Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Growed Up! Birthdays, January 2012

Only a few are aging up this year!

Alyssa Thomas just turned 12 and is excited to start high school this year. She hopes to become a Media Magnate one day and to be popular. Whichever comes first.

Mei Hu is now 18 and instead of joining a few of her older friends at the University, she will be helping her family at the family business. She also feels how crowded it is in their family home so she's thinking about finding her own place.

Jeff Reid is now 60 and is looking forward to spending lots of time with his wife Helen.

-I'm pretty sure that Alyssa is what a female Trent would look like lol. I really like her.
-I had planned on letting Mei live at home so she could help around the farm but she wants to move out. I don't blame her. 6 other sims and 2 dogs live there! I don't know if I'll move her out just yet. We'll see how I feel when it's time to play her again.
-When Jeff aged up, all his wants were to interact with his wife which I thought was the sweetest thing. He can be an ass but not to his wife.
-I almost forgot... all profiles have been updated!


  1. I don't blame Mei for wanting to move out, that's alot of people to live with! As the only girl in family that consists of 4 children, I feel her pain lol. And awwwww on Jeff wanting to spend more time with Helen, even asses have their moments :)

  2. I love Alyssa's hair, it's lovely! Mei is so pretty. I don't blame her for wanting to move out, it sounds pretty crowded. That's so sweet about Jeff, even he has a soft side.

  3. I can see Alyssa as the next Oprah :P

  4. Mizzgin, thanks for commenting! Yea, I don't blame her one bit either but she's throwing a wrench in my plans for her lol. Wow, you're the only girl? I feel for you! And Jeff really surprised me with all his wants for his wife. I had to double check that his aspiration didn't change from Fortune to Family on me! :)

    Driftwood Valley, thanks for your comment! I really love Alyssa's hair, too. I had to go through so many before I finally stopped on that one. I'll have to remember to write about Jeff's soft side coming through in his old age ;).

    Starr, ooh! I didn't think about her as being the next Oprah. I'm actually going to write that in my notes ;) LOL. Thanks for commenting!

  5. LOL, the next Oprah! I would love to see that!

    I almost thought I was looking at my Julian when I saw Jeff - same hair and I think he wore that shirt at one time!

    Mei and Alyssa are both stunning. I can't wait to see what they get up to.

  6. Carla, thanks for commenting! LOL I was thinking last night that I don't think Alyssa will reach Oprah status. I don't see her giving away cars and such at her shows or building schools ;). But hey, she might change.

    Oh yea, I definitely can see why you thought Jeff was Julian. Especially on the clothes. There are like 50 elder male outfits out there and I have 49 of them LOL.

    I'm very pleased with how Alyssa and Mei turned out, too, thank you. They're both very young and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with their lives!

  7. You have amazingly pretty sims!! I like Alyssa and Mei, they are such beautifull sims!!

    Happy birthday to all of them!

  8. Tanja, thanks very much! I'm really happy with how Mei and especially Alyssa turned out. Alyssa was always a pretty cute toddler and kid but you never really know how the features are going to look when they get older.


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