I will play them once for "fall" semester, or Semester I and then one more time for "spring" semester, Semester II.

    I'm glad you like Joel and Davina because I really love them together, too. At first I wasn't so sure (they hooked up via ACR when I first installed it) but they really grew on me.

    Carla, thanks, I had fun setting up that pic of Joel helping Davina with her assignment! No, that animation was actually the "steel bite" animation that came with NL, I believe (when they dine out). I found that animation before I found the poker one and it came out exactly how I wanted.

    LOL, yea I can imagine Davina not thinking it's so cute sometimes. She's hearing it from everyone she's close to, first her parents a few months ago and now Joel. And now that you mention it, they do remind me of Nick and Maia. I really like these 2 together so I hope their differences aren't enough to split them like Nick and Maia! But, Nick and Maia are in good places now. So we’ll see how things go!

  9. I feel for Davina, choosing a life plan can be very hard especially when you're just getting out on your own. Hopefully inspiration will strike.

  10. Thanks for your comment, HCove! I definitely agree! I've been in Davina's situation before and it is not easy. I hope she ends up with something she'll enjoy.


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