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Round 5: January 2012 (Winter)
George Meadows is 55 and Belinda is 54
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Narrated by Belinda

A new year meant new beginnings for us this year. Near the end of last year, George and I sold our house and had a sale to get rid of a lot of our old furniture. We didn't think that many people would want all our old junk but we made a decent amount of money.

We bought a very lovely ranch home on the other side of town and we're officially all moved in now. We absolutely love it and it's not all that much smaller than our old home in terms of square footage.

We're doing much better financially since the move which is always nice. After buying all new furniture and putting some money in our savings accounts, we were able to splurge a little bit. We upgraded a lot of the electronics and appliances and I was finally able to buy the piano I've wanted for years.

Not wanting to feel left out, George bought a high powered telescope and some nights I can barely get him away from that thing. He'll be nearly frozen solid before he decides to come inside.

We also had enough money to buy a second car and trade in my old one for a new one. I would love to upgrade everything since we're able to but I think we have everything just the way we want it now.

It was a little bittersweet selling our old home, though. It was like we closed a chapter in our lives. George and I are creeping up on 60 years old and we've come to realize that I most likely won't bear any more children. We've always wanted more, but somehow life got away from us. So it’s been a little unsettling in between all the excitement.

In between moving, I've been keeping myself busy with my new business, Ciao, in Summit Heights. I opened just after Thanksgiving and business has been ok. Not many people downtown have heard of my restaurant in town so I just have to build up my clientele.

I've been running it on my own so far which has been a challenge. I haven't found a chef with enough skills to help me make the foods I want to sell, so I have to do all the food prep, restocking, sales and then clean up at the end of the night.

I usually don't leave until very late in the evening, which has been burning me out.

I was forced to rest when I came down with a bad cold 2 weeks ago.

I didn’t feel all that terrible but I had a nagging cough that wouldn’t go away. So that meant I had to stay far away from my restaurants.

Some home remedies seemed to clear up my symptoms in a few days and it was back to work for me.

Unfortunately, George ended up catching my cold, but he ended up becoming seriously ill. He was very weak and was having chest pains.

I was really concerned, so I made him go to the medical center to get checked out.

Davina rushed over from campus after I called her. I didn’t want her to worry but I had no idea what was wrong with him.

After Dr. Robinson ran some tests, she found out that George had a mild heart attack. Luckily we came to the medical center when we did or it could have been much worse. She said he needs to rest and she'd release him after she monitored his condition for a couple of days. She was very optimistic which made me feel so much better.

The rest did him some good and he was ready to go home after 2 days in the hospital. He just got promoted to Clone Researcher and I guess the pressure of doing that kind of work really took a toll on his body. I hope he will take it a little easier on the job or at least request a cut in hours when he goes back. I don't know if I can deal with another one of these emergencies anytime soon!

In case you're not a member of N99, I posted a tour of their new house. And because I'm lazy, I copied/pasted the text from my post :P.

When you enter the house, you walk into the spacious living room with music area on the right and tv area on the left.

The open doorways to the right of the tv area lead into the large eat-in kitchen.

Through the doorway to the left of the kitchen is the hallway leading to the bedroom but there's also a door that leads into the office. Belinda loves to make money any way she can, so she paints, writes novels, gives financial advice, owns businesses... you name it, she's into it... if it involves making money lol.

And part of the bedroom. This is the most interesting angle, or I just love the walk-in closet I built for them.

-George's mild heart attack wasn't an ROS or anything. For some reason, he kept mysteriously dying on me after he got sick. I thought he was dying due to the cold but his motives were always very high. He'd get home from work and just drop dead, even after I moved them to their new home. I was going to let his death stick if the plead with the grim reaper didn't work but it did. I gave myself a pass on deaths at least until next round, so to get around my cheating at his death, I wrote it in as a mild heart attack. He’s a Knowledge sims so he didn’t mind me bringing him back from the dead ;).
-I really wasn't expecting to use my medical center this much but it's really getting a workout! You saw it last update, this update and will see it again next update when Alicia gives birth, finally!
-When I moved George and Belinda into their new home, they both rolled the want for a baby. Uh, what? No. As much as I want more sim babies, these 2 are done.
-I used the customer controller to boost up the number of folks who came for the yard sale and they ended up reaching level 5! So I decided to go for the money benefits so I could comfortably decorate their new house.
-I think this is the first 1-story home I've played in a very long time. Most of the houses I play have 2 floors. 1 of them has more than 3 (the Stevens' house).
-The Business Directory has been updated with pics of Belinda’s businesses. I plan on making the outside of Ciao (full name will be Ciao Italian Catering) more interesting when I feel like recoloring signs.


