Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Round 4 Summary

Here's a summary of what went down in Round 4:

Births: n/a
Deaths: n/a
Engagements: n/a
Marriages: n/a
Break-ups: Camille Thomas and Franky Sullivan
Graduations: n/a
New Residents: Kyle Bryant, Celeste Dietrich

Total Population (playables): 35 (20 Female, 15 Male)

Babies: 0
Toddlers: 0
Children: 4
Teens: 4
Adults: 24
Elders: 3


  1. I meant to say this in your last update but I'm kind of jealous that your population is so low! It means you can add Sims like Celeste to your playable count "just because", without overloading yourself. I'm well past that point with Sullivan!

  2. Awww, yea I just saw that you're at 120 sims! Yikes! I'm actually a little jealous of your full hood! But I know that it's *a lot* of work and a lot of sims to keep track of. I guess I should enjoy it now, huh?

    It'll probably take me about 5 real life years to even get half your populations with the rate I'm playing LOL. But I hope I can do more when I can carry the sims around with me on my laptop, whenever it friggin gets here! :)

  3. You'd be surprised at how fast your population grows once you get in the grove. My population has grown quite a bit with marriages and birth. My numbers are still manageable, so it is easy for me to add sims just because.

    So day, I want to be were Carla is with huge class sizes

  4. OV, yea I bet once the babies start, they just won't stop! I'm surprised none of my college students got knocked up. Actually, they're all very neat sims and are allowed birth control, so I guess I'm more surprised/disappointed that the birth control didn't fail ;). I want more babies!

    Some day I want to be where Carla is in numbers, too. But I'll just enjoy my little hood for now I guess :).

    Thanks for commenting!


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