Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Two of my playables are celebrating their birthdays this year! Michael and Michelle Reid just turned 18 and will be starting their first year at the University of Crystal Creek in September.

Michelle is excited to start classes and will be majoring in Education.

Michael's planning on majoring in law and is excited to make friends with his new dorm mates before classes start.

Also joining them at UCC is Michael's girlfriend Celeste Dietrich, who will be majoring in math.

Nelle Griffin hasn't been a major character in any of the stories but she's very good friends with Davina, Keisha and Camille. So I thought I'd progress her a little bit (plus Davina kept wanting her to go to college). Nelle plans to get into show business and will be majoring in drama.

Last but not least, Dominic Patterson decided to skip college and his main priority right now is getting some action.

-You may not recognize Michael and Michelle's majors because I'm using some of the majors from The Missing Majors Uberpack from MTS. I wanted a larger variety of majors and majors that actually made sense for some of the careers (like why would you major in Drama if you're planning on entering the Athlete career?) In case you're curious, I'm also using Chemistry, Computing, Criminal Justice, Fashion, Genetics, Journalism, Marine Bio, Music and Performing Arts majors from that pack.
-I have my "base hood" university all set up and so far, so good! I haven't played long enough to send them to class but I don't forsee any problems. I'll post a tour once I get all the pics. And just in case you want more info on what a "base hood" university is, you can read Laura's tutorial here, which is what I followed to set mine up.
-Unless something drastic happens, Celeste will most likely become a playable sim and get her own profile. She's the only non-playable that is living in the same dorm as my playables in college now. The others non-playables are living in another dorm where I just randomly pick what grade they get each semester.
-All profiles have all been updated.


  1. Everyone looks so cute! Especially Celeste, because I'm a sucker for freckles. And Dominic...yeah, that would be his priority, wouldn't it? LOL!

    Ah, I was going to ask about the majors! I just pretend, because I don't want all the extra professors!

    I'm getting ready to set up my base hood uni too. I think the only thing I'm confused about is how to get dorms in the hood, because dorms generally won't show up in the bin in a regular hood. But I will hopefully figure that out, once I actually download the hacks!

  2. Thanks Carla! Celeste is the first sim I've ever had with freckles and I just love the way she looks. I'm going to see what other townies I have that might look good with them, too.

    I didn't even think about the professors when I added all of those majors. I regret it now but I think I'll get that hack someone mentioned at N99 that makes the game only generate 1 for each and then fill up my cemetery with the extras lol.

    Have fun setting up your uni! I'm still taking pics of mine but I think I'm done moving stuff around for now. I was confused about the dorms too but all I did was move everyone out, go in and zone it as residential and put it in the bin. Then when I went to my uni hood, I plopped it down and zoned it back to dorm. It didn't break anything that I noticed. My sims all claimed their doors and the dormies showed up and claimed theirs, too.

  3. You have so pretty good looking college kids there!

    Carla, setting up a dorm is the same in the main hood. After you build the lot and place what you want in there, just change the lot zoning to dorm, then save. Don't forget to place teh gold record on ALL lots that your college kids will attend, so they will go to class on time.

  4. Ah, thanks guys! That's probably what I would have tried first, so good to know that will work!

  5. Thanks GB! And good luck, Carla! Are you putting yours right into Exeter or are you making a new hood?

  6. No, I don't want to overload Exeter, so the uni will be in a separate hood. I already have a disused subhood in Sullivan, so I'll probably just choose a terrain and use HoodReplace on that.

  7. Pretty sims, all of them! They all look so good!

    I've just moved my uni to my downtownarea, to have a base-hood uni too, and I can't wait to play it :) I can't wait to see more of yours!

  8. Thanks Tanja! I just saw the exterior of your new dorm and it really looks great! You should think about sharing your lots because they're awesome. I know lots of people would love them (including me :)). Have fun setting up your base-hood uni. Looking forward to seeing it.

  9. Thank you very much for the compliment! I have been thinking about sharing some of my lots, but I have so many CC, I can't give proper credit, and some of it is from paysites, so I can't upload those things. But I'll give it another thought!

  10. I know what you mean! Most of the time it's hard to make a lot the way you vision it without a load of CC. And sometimes a lot of the stuff you use can't be tracked back to the creator. But even if you don't end up sharing, I appreciate all the pics you take so I can get a good feel of the shape and layout of your buildings so I can do something similar (if I get out of my lazy mode :)) I have so many buildings I want to make on my to do list.

  11. Dominic is look great, I'm thinking he won't have too difficult of a time finding some action.

    They are all rather adorable, I really like Celeste, freckles are my undoing, so anyone with freckles gets my favoritism. Thank Goodness none of my kids irl have freckles. haha, kidding. ;)

    I was considering that download from MTS, I think you just swayed me. I always thought there was a huge lacking, but hate that you miss out on the chart for each career when choosing.


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