  1. I'm glad George recovered, I was worried about him for a second there! I love the idea of doing a yard sale instead of just mysteriously selling all their stuff off and getting cash by moving them out. Their house looks gorgeous, I've been trying to decorate my sims' houses a bit more......I have a tendency to get a tad lazy lol

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mizzgin! Haha, you would have every reason to worry about him if I decided to go ahead and let him die. But not yet! If something weird happens like that next round, then he’s out of luck.

    At first I was going to sell all their furniture to see how much money they’d get but they’ve been in that house so long that everything depreciated a lot. A house sale was right up Belinda’s alley.

    Glad you like their house. I also get lazy when it comes to decorating my sims’ homes (you should see some of the other ones! Eek!!) which is one reason why I didn’t just redecorate their old one. I think I just needed a clean slate to get inspired.

  3. Wow, an heart attack. I like how you wrote that in, but I wonder what was causing that in the first place. Their new house is amazing as well and they really splurged on everything :)

  4. Starr, thanks for reading and commenting! I'm glad that the way I wrote it came out ok because I actually changed it 3 times before settling on that. I wasn't sure how I was going to explain it but then I looked at my pics and was like, duh, it looks like he's having a heart attack! I do have the Realistic Sickness hack in but he really wasn't sick for very long. I got the notice that he was ill, then he went to work before I could stop him. When he got home, he dropped dead :\. Probably just one of those funky glitches.

    And yes, they definitely splurged in this new home. Belinda actually wants to splurg more by getting better kitchen counters, dining table and dining chairs but no. I like how it all looks, so she'll have to deal! ;).

  5. I love the business, it's decorated so well!

    I was worried about George, I didn't think he was going to survive when he went into hospital but I like the way you wrote it.

  6. Thanks for reading, Driftwood! Glad you like the business! It is the smallest business I'm running, but I really do like it!

    I think something weird is going on with the realistic sickness hack I have. I went into a playable NPCs home just now and I got the message that the sim was sick and then a minute later, she dropped dead. I was sure I had the modified version where the sims' chances of dying was decreased but maybe it's corrupted or something.

    But anyway, I didn't want George to die due to some freaky problem with a hack. I hope I can figure out what's wrong without giving up the mod. I'm glad to know I wrote that part well :). Thanks.

  7. Come to think of it, I think most of the houses I play are 2 storeys as well!

    George and Belinda's new house is gorgeous. And wow, another restaurant for Belinda! So far, none of my Sims have owned more than one business but I think Camilla wants to for her LTW, so I guess I might try that sooner or later.

    It's good to see George and Belinda are doing well, sickness notwithstanding! Thank goodness his mild heart attack was just that (I probably would have resurrected him too!)

  8. Carla, thanks for reading and hope you're feeling much better today! At least I'm not the only one who usually plays 2+ story houses. I don't think I have many other single floor homes in my hood. I have to check.

    Glad you like their new home. I'm really enjoying it, too. Yea, Belinda's the second sim of mine who owns more than 1 business. I'm surprised you never had more than 1 business per sim, but then again, you have a ton more sims than I do who can own the different businesses. It probably won't happen as often for me in the future, unless it's someone LTW.

    I just couldn't let poor George die due to some hack weirdness. I double checked the version I had and I do have the right one. After reading the thread, he most likely died because he went to work. He should have been resting instead of working and that's what killed him. Good to know!

  9. Is George related to Davina? (sorry, I didn't read the whole blog) I think he have some resemblance...

  10. Hey Dani! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, George is Davina's dad! I used Davina's face to make her parents so she should look a lot like them (more like George since he has a chubbier face like Davina's).

  11. Phew, I'm finally getting around to reading and commenting :)

    I'm glad George is better! And I hope he will take things down a little.
    Belinda's business seems very nice! I like the look of it, and I'm sure she'll be able to build up a nice clientelle.

  12. Tanja, glad to see you and thanks for reading and commenting! I haven't decided how I want George to take it easy but maybe he can start concentrating on his hobbies more. Maybe they need another vacation :).

    Glad to see that you like the look of Belinda's new business. I really like playing this little shop. I didn't have it open that much since right now, she has to do everything herself. And her customers were getting angry that everything was out of stock. So I plan to pop into her house and have her cook a bunch of meals here and there so she has a good stock pile until she finds someone to hire.


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